3 VS 3 Basketball

3 VS 3 Basketball

Bart: Welcome back to JK Party! Bart: Today we are playing 3 on 3 basketballz. Bart: And we all know Josh has been talking mad krap every single game. Bart: You see it in the logs, in the videos, on Just Kidding News – wherever he’s at… Josh: Excuse me. Bart: What? Josh: I feel like you’ve been talking more shit than anything. Bart: I never ever talk shit.
Josh: Yes you have! Josh: I’ve been waiting for this for so long. You’ve been talking so much shit. This ends right now. Bart: I’ve been talking shit? You’ve been talking shit. Bart: I’m gonna smash on you the way the Warriors did on the Cavs (?) Josh: Let’s see how much you cry during this game Bart: Me and Josh are the team captains Josh is gonna do or die to see who picks first But we all already know he’s gonna miss Bart: Go ahead Bart: What did I tell you? Bart: Alright. So can I get everyone over here so we can pick teams. Bart: Gimme this basketball Josh: Boy Bart: Boy Bart: I pick the homie (?) (Brandon) Josh: I pick Joe Joe: Pick me last Josh: Boy! Get your ass on over here Bart: I pick Tiff Josh: I pick Julia Josh: The J Team! Julia: The JJJ’s [cheering] Yellow Team: The BBT [montage] Bart: Wassup guys we want a good clean game. It’s gonna be a game of 3 on 3. We’re gonna call our own fouls. And Josh is gonna be fouling the whole time. I know because he has long ass fucking arms and he can’t help himself Bart: And every single time the team changes possession, We’re gonna have to clear it at the top. And instead of the winner getting the ball It’s gonna be the loser getting the ball. And it’s gonna be two 3 min halves. Bart: And the team with the most points at the end of the game wins Bart: Who’s better? You or me? Josh: You already know the answer. Me, so gimme the ball Bart: So do or die at the (?) then Bart: Miss! Julia: Josh, you can’t be all talk and no show man Josh: Julia- Joe: Don’t! Joe: We need good energy right now or else imma beat both of your asses Josh: Oh! That’s right Julia! Joe: You got it Julia! Joe: You got it Josh Tiff: Oh shit [yelling] Josh: That’s right! (wtf Brandon?) Bart: Shoot it then Joe: It hit Ryan in the leg Bart: How did you look at me and pass it to Joe? Tiff: It’s because when I pushed the ball it went that way instead of that My hands are dumb. I don’t know Bart: You’re like this, ‘Yes!’ Bart: I’m like, ‘What? You were looking right at me Tiff: I tried Bart: Ah, fuck Bart: One point for team yellow Joe: I ate pastries before we started [cheering] Julia: No, no, no, no, no Joe: No! Joe: No that was it. Crew: Out by Josh Bart: Me? Crew: No, Josh Bart: That was out on Josh Josh: What the fuck? Bullshit! Josh: Shoot for that shit. Shoot for it Bart: Okay, I’ll shoot for it Josh: We all know you’re gonna miss Bart: Where’s my team at. Everyone touch the ball Josh: The fuck is this, Space Jam? Josh: You can’t (?). Shoot the damn ball. Let’s see it Bart: In your motherfucking face Bart: Off my knees. In your face. Josh: Off your knees? Bart: Get off me! Josh: Why? Shoot. Josh: What’s wrong, scared? Bart: Damn. Alright, fine. Josh: You’s a bitch Bart: Cheating ass Josh Joe: We about to get a score! Joe: Josh get a score, Josh. Joe: I’m behind you Josh. Look at where (?) Joe: Josh! Josh: Get the fuck outta here, boy Josh: Get the fuck outta here Crew: You’ve got 10 seconds, hurry it up Tiff: Dammit Josh: I feel like my team’s gonna catch up. I feel like this is gonna be the game changer here. Josh: You hear that! Josh: You hear that Bart? Josh: You’re gonna lose! Josh: Cause you’re a loser Josh: Watch how many points I make this game, boy! Pack you again. You’ll be crying. Josh: Dominate humbly, more like get dominated, boy Bart: Team Yellow smashed on the first half We made one, whole point Bart: They’ve got nothing. We’ve got crazy teamwork. I saw people doing stuff I’ve never seen before Bart: I think we’re gonna win [laughing] Bart: Butterfingers! Josh: You already know! Bart: I had to give this fool a little advantage Bart: Cause I know he’s gonna lose Josh: Boy, you’re the only disadvantage on your team Josh: You’re the only disadvantage on your goddamn (?) Julia: Why are you so fast. No! Josh: Take it Julia, take it Julia Julia: Go Josh, you’re the only (?) Josh: Get the fuck outta here, boy! Josh: Get the fuck out Bart: That was good Tiff: I saw him coming and I had to get out of the way. Joe: Times out! Josh: Time out, alright Julia: Oh, thank goodness Bart: The only reason why you blocked me is because you slowed down with Julia. Bart: Julia, I’m sorry, but your boy talks too much I’m not going to slow down, cause I have to stay ahead of him Julia: That’s really fine. Josh, we’re all in it to win for you Josh: I know Julia: You gotta be on top of your game Josh: I am on top of my game. Pass the ball to me for once Julia: Alright Bart: Hold it, hold it Joe: I’ve got basketball shoes on Tiff: This is the first time in my life I’ve ever legit played basketball Joe: Let it go, let it go! Yes! Bart: No Joe: I don’t know how to play basketball Bart: Oh, nice Joe: Josh! Crew: Five seconds! Josh: Oh no Joe: No! Joe: Yay, timer Bart: We are the champions Tiff: BBT! Bart: We are the champions Joe: That point was ours Joe: That point was ours Josh: What’s wrong, gramps? Tiff: How do people do this for a hobby? Bart: Just 2 to 0, that’s all Bart: So Team Yellow ended up destroying Team Purple 2 to 0 Bart: Smash on you (?) Tiff: Zero points Josh Go against me 1 on 1 then you can talk Bart: Josh did get a couple of good blocks on me But I think he was just swatting a bee out of the air I don’t think he did that on purpose Josh: Boy, why you (?) Bart: And, it you wanna play 1 on 1 I’ll destroy you Josh: Okay then we’ll just record that too Bart: Okay, 1 on 1, full court Josh: Okay, full court. 1 on 1. Let’s go Bart: If you guys wanna see us play basketball one more time let us know in the comments below And we’ll play again. See you guys next time Bye Joe: I suck at basketball

