2009 The Sextuple: the full story

2009 The Sextuple: the full story

Today I still think in about those six trophies It was the best year of my career. The sensation we had was like knowing beforehand
that we were going to win. Through long periods of possession, having the ball,
dominating the game, creating chances. Quick recovery of the ball, and giving game strategy
the importance it deserved. It was a combination of everything; of the team we already had, of the new players that the club signed… I believe that we came together in a team
that was really eager to win again. It was an impressive group of players. More than the six cups it was
the success that the city experienced. …it will be a good game and we expect to see the first FC Barcelona victory
of the La Liga season. Dani Alves playing… Numancia cross the ball,
but there’s no one to hit it But wait, there is a striker unmarked!
He shoots and Numancia have scored! I remember that we started in the Spanish League
by losing away 0 – 1 against Numancia. Then Racing (Santander) came at Camp Nou,
and we managed to get a 1-1 draw. You speak with friends, family, and you say:
“We are flying in trainings, it cannot go better; it’s incredible… We will win something for sure. Because it is incredible
how we play, how we train”. I remember a newspaper article by Johan Cruyff saying that:
“Barça cannot play better football” Everybody said: “He has gone mad!” But according to what Pep was conveying to us,
and according to the way we were training, we had the sensation that we would win something.
Perhaps maybe not everything… Touré with the ball, Touré still on track, what
a great play from Touré, Touré shoots… Goal! Bojan, Bojan, Bojan, Bojan, Bojan,
goal, goal, goal, goal, goal!!! Everything went… You know when everything just goes smoothly? When all the pieces match, the players, the coach, the staff,
everything worked perfectly together. Off course for me it has a very special meaning…
It is the best year of my career. We enjoyed playing even in our defensive roles. And defending is the toughest part of football, at least for me. Normally you‘d say: “What a pity, now we have to recover the ball”. But instead of that, in our team, ball recovery
was something that we were convinced of doing. We worked as a team, and it was because of this,
that made a Barça team like that. If you don’t have a demanding boss,
your mark will be 6/10 or 5/10. You will just pass. On the contrary, if your boss demands excellency,
a mark of 9/10, 9.5/10 or 10/10, you may well reach the 8/10.
But this 8/10 is what makes you win titles. Here we have the cup, and next to it,
and clinging to it; Samuel Eto’o. These are crazy moments, happiness. And I would like to mention
something that happened at the end of the game Barça players went to applaud Athletic Club fans a
they responded with another ovation. Supporters of both teams have been
an example for everyone. Images of a historical day, May the 2nd, 2009.
In the Santiago Bernabéu The Clásico took place in the 34th week of La Liga,
at the end of season 2008-2009. A game that could change La Liga I had never seen anything like what happened
in the 6-2 at the Bernabéu. I had never seen that for a league game. Because there was still
many games left to play, but the fans were already waiting for us in the airport
to celebrate this victory. It’s 1-1 in the game.
Xavi is raising his arm to indicate that he’s ready. Xavi crosses the ball… There’s a header… Goal
Barça’s goal, Barça’s goal, Puyol has scored! 2009 was for me the best year of my career. I have got many good memories of it,
not only because of the six titles, but also because of how we achieved them,
because of the atmosphere around us. The philosophy, the system that FC Barcelona always had,
which consisted in playing good football. It was about being protagonists with the ball;
and if we add to it quick play and recovery, and giving the right importance to strategy… What a pass from Xavi to Thierry Henry,
there is no one there, and goal, goal! The beginning was not as we expected, but it made us realize
that the path we were on before was not the right one. You learn from your mistakes as well. And eventually it was the combination of the technical staff
that arrived fully motivated, with an exceptional generation of players,
eager to make history. Samuel Eto’o, the play continues, it’s a dangerous one,
he passes the ball, Piqué, Piqué, Piqué… Goal! It is the goal that has more meaning
than any other I have scored. At that time it was my first year and my first game
against Real Madrid, everything was very new to me. There were a lot of different emotions in a row, maybe I didn’t enjoy it in the way it deserved because
I think it was an important goal He (Puyol) raises the league trophy to the sky.
He wanted his teammates to participate, to raise him it in the air, just not to feel alone in such a great moment! This cup belongs to the whole team, it belongs to all the players that took part in winning it, and it was also clear proof of the strong team spirit
that this team has All the players are extremely happy even the injured ones like Márquez or Henry,
they were jumping today! The team has already won 2 titles, and the chance of winning
a 3rd one, which may well end up in the Club’s museum. May the 6th, 2009 was, on a personal note
the highest point in my career at the club At Stanford Bridge FC Barcelona are still losing 0-1. Guardiola’s players only have just 45 minutes
to try and score a goal. It was a really intense game. A typical Champions League game. The sort of game you need to struggle through, you cannot lower your guard even if there are moments when the other team is better, especially in their own stadium. 7th minute, plus whatever the referee will add. The result is still 1 – 0.
We are just at one goal from Rome! It was a magical moment, a special moment,
a moment that opened doors for us to everything. And having the chance and the moment of making something magical. There is no better definition. Let’s go Xavi, all the team is up!… Xavi spreads the ball to Alves Barça are in the box for the finish Alves crosses the ball, Terry clears it, and it reaches Messi, Messi in the box, Messi goes on,
Messi inside the box, ball to Iniesta … Iniesta, Kaiserslautern, Juventus, goal, goal, goal, goal, goal! Iniesta sent that ball to Rome! Greetings ladies and gentlemen, and welcome
