2020 Memorial Championship | R1B9 | Lizotte, Conrad, Gibson, Hammes | Jomez Disc Golf

2020 Memorial Championship | R1B9 | Lizotte, Conrad, Gibson, Hammes | Jomez Disc Golf

Hello and welcome back to Jomezpro’s coverage of the Disc Golf Pro Tour This is round one back nine from the Memorial Championship presented by Discraft in Fountain Hills, Arizona We’ve got a great card. We’ve got a great commentary team it’s Big Sexy and Nate Sexton and Jeremy Kohling And we had some really good scores in the front nine from Drew Gibson and Adam Hammes Simon was kind of struggling early, but he picked it up late James Conrad is not loved in the front nine, but the back nine is all about scoring opportunities You can birdie all nine holes in the back nine and salvage a very decent round and for the other guys They shoot nine down the back and we’re talking about Smoking hot starts this tournament and look at that top ten if you’re not birdieing, you’re getting out of here quick Everybody is just laying it down right now brand new hole on the 10th again, some new construction in the park forcing the move of the tee pad OB line flagged there on the right OB planter area long this one is 338 slightly uphill Forehand a great play, turnover also viable a little bit of a right finisher Drew going with another buzz here going Buzz turn over And that one is pretty close, I think he’s gonna like it Simon also really pushing the ceiling there for the big flex shot. It’s really drifting right but getting a little fade in at the end Mere twenty five feet left for the birdie Adam I believe he’s going with a Force Little bit wide but swinging nice. Yeah nice and over stable there that’s skipping up there to 26 feet James Conrad going with the Teebird here And he goes the high big annie flex as well that’s drifting back that’s looking really nice Ace run oh, did it catch a little piece. Yes, a little bit of metal off the top there James Conrad, okay, he’s back he’s back folks Yeah, let’s see that one more time when is He is just a master of Getting us super excited, but not quite delivering the ace We could almost make a compilation video just James Conrad ace runs, it’d be too long Great putt, we’ve already done that for Adam Hammes is putting game. So James a couple more of those and you might have you might be onto something here, buddy This card is looking like real stary right now Drew’s birdie streak technically came to an end with the par and hole nine, but Really, that’s that’s more of like a party I call it half way between par and birdie and if you consider that a party like I do He’s basically birdied the last nine holes Agreed Hole 11 par 3 368 this one just has a very Slight tee pad change so slight in fact that I didn’t even notice on my first practice round But it’s a little bit shorter than it used to be and also a little bit more to the right So this hole playing may be just slightly easier than years past but still very well guarded by these two palm trees There are some angles on this green that you just are hating Yeah, and you have almost no opportunity to get the disc into the basket Well, the biggest change I think with this tee pad going to the right side of the tree Is that the wide hyzer flip up play is gone If you want to attack this you have to go annie or just straight at it and Drew Throws a Buzz again and he is in the circle But that is going to be a very tough putt with that palm on the early side Covering at least half the basket And Simon getting a little bit too much turn on this one He’s gonna be in a similar spot to Drew but just further up the hill Actually quite a bit further that’s gonna be a really tough putt as well But this change really did make a big difference I felt like for the forehand it just Something about it felt easier when we were practicing when we practice together And neither one of us noticed. Yeah, it was in a different place. It’s just so close. That was a great shot James going with the Md4 And this is tracking nicely back towards to the right oh Yes, and he is going to be Left with 15 feet of pure trickiness. Yeah But should be fine from that range Really so Wow Simon very aggressive that is just I Guess not that unusual to see the very scary This is a heat check for Drew hmm Double thumbs up That’s a hard putt to run I mean you could run it but to get it to hyzer around so delicately it oh my gosh cut Delicately is the word he was looking for, not the word I was gonna say delicacy. Okay, great Adam a little low on his birdie look Simon saves par That’s a good save I thought Adam had gotten closer from the catch cam angle I didn’t think He was he caught that first palm tree. Okay. I must have blinked You can’t blink, Wow. This is so much tougher than I thought you were right big. Oh boy. Thought he’d have the hyzer look but man James. Yeah That’s unfortunate boy No birdies right not