2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Review —

the Jeep Grand Cherokee was first
introduced to the automotive world as a 1993 model the brand’s flagship model in
one of its top sellers is now on its fourth generation first introduced in
2011 with a light refresh inside and out in 2014 the Grand Cherokee has one of
the most diverse lineups of any vehicle on the market you can get one with
rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive and engine choices include a base 3.6 liter
v6 a more powerful 5.7 liter Hemi v8 a 475 horsepower 6.4 liter v8 for the SRT
model and the should be institutionalized track Hawk model has a
6.2 liter supercharged v8 from the Hellcat good for 707 horsepower
this particular Grand Cherokee is a new trim level for 2019 the limited X the
limited X slots nicely into the middle of the Grand Cherokee lineup and offers
some of the go-fast looks of the SRT and track hawk models without well that go
fast power you get a performance hood 20-inch wheels and a ton of black dark
grey or body color accents the 3.6 liter Pentastar v-6 is good for 295 horsepower
and 260 pound feet of torque it won’t blow you away but it’s enough to keep
the big SUV moving every grand cherokee is equipped with an 8-speed automatic
transmission which is a solid job of delivering that power to the rear wheels
or to all four wheels speaking of solid ride quality in the
limited X is bank vault solid with a suspension tuned towards being able to
take you off road should you be one of the few Grand Cherokee drivers who
decides to do so while we didn’t test this particular models prowess off the
pavement a Jeep isn’t a Jeep without a true four-wheel drive system and the
quadra-trac ii system and the limited X combines with its selectable terrain
system to give you that just-in-case peace of mind that off-road ability
unfortunately means that the Grand Cherokee Limited X is handling suffers a
bit with a fair amount of body roll and more aggressive cornering thanks to its
rear-wheel drive based platform there’s not as much understeer some of its
front-wheel drive compared but this version of the Grand Cherokee
will never be confused for a track-day special
the interior is a classic FCA interior which means a combination of the good
the bad and the plastic the good comfortable seats nice leather and the
excellent you connect system with an 8.4 inch screen now the bad quarters are
kind of cramped even more so in the backseat for someone like me and the
raked windshield hurts forward visibility I’m about six foot one and
where I sit the rearview mirror actually blocks some of the view looking out and
I have to duck around it to see as for the plastic just look at that dashboard
while higher trim Grand Cherokees get a stitched leather dash here you’re left
with a notion of black plastic every Grand Cherokee comes standard with blind
spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert more advanced safety features
adaptive cruise control forward collision warning and emergency braking
lane departure warning and rain sensing wipers will cost you as part of an
options package that package also adds perpendicular and parallel parking
assist which is a fun party trick and useful if you’re unsure your Grand
Cherokee will fit into a particular parking spot such a diverse lineup also
leads to a diverse range of prices with this mid-range model costing just under
52 thousand dollars prices for lower trim models start under 35,000 and the
range topping track Hawk can crest 90 thousand dollars if you’re looking for a
solid SUV and want to prioritize things like towing or off-road prowess over
things like fuel economy or the most up-to-date tech and don’t mind that this
is probably older than my shirt then the Grand Cherokee might be for you

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