22 vs 11 – Golden Goal vs Vålerenga w/English subs

22 vs 11 – Golden Goal vs Vålerenga w/English subs

We’re ready for the game.
– We’ll start in an 8-8-4 formation It’s important that the 8 in
midfield run forward. We’re quite a few people, so a lot of
people can run at the same time. Final point – This Valerenga team has
barely won a single game this year We should win this. Are you ready? We’re up against 22 players. Just hoof the ball long
towards the strikers. We can’t play through 22 players.
That won’t work. They have two goal keepers. Okay, boys! We have to run even if we are
twice as many. Let’s win this. Don’t give up too much space.
That sounds impossible, but the
pitch is quite big. Are you sure we’re 22? It doesn’t
look that way. Win that duel. Get in there! Nice work goalkeepers. Are we really that bad? Sorry. They get through too easy, lads! We must set up two walls. We’ll move to the right and you
move to the left. They can’t score now. Nice save, goalie! Into the middle. You’re too slow, Golden. That’s dangerous! Nice save, goalie number 2! They’re pressing us. Wake up, Golden Goal! Nice work, goalie! No! Come on, Christopher! That wasn’t a free kick. Get into the box! Jump? Let’s jump. That’s a joke of a free kick. They do this in other matches too.
Get the ball into the damn box. If this was a top league game, what
would Bojan do there? It’s just as stupid to do it here. Let them shoot – they’re not
very good at it. Listen to Elvestad. Get it upwards. Nice work, goalie. No! Nice pass, Elvestad. That’s the
best you’ve done so far. That’s decent! Keep 3 men in defense. Get 15 men into the box. Mark one each! Nice header, Muri Fucking, Muri. He gets his head
on everything. Listen to Elevestad. Cross it, Golden! Fuck, he’s so good. He’s just been
injured – tackle him! That’s a cheap call. What’s happening now? Nice save! This is dangerous, Henrik.
– Yeah, but we must try something. Out, everyone! (Half time) 2-0, lads. That’s a respectable
scoreline against a team from
the top division. It’s not good enough though. We’re crap. Absolutely awful.
– Of course we’re crap. That’s why
we need to be so many. We could try to play better though. Very good goalkeeping. We must try and establish pressure
and just keep them their half. Come on, Golden Goal. We must surely be able to take
the ball off that guy… Take him out! They have a good goalie too! Two goalies woks well. No!?! Penalty? We gifted them that… Okay, lads. This isn’t over yet. Well, it is. But let’s keep on going. You got him, Henrik. I didn’t think Morten Berre was that
good. Holy fuck! Humiliating! Why don’t you do that
in regular games, Fellah? Yes! Excellent, Golden! That’s how you do it. You’ve just written football
history, Golden. Shoot quickly! That’s an ok try.

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  1. pretty stupid, the 22 didnt do jack shit, if they just made a wall fo people around the person wiht the ball they wouldve been fine, 

  2. lol 6:36 "SLUTT"

  3. They should have 200 five year olds vs a pro team.

  4. Simple example of quality over quantity

  5. Crown Height Affair – You gave me love

  6. 6:38 SLUTT 😀

  7. Where's the pro team?

  8. not one english subtitle was seen that day

  9. What language is that? It sounds awful.

  10. To the people asking: Slutt means The end in norwegian.

  11. Now imagine them playing a bayern munich or a barcelona!!!

  12. 6:36 I'm hoping Slutt means full time and their not trying to insult us! 😛

  13. this is jokes loool

  14. Dont forget to turn on Captions!

  15. What a snap shot from Golden! 😀

  16. lol GG's a slutt

  17. That fourth goal was actually mint!!

  18. I always wondered what a game like this would be like. I'm glad I stumbled upon a video that depicts this perfectly 😀

  19. This is like watching Germany vs. Brazil in the World Cup… way to go Germany!

  20. 6:05 hahaha gooaal

  21. 2 goalkeepers!!!! hahahaha

  22. I'm more entertained by this video than a Messi skill compilation!

  23. I'm more entertained by this video than a Messi skill compilation!

  24. I lost it when he said they have 2 goalkeepers 

  25. Switch on the English captions 🙂

  26. Reminds me of Brazil vs. Germany…

  27. Yo you could put a 100 of these guys and it would make no difference, what a joke. You should have put on like 22 average  players who are in decent-good shape. some of these guys look like they haven't run in like 10-20 years. pretty stupid video. You got athletes who are pros against a bunch of amateur middle aged men who only watch football….