a single birdie on this card that is rare And some tricky putts but good par save from Simon and And Drew gave us a little bit of the thumbs up action. That’s that’s cool Hole 12 par-3 293 elevated basket OB path wrapping around the basket there Big hyzer is a play You can go with around the palm or you can go kind of flat to finish Between the palm and the bushy tree even a forehand on the left side is viable Really any shot You want short hole the tricky part of it that tall basket and that little downhill kind of false front to the green That can leave you 50 short, if you don’t throw it quite hard enough so many different ways to play this hole It’s only 295 feet yet options to really do seem endless drew. Believe that’s the legacy recluse again. And that seems like the best option. Yeah parking it. Yeah. Yeah I love that option. And here’s that wider hyzer. That’s nice. Just Getting around the palm tree ever so slightly skipping up to the green fantastic That’s a great option Adam going with a wide hyzer as well. This looks nice Love it All about speed control coming in on that hyzer James going straight out now. He’s going the slight right route And that looks nice as well maybe a little box action just missed it Wow, everybody just perfect there. Mm-hmm And look at Simon’s last nine holes now After that par double bogey start a pretty distant memory now, yeah certainly is he is 5-under par and looking to keep that shot streak going James has a couple under par now What I’m most excited about this season is just to play I Was playing 40 30 tournaments a year for 12 years and then that came to a complete halt The most important thing I’ve learned is just have a little bit more patience with patience comes more success And that’s a star frame and that means $25 donation to the educational disc golf experience. Thanks to our players and to Jomez for making that possible I think we might see another one pretty pretty quickly here as hole 13. Just 268 par-3 going back uphill very simple hyzer Again, kind of on this little rise So if you miss your angle or you miss your you’re lying a little there is the possibility to come up Short or to skip long but I think these guys are gonna be throwing darts here Just kind of getting right up there through the basket with that spiked angle Firebird for Drew Gibson He’s checking up, yeah, I think he’s got himself a birdie The only thing they could stop him is that the cage blocks his shot like what that’s it. That’s the only thing that stops Simon with a spike Oh Yeah. Oh Okay, that’s interesting was pretty weird, but he’s still very close to the basket Would be one of the situations when you get up to the green, you know, like how on earth did that happen? How did I get 15 feet past the basket hitting the front side of the box? Okay There’s a new CTP And James with the Md4 Call him go in. Oh, wow. Yeah, that was super close James up first Great putt and that star frame is looking real likely now Wow, yeah, we here at Jomez, I would say we love charity as much if not likely a little more than the next guy but It sure is expensive filming a course like this. It certainly is because these guys are stacking them up And it’s only gonna get worse on their feature group the next day I imagine Worst kind of means better though. It’s you know, there’s another $25 helping grow the game I Met worse as they’re not gonna do as well as these guys and they’re not gonna give as much money to charity And it’s sad, you know, we want to see that money go to the kids Hole 14 par 3 downhill 375 this one has the OB path on the left side So you have to watch your angles as you come into the green and don’t take that big Skip also an extremely obstructed putt if you are long right Drew going for a Buzz once again. He’s really been leaning on that heavily today and This needs the hyzer quick and get down to the ground or hit the bush and just drop that Was fading well to the left and uh, he now has a tap in and you you’re really gonna say bush That’s a big bush and well when you’re a big guy, that’s true that all looks like that just a little shrub Simon he’s close enough. He should be fine. But I mean being on the back side there is daunting Doesn’t really matter how close you get to the pin there was gonna be several obstacles in the way Yeah it could be something similar to what we saw from James a few holes ago where he’s very close but has to go to a knee or really contort himself to get that open line and Adam as well is gonna be dealing with a a little bit of a tricky putt but he’s got that one spot where he might Actually have a pretty good window James also lining up the mid-range here of another Md4 The disc he’s loved for years Just throw it straight out of it a little bit of drift to the right and that is just beautiful needs to sit down though Before it gets too far. Yeah that’s a nice shot