3 Club Challenge Against My Bro | Golfing At The Little Course

3 Club Challenge Against My Bro | Golfing At The Little Course

this is Andrew for his par and this
would be huge oh wow what a good role what a good role are you hope y’all having a great day have a fun
little challenge gonna have Andrew involved as well
yes hey rad 17 he’ll be here shortly we’ll be meeting him over at the little
course to play the first six holes with three clubs each angels gonna get one
shot per hole not sure what clubs I’m gonna choose just yet we’ll let you know
when we get to the course very excited about this challenge I need you to get
one shot a hole if he gets on a roll with some pars that’s gonna be tough to
beat we’ll see how he plays I’m sure he’s gonna have plenty of excuses about
having to work all day today and then get off and go straight to the course
he’ll be full of excuses I know we’ll see at the low course it’s decided we’re
not going with the stinger club we’re not going with the five or six this is a
par three course so it’s gonna be we’re not going with any of these clubs I’m
not one for dramatics eight-pitch putter let’s win clearly not taking a sand
wedge out because I’m going on the green every time let’s go all right so we’re
on we’re about 120 out pretty flat we got a bunker on the left side I’m gonna
go pitching wedge knock it maybe two blue feet from the hole make a birdie
did an easy win doesn’t look too bad heading a little
right pretty good number though not too bad heading towards the pen Oh
little long here carry my clubs you don’t bring a bag out here no I usually
have a caddy thought you’re gonna hit every green sir I’m going on the green
every time let’s go it’s hard I just came in a little firm there not quite
bullshit go ahead and finish this up here alright that is a par three for me
on number one if I can get this ball out there we go
Andrew for the win on number one oh that was a bit aggressive better at
long putts call me Jordan speed Andrew needs this one to go for the tie
oh no you hate to see that you really do I am one up through one a red 17 took
the loss on the first hole thoughts you see three putts but honestly don’t call
me hero guys really don’t it’s not like I just worked like nine ten hours today
grinded and came back from a very intensive vacation it was brutal the Sun
was killing me please don’t call me hero number two are three well they’re all
par threes 125 yards little back pin up over the ridge probably not gonna see
this ball landing on the green that’s alright we’re gonna stick it close
hopefully for the first part of the day looks like it Stan left and possibly a
little long that is heading left uh not what you
want but yeah alrighty we’ve got Andrew here for a second shot
you need some heroics and that wasn’t wasn’t great you know what this learning
experience I mean can’t win them all all right Zach second shot not our best hole
but see what he can do a lot better than mine all right
clearly not playing my my best today but honestly looking pretty good I feel like
these shorts are making me look thick comment below if you think these shorts
make them look thick that being said cart girl kind of giving me these stairs
about your eyes girl I’m married yep all right he’s got a little link left
there for his bogey zach is going to need to miss this one otherwise I’ve got
a long putt to tie up I’ll never a doubt right there absolute
dagger a lengthy one here for Andrew for the tie on the whole this as far as for
however he does get a stroke on every hole and he leaves it short I mean you spend a week at the beach you
lose all sense of your game ball-striking hasn’t been great the last
couple weeks however the short game has been coming up huge dead right there for
another win we’re to up through two majors reeling now how to change the hat
how to get a little momentum on my side get a little swag back up oh my swag is
back remember that video great video let’s see
hi this whole number three it’s about 115 to the hole we got a tree on the
left side why are you worried about that tree that tree is not in play well
whenever you fade it like Tiger it typically is just nice little oops into
the Hall then we got a couple sand traps on on both sides we’re not gonna worry
about it to get it cutting in there maybe tag long got to
work on the distance control with the chippy shyness that actually doesn’t look too bad and I
do see why he was worried about that tree almost hit it faded to the right
side of the green maybe on the fringe a little strong all right well I flipped
the hat backwards and I got the clubhouse clamoring they’re like oh oh
is Leo on the course nope just me who’s Leo I mean come on come on you’re old
you’re not that old walking up here there’s my ball
there’s Andrews ball a little long a little long but you know what when
you’re hitting the gym like I don’t know once twice a month what do you expect danger is pretty close there he’s got a
really good look at his three probably need to make this I might lose a whole
if I don’t you’d hate to see that pretty good speed or in for the three that is that’s a three hopefully Andrew doesn’t
make this because that would be a two up lead through three but if he makes it it
to one-up lead so we’ll see the Radford’s aren’t the best at math this
is a huge putt for a rad 17 this needs to go the hat backwards swagger back alright
ain’t you just won that whole yeah so I just his swag up back so I go back sorry
back swagger is back for any red seventeen on to hole number four I’m one
up 85 yards over this bunker these trees are kind of in the way Andrew always
gets worried when the trees are in the way need to carry that bunker flight my
lob wedge down a bit hopefully pick him to good number and not close Andrews ended up over there it was out
