20 years of Boys and Girls Club of America and Microsoft

20 years of Boys and Girls Club of America and Microsoft

[MUSIC]>>Kids can’t affect
how they are born. They can’t affect what
family they’re born into, they can’t affect the neighborhood
they’re born into. So first and foremost, we’re helping them realize that just because of
the situation that they’re in, doesn’t mean that they’re any
less deserving of opportunities. [MUSIC]>>If you know what’s going on
with the technology of today, then you have a greater chance of
making it better in the future. [MUSIC]>>I want to become an engineer. Engineers, they mostly create stuff.>>Coding will help me do anything I want.>>Technology will change
the lives of the youth and kids that we’re serving,
because it’s not equal. The access to technology, it’s not equal and this
will level the playing field. [MUSIC]>>When they walk up the stairs and have
a giant smile on their face, and all they want to do is give
you a hug, that’s the best. [MUSIC]

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  1. Finally you support boys

  2. Make funny videos

  3. wOw NiCeLy dOnE🎉👏👏💖

  4. Microsoft going to be coming out with some super awesome keyboards in the future, at least I hope so… Xbox is Amazing.

  5. Is it Africa or America?

  6. love this video.. hope it is true

  7. More like Diversity club of America .

  8. So for some reason my Microsoft account for Minecraft got blocked….

    For no reason
    The only thing I did was just say hi in a server and then a few days later
    Can u PLZZZZZ fix this problem

  9. cristais paulista sp brasil .

  10. Wow the main girl is cute as a button 😉

  11. microsoft thx for uptade very much!!!!!

  12. They have partnership with Samsung ❤

  13. I like the legal theory of suing individual employees of #CommieTech instead of the companies when they deplatform and libel private people. Dragging those individual employees to testify before the court, doing discovery on individual employees, forcing those individual employees to bear the cost and lose the time, and suffer the public exposure for their complicit actions against the free speech #humanrights of Americans is a beautiful thing. So I look forward to seeing this new strategy take off in the coming months. Buckle your seatbelts, kiddies. (Cross-posted forever on Dissenter).

  14. finally video that involes boys…lately thier is only black and girls only videos @microsoft

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