  28. this reminded me of the game Brazil vs Germany in WC

  29. still a better game then brazil vs germany

  30. 4×1 hun
    so maybe if Brazil had played with all of the players they can probably do better against Germany 🙂 

  31. "Goalkeeper number two!" XD

  32. The amateurs team just needed couple of jacked players like myself to win, won't loose in a shoulder to shoulder challenge over the ball, and would push myself with my aesthetic size to the goal

  33. Thanks for using the subtitles.  That was fun.  Cheers for posting it.

  34. "Herregud Golden, verdt inngangspenga!!"

  35. That feeling when a random norwegian TV-show gets big online xD

  36. What does "slutt" in Norwegian mean?  🙂

  37. norrmän har sina idéer

  38. Funny video! I think GG has not taken full advantage of 22 man on field except the 2 goalkeepers. GG should have built a man shield around the ball and push forward.

  39. This is just like high school football. 30 Year 7's ve 7 Year 11's

  40. This was good. Very interesting!

  41. 33 vs 11 is better.

  42. love that banter

  43. MoM : Golden :">

  44. "Get 15 men in the box !"   LOL

  45. Next video… 50 midgets vs a pro team?

  46. Anyone else thinks that the amateur goalie is better than the professional goalie?

  47. The best part! 5:55 😀

    Why don't you do that in regular games! 😀

  48. I mean, I love football to death, but its pretty sad that even against amateurs in a COMEDIC video, the pros still had to flop. Like, really?

  49. 4:22 i cant stop laughing!!! a line in front of the goal! XD

  50. oh man! Awesome and funny video. How the hell they didnt win any league game?

  51. This is awesome, more teams should play a match like this!

  52. Ler meg i hjel:)

  53. Can anyone let me know this video channel name??

  54. Want this team in fifa!!

  55. Can someone tell me the name of that short dribbler, he plays outstanding…

  56. This video is awesome!

  57. we will play the classic form 8-8-4 hahahahahahahahahhaaha

  58. sub in spanish please!!!!! 😟😟😟😟😟

  59. Can't remember when I couldn't get enough of such a funny video for the last time 🙂

  60. Gread idea for the next World Cup qualifier. Germany 11 v. San Marino 22.

  61. what language is that, it hurts my ears

  62. 1: Mark every man tightly as FUCK and barely touch the ball.

    2: With the 11 spare players just flock the ball

    3: When you're 4 or 5 goals up lossen up and enjoy the game

  63. I hope i can understand what they said during the gamr.. it must me funny… but enjoy the game….

  64. Love this 🙂 Been watching these funny soccer variations for 1-2 hrs now…..and I havent seena soccer match in about 10-15yrs
    this is just great!

    the one with the electro ancle bracelets is the best one tho haha

  65. damn just realized that the Valerenga manager at the time, Kjetil Rekdal, scored the winning goal against Brazil in the 1998 World Cup!

  66. 8, 8 4 hahahahaahaaaaaaa

  67. eg trudde GG sto for Go Gutta

  68. I hate these people commenting using subtitles. Gi meg et sjanse og jeg skal dreper deg du feite utlandsk dritt

  69. ive gone on a binge watcing these guys, in most of the videos i have no idea what theyre saying but its just funny af

  70. why are they speaking elvish?

  71. Prøv 33 mot 11 neste gang

  72. next time we China 22

  73. Det beste æ har sett!! It’s coming home 🏡

  74. Du kan ikke hete det

  75. De burde hatt tre keepere

  76. Hahahahahahahahaha

  77. The first recorded game of this nature was played in 2012 when Zlatan Ibrahimovic played a game vs 11 Englishmen. Zlatan won 4-2.

  78. Me: So how many attackers do you want in your formation?
    Golden goal: yes

  79. почему рефери такие жирные?

  80. It is simple and easy for any 22 man team to win this match. You simply have 10 man-markers on all the opposition outfield players and then use the remainder of your players to play your own game. It doesn't matter if the opposition is fitter and more skillful. They cannot do anything when someone is literally shadowing them up and down the pitch for 90 minutes

    You could even swap your marker 'teams' every 5 minutes in order to keep them fresh.

  81. Fønny video brusjan

  82. English subs??????

  83. These are the things you guys do in winter?

  84. Good player 😊❤❤❤⚽️

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