of frame I do believe so Danson is yes mine landed looked to be all moles right
on the hole hopped a little long however really not too bad you give me a couple
of warm-up pause I mean my posture was terrible at work all day had to stretch
out my bat get it all loose somehow fit into these tight shorts and I mean I can
play with the best of him after that he just said the best of them ya know and
Andrew right there for his birdie I’m right there for my birdie any break one calling can’t read a green
to save my life I had Andrew for his par this would be
huge you come out of here you play you play
here you play there you just play par golf that’s it’s easy
this games easy well you’re not playing part o the first couple double bogeys
those like I said before those were kind of warm-up Paul’s not really in it but
once I get going I’d hate to say it but probably could beat Tiger right now with
his back this is the must make otherwise the match is all square alright guys
this is no pressure honestly though oh not even close that’s the three we’ve got a barnburner
all squared through four Andrews just won the last two he made a couple really
good pars I gotta give him that he hit the green well on the last hole he hit
the green the other one was a little long but got it up and down two pars
through the last two and some I checked that’s a scratch golfer well you have to
play the full round not just to hold so there’s that but yeah good last two
holes by Andrew all right this whole 145 little uphill great to it we got trees
on both sides probably gonna play my little draw shot we’ll see how it goes what a balance I think he’s maybe on the
fringe front edge maybe you’re gonna get over that tree clears
up hmm that could be really good the day if any of y’all have been keeping track
of the tally of excuses from a rad 17 I would love for you to put a comment
below for the total number up to date in this video I’m just curious they are
flying I mean I get the guy preys on a good shot and that’s how he repays it I
mean this would I have to put up with it’s ridiculous I’m the one that puts up
with him and then this is what he does please
all right there’s four andrew is right there and there is where the 9-iron left
us good look at the old tweeter I was not too bad right there this would be huge first ten slammer of
the day he’s gonna need it hey let’s go all right and your first
top end par to remain all square that was big that is real ours in a row
from yeah I’m on a little run run number six here matches all square
just maybe birdie on the last hole 1-under on today’s round number six
par-3 170 yards little down the hill thankfully we’ve got the 9-iron we’re
gonna need to smoke this one going 8-iron Coby let’s see how close we can
get it that is not what you like to see right there that is well short and roll
left he’s got some work to do I mean I don’t want to blame that shot but I
think I just broke my wrist on that chunk I mean I’m we got the Niners I can go ahead and add one more tally to
the excuses for a rad 17 they just keep rolling in I’m not gonna lie I could
probably use a wrist splint I mean honestly usually if there’s a
meltdown going on it’s usually Zach right what are you gonna do about it doesn’t look too bad a little long got
some work to do there it’s just wrist what are you gonna do about it I mean I
hate for for a match to come down to a wrist injury on the last hole these are
clearly I mean obviously I mean I’ve won about every other hole but honestly I
feel like we made you should walk it off I feel like it’d only be fair I mean one
of us may have to go to the emergency room after get his wrist checked out the
other one I mean he’s old that’s an excuse but I mean he’s healthy he’s
perfectly fine what are we getting down this is Andrew for his par and this
would be huge oh wow what a good roll what a good roll are you serious Wow
let’s go rinsed it off let’s go oh they’re gonna knee
winner’s circle only let’s go what are you gonna do Ivy bells huge that was a
good putt that was a good putt yeah I have to make this don’t fool Oh No
winner that is painful that is the par and the
big loss you hate to lose whenever you go 1-under but whenever you’re playing
someone like me it happens just kiss it now congratulations Andrew yep thank you you
took home the victory today again yeah it’s kind of becoming a trend now on the
channel for Andrew to win yeah it’s it happens I’m getting in his head it’s the
how many wins is that on the channel I don’t know ten fifteen
he hasn’t been in that many videos so it can’t be that many
however he played well today I mean if he’s gonna make that many pars on me he
deserves to win congratulations well played can’t believe you made that
putt there on the last hole that was ridiculous yeah ice in my veins hurt
wrist I’ll ice it down thankfully I think I’m gonna avoid a ER visit tonight
thank you for all your support thoughts prayers thank you kind of crazy how all
the sudden his wrist is feel better I mean you know what it’s the adrenaline
it’s forever you should try sinking a 30-foot putt to
win a huge round see how you feel all right
winning cures a lot let’s just say that all right I guess it does yeah so if you
all enjoyed this kind of content please drop a little like below go follow this
guy here at 17 I’ll put his ID Graham down below yes he’s giving him self
shoutout so there you go hey rad 17 go drop them a follow
also subscribe below if you like this kind of content and you haven’t already
drop any comments for future videos you might like to see or comment some old
videos that you might like redone let us know and until next time we’ll see you
when we see it whoa

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