to the Champions League final. In Rome’s Olympic Stadium. The two best teams in the world,
Barça and Manchester United. The final starts in Rome. Massimo Busacca just blew for the start.
First touches for Barça as the ball goes out wide. For me that game was one of the best we played,
because of the context in which it was played, because of the opposition and everything. It was a play that Xavi, Leo and me created.
It was an move, carrying the ball with a change of pace Eto’o was on the right side. I passed the ball to him,
he dribbled past his defender and scored. To me it had an enormous meaning,
and even if it didn’t allow me to redeem myself from Paris it was a self-vindication from that previous situation. If someone thinks that beating Manchester
will be a walk in the park, it’s the opposite. We will struggle for every inch of pitch; we’ll have to work hard
for every ball like Andrés Iniesta did. Excellent Andrés, perfect, extraordinary! If you go to somebody who is not up-to-date with Barça, and explain that Andrés Iniesta had just come back from an injury, very few people would believe it,
seeing the great game he is playing today. I had a really bad time after playing in that game, the effort
and the sacrifice that came with it. The toll I had to pay for being in that final
was really tough for me to overcome later. But I would probably do it again,
because I have always loved this club and have always given everything I had for it And back then I felt that I had to do it, for my club, for my teammates, for me, for the supporters. And fortunately everything went well and
we won another Champions League title. Triplet! Champions of Europe! Congratulations
to all Barça supporters, congratulations to the coach! Congratulations to everyone, they all deserve it! What a moment! The Cup aloft in Rome! Goosebumps!
The third Champions League for Barça! You cannot put into words this moment we are experiencing now! The happiest moment for all of us I think was
the Champions, because, it is the most prestigious title, and there had been several years without winning it. Also for the way we won it, in a beautiful stadium like Rome’s. And having already won La Liga, we were perfectly aligned for that season and for
the upcoming one with the achievement of the sextet. I think that tactically speaking it changed a lot,
because Barça was used to attacking, and did not think too much about defending. What Pep did was changing that mindset. The idea was to keep attacking but to use
the attack in order to defend as well This is why implemented the pressure on the opponent,
to have a quick ball recovery, and all this made us win a lot of matches. We go back to our humble attitude. When you are humble you respect the opponent,
and you focus on playing football, and you win because with Barça players’ skills, you always win It was like living in a dream for me because I was back home and because playing
with Barça had always been my dream. During those months it seemed that we were floating on air, because we won every game we played,
and for some moments we felt we were invincible. When the goalkeeper has the ball, because he is the last man in the team, he cannot fail. We are young, and we want to win everything.
Our mindset is winning everything, 100% There was enormous talent in the team We were a unique generation of players
that came together with a coach who had a clear vision
and was able to make us understand how to play and what would be our style. A winning team started forming from there,
and we were so eager to win. If we win, we’ll have the 6th,
the cup that we still didn’t have. We expect to win it, finally the World’s Cup,
being World Champions About to start in the Zayed Sports City in Abu Dhabi, the match that can make Barça become
the best team in the world. It is the final between Barça and Estudiantes de la Plata. The kickoff is from Barça… It was a very difficult final to play because
they were ahead of us almost for the whole game. The ball is sent into the box, there’s a header and a goal.
Boselli just scored with a header, an impeccable finish. I remember that there were moments
with a lot of pressure, a lot of tension, and we were the whole time attacking. We dominated the game
but were unable to create clear chances of scoring. Even being in the rival’s box for the most part,
that game was not easy at all for us. Even being in the rival’s box for the most part,
that game was not easy at all for us. It seemed like we would not be able to score,
even Piqué had to go up and try to score. The ball in the box, Piqué gets to it and the keeper makes a save. Luck is not on our side for now… And in one of them he passed the ball to me with a header I was able to get it over the goalkeeper and score. Hero, hero, hero Pedro! We were saying it! Pedro will score!
There it is, Pedro, Pedro, Pedro, Pedro, Pedro! We get the draw in practically in the last minute. That gave us the option to play the extra time
and then is when I scored Alves centers the ball, header and goal, goal, goal!! It was an important goal. For how the game was taking place. Because it was an Argentinian team,
and that goal gave us the win. It was beautiful. Also, I believe it was our first World Cup Final
and it was an incredible experience. How we all experienced it I remember being at the hotel with the President
and the coach, and the amazing team that we had Those were memorable moments. We celebrated
on the beach in a beautiful spot in Dubai. Those moments were unique, incredible
and impossible to repeat. The match ends! Finish, finish, finish, finish!
Let’s enjoy this moment, let’s enjoy it because I am sure that it will take
a long time until we can experience this again. Because we had never achieved this before yet.
World Club’s Cup Champions! Barça 2 – Estudiantes 1. Towards glory, towards immortality Nobody will be able to better such achievement;
they will only be able to matchit. I have a fond memory of this, because normally when something like this happens and you score in the last seconds, it is a strong step towards facing the extra time
the right way for a game win, as it eventually happened. I always remember that year, that goal
and that time as something beautiful, that we enjoyed together, and I hope we can repeat it.

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