If you’re gonna miss and come up 25 to 28 feet short anywhere this is where you want to be oh He’s actually outside the circle a little bit for the way that it looked from the tee mmm Just off the left side chains Oh, even with a little bit of shrubbery Adam is in the basket for a nice birdie This event is always so fun for multiple reasons, I mean, I think that it the sprint style format of disc golf definitely has its place anywhere in the sport as long as the course is beautiful like Fountain Hills is but it’s also great because if you didn’t go to Vegas the week before it’s just in a chance to see your touring buddies that You haven’t seen in four or five months and not seeing friends for five months means a lot of new hairstyle So we’ve got a couple of them on this card with Adam growing out the locks and Drew going with the faux hawk Hole 15, a par 3 426 and it’s kind of some open holes here to finish so that’s a treat for us because we have got Honestly, we’ve got four Purebred power guys here. They got their papers in order. Simon’s got all his vaccines these guys Absolute rippers. Oh boy And I believe Drew’s going with the Pd2 Hanging it high and wide he’s calling down sometimes you hit the ground and run a little bit and then you are behind the back side palms and then like it’s really interesting from there but That should be fine for drew yeah, so important to to know the greens here and and not just kind of blindly throw in there because There are some angles that just you hate. Yeah from 20 feet and it’s hard to play at that precise at a 426 foot range, but if anybody can do it, it’s these guys because they’re honestly not even approaching hundred percent power oh, yeah, this is like a Forty five percent power. I think for these drives. This is all about angle control Adam going with the Z Force. So that’s coming up short and to the left but there shouldn’t be any tree in the way from there and Oh Yeah, they say that’s perfect. Yeah, that does look really nice. Oh and he’s pushing long Woof. I think that may be a challenging putt for James Adam kicks out the right side great effort just didn’t quite hyzer enough And James the palms playing a huge factor there Simon with an open look here Wow what stopped him Sounded like maybe a barroom brawl And look at that just resets and look at him, he’s one shot behind Adam Relentless You can never count Simon out on this course. He just does too well on these hyzer courses his putting game is strong he obviously was incredibly active during the offseason with his vlogging and and Just staying it Motivated and and that was what kept him going. If he doesn’t do something like that he can get a bit lazy and Self-admittedly. Yeah, and and so I definitely expect big things from Simon at the start of the season I loved Simon’s volgs, say I watched him all but you know the ones I watched it was they were fun Yeah, I’m out. I definitely would agree with that. It was fun entertainment for me during the offseason Just seeing all the silly things he was doing the trick shots and the fan meets and all that. It was great Hole 16 par 3 327 feet with a mandatory on this palm So you have to go to the right to keep you away from the tee of the previous hole Really a short hole nothing in the way These guys are gonna go with a high hyzer and just try to stick it on the green Drew going with Firebird here And I mean look at this round from drew Gibson he he is about to tap in 13-under Only three pars so far in the entire round, I mean He’s kind of doing it fairly quietly and that’s how this course is I mean, you know, it’s it’s it’s open when the wind is down a Player with his kind of arm talent. Yeah and putting confidence It’s not gonna look spectacular It’s gonna be spectacular, but he’s gonna make it look pretty pedestrian. Just throwing those big spikes Hyzer’s going over going right onto the green. He’s really playing fantastic Adam’s little skip and roll up the hill, but that should still net a birdie For the young player from Wisconsin and James going with the Md4 again This was just a bit left and Mmm, just getting that little bit extra run if that had been a foot higher that thing would have probably been 40 feet left Circles edge James off, right. You know just he just hasn’t been Operating at his normal efficiency for that kind of 28 to 35 range You can usually pretty much count it early season. I know he just came back from an eventful trip in Asia Touring there. So shaking some of the rust off still and I expect he’ll he’ll be in the mix come Sunday Dead center on that one Little graphic popped up for the 2020 trading cards and just saw mine from last season yesterday. I guess it is from this season. Yeah. Sure They’re sweet. Mm-hmm. I mean, I don’t know who, I use to collect basketball cards. So I was a big card collector I mean if you guys are collecting cards, you