11 & Up Tennis Programs | Elite Sports Clubs

We have two paths for our tennis program at 11 and over. There’s those that are just looking to kind of get started in a program and those that are more advanced. So we have two programs, Elite Team Tennis and Future Stars, that are great classes for your child to get enrolled in. They teach a lot of fundamentals. They also get them started in match play. They teach them about using or going out and training on the ball machine. And it gives them a great environment to learn and be with kids specific to their age and their skill level. Another thing I really like about Elite
is the amount of drills that they have and the flexibility in the schedule. If your child is a pretty advanced tennis player, we have excellence classes, tournament squad, Junior Davis Cup. All those programs are for the player that’s a little bit more active and is actually playing tournaments or matches. We also encourage that particular child to connect with a private tennis coach and either do privates on a regular basis or do those lessons sporadically. That child’s going to definitely be a little bit more involved in match play and USTA level 4 and level 5 tournaments. It’s a great program from any age. We started him when he was 7 years old and then he progressed through every class and they really have every stage of development so he was able to stick with it. He loves the competition and then he wanted to do more drills so I said one day a week, then two days a week, then now we’re…every day. All of our tennis directors and all the way down through our tennis pros are all career professionals giving their time and dedication to the sport of tennis. I think the coaching staff is really fun
to work with and really helpful. The coaches are so kind and knowledgeable, and, like highly recommended from friends of mine that have been playing tennis here for years. And that really drew us here and they’re just great. All of our group lessons are taught in a multiple-court environment that allows many pros to work with your children. One of the great things about the tennis staff and the group lessons here at Elite is, even though it’s a group dynamic, there really is a lot of individual attention to really make your child feel special out there during the group lessons. One of the great things about the tennis program here at Elite is the social aspect. We get a lot of kids that show up from different schools and they really build a lot of great relationships and friends that they have throughout their entire adult life. I mean, it’s really fun because I get to see my friends and I make a lot of friends, too. And his friends are here so we get to hang out with friends from different schools. Yeah. and play with them, which I think he really enjoys. So come on into Elite and experience our great tennis staff, community of tennis players, and enjoy the sport of a lifetime.

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