In that century I got to the gym. I was invited. And now I will go. I thought that I would not go, because I woke up late. But they will wait for me I’m late for half an hour. Uncomfortable of course. Okay. Here Omar waits. Hi, how are you? We all are there. Have arrived. The building is still not completed. The building is still under construction. But the lower floors must operate. All is well. Omar: Hello! Hello! Let’s see what Gold’s Gym is like Omar: Is that door closed? Omar: Do we need to pass here? The main door is still closed. Are you here for the first time? Omar: No, I’ve been here 3-4 times. Can I shoot here? Here are such convenient places where you can sit. It’s pretty cool here. Despite the heat on the street. By the way there is a small cafe. This girl just us and organized a visit to the club Guest card for visitors. Good. Filled the guest card. And now we probably will show a place Well, we went in. It is hot enough in the passage between the halls. In the very hall is much cooler. Now we will take a look. Very good, there is also a swimming pool for children. What is very good for children and they are looked after In fact, very good. Especially when you can work out in sports. This is a gym. As I understand, he is a joint man and woman. gym joint? Omar met a friend of his. so we’ll wait until he is free. let’s wait until he’s free and let’s go. Very good room. A lot of cars and a lot of things. I have not been in such halls for a long time Also there is a cross fit seat. This is now very popular in Egypt. I do not know about other countries, but it’s very popular here. Here Omar again met someone. Another friend. There is also a cafe. Very good. Generally very good. Special measuring instrument It was a mixed hall. Next we go to the women’s room. This pool is 3 days for women. 3 days for men. The pool is 2 meters deep. Today is Thursday a women’s day. We went into the hall for women. There are many different machines. But again, the weight of the free is not enough. There lies a kilogram of 30 probably Therefore, in order to work with a normal weight you need to go down to the mixed hall. Manager: You will have 1 massage session for free if you have a subscription. Great, there is a children’s room. There they look after the children. There’s a TV, children can play or watch. Now we deal with money. With the cost of subscription Omar said that now we will be given towels and bracelets. And we will go we were given towels Small towels for training, and big to take a shower we were also given bracelets Well, we all go. 1 hour we waited. Where do I train on the top? Omar: As you wish. I’ll check. Is it normal to move from one room to another? Omar: Yes. What about the locks? Omar: The key in this electronic bracelet. Very comfortably. There are no keys. Omar: Look, you want to train on the top train. If you want downstairs downstairs. I’ll change and check that room. If I do not like it, I’ll go down. well, we all went Well, all go to workout I have not been in such places for a long time, I do not know where to change clothes here or elsewhere and where i can change the clothes? I was sent to the shower. Here you can change clothes. I’m so glad Omar thank you Well, I’m changing clothes and go to work. For a long time already it was not engaged. Now I’m stretching my legs. At home, there is no such opportunity now. I’m glad that I got this opportunity. I’ll be on the track to run. Well, here I go. Now I will run. When you do not occupy long, such bliss comes. In our time, such machines were not as I understand it in order to push off with feet. in our time there were no such machines very cool I’m happy. simulator for the inner and outer muscles of the thigh. Outside and inside I practiced the rest is so much. I even So it’s back and forth. One exercise for the press, the second for the back. Now we will try. If you used to take a pancake from the bar and so shook the press, now this thing turned out those. Weight is reduced and added and leans forward. In principle, it is convenient. The whole body is fixed and stable. in this machine are dragged to load on the back that burdening was on the back we lean in the opposite direction. Maybe I’m from the old school, but I do not recognize the simulators. it’s so try. But in fact, there is nothing better than free weight. It seems so to me. there are such inert weights this one weighs 8 kg but it is very small I will now do my shoulders and chest before, too, there were no such This simulator works over the chest and shoulders. old age is not fun. I can not lift any more weight. Here are some interesting dumbbells for 3 kg, 5 kg, even 7 kg is very convenient in our time there were no such I first took 2.5 kg one dumbbell did triceps. Then I took 3 kg. And then here there are these weights of 4 kg. Very comfortably. It is possible to add a little by weight. Very good. Now I will make breasts. Dismantling with dumbbells. Made a wiring with dumbbells. Very good. An easy truth of 5 kg. But still worked breast. Now I’ll probably take dumbbells. Something I do not see in 7. Now I have 50 kg. Deadlift. So I’m very pleased. I just can not enjoy it. I am engaged and I enjoy. In fact, you rest your soul and body. All I have finished. Now I’ll go wash and meet with Omar. Well, I washed everything. Has changed clothes I’m waiting for Omar. I really liked it. The legs are buzzing. All is well. What do I want to say? I liked everything. Everything is great. beautiful gym great atmosphere. Nobody cares about anyone. No one is not following anyone. No one is staring. Everyone to themselves. You can safely walk back and forth. You can take a shower. They give towels, which is very convenient. In general, it’s up to you. It’s up to you. And all are very friendly. And everything is very democratic. I would have said. Now I’m waiting for Omar. I took a drink. And later I presented a price list. what and how much it costs. And in general I’m very happy. Omar came and now his bag is standing. He went to carry his bracelet. I liked everything and everything is good quiet and not hot. Very good. Omar knows everyone. To him constantly someone comes and greets. Now somewhere around 6 pm. We’re going to pack up and go. I will show you how we will go. Everything is already sun set. It will soon be dark Now she came home. Denis bought pizza and I bought the juice.

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  87. ничего себе цены. в европе в два раза дешевле

  88. Чисто мое мнение, основанное на многолетнем опыте проживания в Египте: нельзя пока ещё ЗАМУЖНЕЙ женщине появляться на публике с другим мужчиной, обнимать его на мотоцикле. Понимаю, держались в целях безопасности. Но муж, а также и судья это расценят по-другому. Галя, муж обязательно использует это видео против Вас. Поверьте, не желаю Вас как-то уколоть. Реально переживаю за Вас и детей. И радуюсь, когда у вас все хорошо. Вам просто нельзя сейчас ошибаться, любой неверный шаг может навредить.

  89. Очень похоже на свидание, красивый молодой человек пригласил в дорогой sport club, будьте осторожны, не рискуйте, в погоне за красивым видео, рисковать дальнейшей судьбой ваших девочек, оно того не стоит.

  90. Я тоже хочу галя возьмите меня с собой😀💪

  91. Приветик Галочка , вы молодец я за вас рада. В нашем городе даже на улице тренажёры установили и я иногда тоже занимаюсь на них. А скоро по еду на спортивный фестиваль за медалями и поделки я уже готовлю по дереву выжигаю и потом лаком по крываю.

  92. После всего опять связь с египтяниным ((уфффф… То они Г. то опять Египетский мужик!!! 👎👎👎👎

  93. Супер выглядите Галинка. И на видео настроение тоже суперовое. Так держать. Удачи, счастья и всегда замечательного настроения.

  94. Попытайся устроиться туда на работу.с твоими данными быстро мужика найдешь. Удачи! !я за тебя переживаю!

  95. Какой ужасный английский😁

  96. ГАЛЯ ТАК РАДА ЗАЛУ, СЛОВНО РЕБЕНОК СЛАДКОМУ…))) милаха,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, )))

  97. Які гидкі гемби.Жах

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