👑MO SALAH – EGYPTIAN KING👑 (All 32 Goals Mohamed Salah song)

👑MO SALAH – EGYPTIAN KING👑 (All 32 Goals Mohamed Salah song)

Mo Salah lifts the golden boot! Time to crack open the Ribe-ner! Harry Kane is gutted. He’s probably off to appeal more goals from the Premier League *Kane cries* more goals from the Premier League *Kane cries* *Ronaldo cries* Ronaldo is gutted Salah’s broken the record he shared with Suarez *Suarez cries* Suarez is gutted or maybe he’s just remembering Crystanbul 🙁 Klopp: he scores in his sleep Firmino and Mane: He’s world class! And he is ours We signed him on the cheap Boom! To Roma’s dismay *Roma team cries* His hair is like Milner: Like a sheep Klopp: I was thinking more like Sampson long hair And unlimited power Milner: Oh Henderson: Goals 32, 10 assists Salah: I score, I pray Firmino: Watford A debeut goal! Klopp: Arsenal the 3rd of 4! of 4! Boom! Milner: Burnley a thunderbolt Klopp: This guy sure knows how to score Mo Salah Mo Salah Mo Salah Running down the wing Salah VVD: Lah Mo: La Mo: La Mo: Lah Stoke: L-argh! Klopp: Egyptian King Rooney: No Salad! Firmino: Mo Salah Cech: Mo Salah?! Many players chasing: Running down the wing! Klopp: Salah, La Lah Ha! Milner: Lah! Firmino: Lah! Kane: L-argh! Klopp: Egyptian King! Better than Harry Goal Thief Salah Egyptian King Henderson: Better than Raheem Sterling Klopp: Salah Egyptian King Milner: Better than This Ribe-ner Just Mo Salah Egyptian King Mane and Firmino: better than Rom! Klopp: and half the fee Lovren and VVD: Better than Hazard Klopp: And he stays on his feet TAA and Robertson: better than Ozil Klopp: Not hard Karius: And Lacazette All: not bad for a Chelsea reject Mo Salah Mo Salah Running down the wing Gini: Salah Lah Henderson: Lah Ings: Lah Lovren: Lah Egyptian king Mo Salah VVD: Mo Salah Suarez: Mo Salah?! Klopp: Keep running – Don’t sign a thing! thing! Salah, La Lah La Laaa Egyptian King Milner: Ribe-ner Ribe-ner Ribe-ner Ribe-ner My favourite drink! Ribe eeeeena eeeee na Don’t pour it down the sink! James Milner has left the building even though we were already outside.

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  1. There is wrong or (*what the…*) i look moh salah never celebration to spread both hand and why the picture at the first to start video (0.00) like that, or maybe there is wrong in my mind, who is make a video…hmm..i am sory i dont like picture at the time (0.00)…

  2. I am crying hhhhhhhh

  3. I am crying hhhhhhhh

  4. Danny Welbwck of course

  5. all hale king salah

  6. Hahahahaha the end!!!

  7. Raheem sterling is better than Mo Salah

  8. 2:08 but in 2019…………. erm this is awkward

  9. Sam cosgrove has more goals than more than Ronald last season

  10. 2:06 how ironic after they made the diving down the wing video

  11. Yes goal en. Sala
    Eigpats king

  12. Mo salah,mo salah,mo salah running down the wing Egyptian king 👑 🇪🇬

  13. Nobody:

    Petr cech:HOT DOGS

  14. Mo. Salah. Mo salah egyptian king

  15. He is a one season wonder
    Like: No he is the Egyptian king

  16. 2:56 Ribener Ribener Ribener
    My favourite drinkkkkkk
    Ribe-e-e-e-nerrrr don't pour it down the sinkkkkk.
    James Milner has left the building, although we are standing outside.

  17. 2:08 you sure about that😂

  18. I would rather have ribener

  19. Mo salah ⚽️🥅🎖😀👍

  20. Salah. Egytian. Kong😀😀😀

  21. Who’s here after the fist game of the premier league 19/20 season and mo salah scores a brilliant goal🔴💪🏻

  22. vodafone arena beşiktaş=liverpool 3-1 chelsea 14 august 22:00ü🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  23. Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong☠

  24. That dude sings better than the average French rapper

  25. "Not bad for a Chelsea reject"
    Who is here after liverpool wins uefa super cup?

  26. who came here after liverpool won the super cup .

  27. Who’s here after Liverpool beat Chelsea in the super cup

  28. Is Salah the realy the king

  29. الله اكبر

  30. الله علي أمه محمد صلي الله عليه وسلم

  31. Music: Egyptian King Mo Salah – Marc Kenny

  32. You know the rules

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  34. Who is still here after Liverpool winning the supercup 2019

  35. Is he going to Barca yet? Or are they afraid it will be like couhtino more like diving down the wing

  36. Portugal king. Argentina king. Brazil noob

  37. Ribener ribener ribener my favourite thing ribeeeen eeeener don't pour it down the sink

  38. Ananız liverpool ulan (türkler burda mı)

  39. Liverpool:Better than Hazard

  40. Salah 😄🇪🇬

  41. Scored 1 goal against Norwich, now 2 against Arsenal. He's just getting started 🔥🔥

  42. 0:06 who else saw that Milner’s head on the
    Ribe-ner moved?

  43. He hasn’t scored to MU🔴🔴

  44. I love mo salah from liver pool do you like mo salah?!

  45. Who’s here after being the only unbeaten team left in the league

  46. Ronaldo has 38 goals in all competitions

  47. Who's watching after Mo Salah won the golden 2nd time in a row???

  48. Well he forgot one team and that’s united so that means he never scored against United before 😂😂

  49. 1:21 Rooney no salad 🥗🥗🥗😄😄

  50. What’s the original song

  51. Harry goal thief lol 😂

  52. Salutations salmen salem salah scored

  53. I like how it shows totteneham 4 1 liverpool

  54. He's not better than Hazard

  55. no salad 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  56. Who else got this recommended to them 😂

  57. Whose watching September 2019 😂 YouTube Notifications 😂

  58. Salah the king better then messi and ronaldo

  59. Love how he scores goals against all teams except Man Utd

  60. Salah in Indonesian mean wrong. Wkwkwkkw

  61. Still Egyptian king all Egypt love and support you salah

  62. Not bad for a Chelsea reject was my favorite line

  63. “He stays on his feet” Yeah surrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre

  64. Ribener
    My favorite Drink

  65. Where is your goal vs man United ha try to beat

  66. You are cool youtuber

  67. وين العرب المستقبلين 🌚

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