guys got to get them because they’re pretty cool Hole 17 par-3 downhill 468 feet but not quite playing that long for these guys It’s just gonna be a simple hyzer swinging it up high and just try to get that skip correct You’ve got a lot of standing water down here on the green Which I think if anything probably makes the hole easier it might make your feet. It might make your feet wetter Yeah, it’s not gonna skip out of there like it might in a really dry day It’s dried up a little bit since that The drone flight here so it but it’s still a little bit of puddles on the left side and Drew Of course going with the Buzz on this one Yeah, that’s a nice shot. I threw a Sonic myself but he goes with Buzz and it gets up there on the green Yeah, but you took a four on the hole. So yeah, but I still had the I had the guts to go Sonic so Simon going with a little bit more traditional hyzer play with the driver but So good, yeah Awesome both great shots. I Can honestly say though I’ve never seen a mid-range even thought of worth throwing on this hole and Drew’s just a little bit long Yeah, incredible and I think this hole just being so much air space what an advantage it is to be Adam after you just saw Simon’s. Mm-hmm. You get a read on the skip you get a read on the wind I think a lot of holes that doesn’t matter that much but this hole is nothing but air and it’s just about Deciding how wide and how high is this thing need to be for it to jump one time and be close to the basket So I think see great shot in front of you super super good James not quite the same type of hyzer throw he’s more of that direct flex line and Can’t quite read the same way that Adam was able to and he’s gonna be way left A long effort for birdies just a bit, right Drew Gibson ladies and gentlemen, this man is on a mission 14-under par Just playing one of the best rounds. I’m sure he’s ever played just oh, yeah, I mean simple certainly Approaching 1100 here. I mean possibly yeah Ratings of this course course have always seemed to be a bit generous But if you if you shoot something in that low range like there, I think you deserve something real high I mean, it’s just how the math works out of bounds is a really powerful course design tool You got a lot of strokes being taken by the field without any Advancement or very limited advancement towards the basket. So It’s gonna if you can stay in bounds and make birdies. The rating is gonna be fantastic Speaking of out of bounds. It is all over this hole and drew I Just think I’ve seen a mid-ranged on this hole but not very often this one plays far and you’re just going with the Buzz here 400 feet straight this is going pretty hard right drifting right It’s sliding that looked like that OB slide to me that is out of bounds drew making his first mistake of the round really That is gonna be a decision time for him looking down the basket from like 50 feet for the par I mean, does he even have a decision or is he forced to lay that up? Oh Yeah reverse bounce That’s that’s about having the power to throw that angle so high he just coming down vertical The thing is not gonna skip towards the water Adam flexing a force really trusting the wide hyzer Coming in nicely just right at circles edge nice shot Get off the tree. Oh Yeah, that is so nice Wow and James is gonna have a tap-in on the tough hole 18 to finish a very Unsavoury round I think Drew is running this. Oh My goodness Wow Drew Gibson just not saying what is this? What a round saves the par oh, he’s pulling the arrow out from the quiver Oh Albert Tamm over the pond and into an Estonian heart Oh Impressive I Adam off left and man he was so close It’s not that embarrassing Adam you just shot 11-under but I I mean he was Right there knocking on the door of a 14, 15 under himself just barely missing a few putts also in my life Anyway, I find it’s much harder getting embarrassed at my current age. Yes. And when I was Adams age man, was that easy? Yeah, it’s a little tougher now Look at Simon’s round coming in at 11 under par only one par on the back nine. He’s a fighter He is more than a fighter. He’s a warrior Thank you guys so much round one, let’s see those fire emojis, it’s Calvin and it’s Paul 15 under for the both of them Eagle, I played with both Eagle and Paul So I saw a lot of the same lot of birdies out there. Look at those lead card numbers. It’s not even real and Drew having to make that putt on the last hole Yeah, secure his place on a lead card with such an impressive round You just saw what a great round looks like and that barely snuck onto the lead card. The sprint is off We’re on our way. The 2020 season has started And man, if you don’t bring the birdies you can go home Thanks to the founders club check out the new Big Sexy release on We will see you guys back at the fountain for round two

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