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  1. This was soooooo bad 😂

  2. u guys all suck😬

  3. that was without a doubt the worst game of basketball ive ever seen in my life

  4. Josh legit sucks…. he talking smack all day

  5. Pls play again with david

  6. I wanna beat josh's ass

  7. The only reason geo isn’t here is because she would be dunking on fools lol

  8. Too jokes some of the funniest stuff I’ve see in a long time

  9. Bart would body Josh in 1-on-1 lol!

  10. You guys looks like your all fighting for the basketball

  11. Bart was complementing Josh while Josh was talking shit lmao

  12. I really hope Josh was just acting tough for the camera cuz he aint shit lmao

  13. Their all trash at basketball 😂

  14. i feel like josh had the worse team tho

  15. Lmao they r so bad

  16. Jesus Christ this hurt to watch

  17. This is my favorite video youve guys made wish david was in this

  18. They’re playing all the way wrong. If the ball doesn’t hit the rim the other team can rebound, they don’t have to take it back

  19. Its a plane! Its a bird! No, Its Bart the traveler !

  20. You all got picked last in gym class. Except Bart cuz he looks like he’d be athletic

  21. Julia kind of screwed Josh by not passing the ball lol.

  22. it should be bart joe and julia and josh tiff and brandon

  23. Josh talked way more trash

  24. play me I bet I can beat all of you guys

  25. Josh talk tooooo much trash 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  26. Bart looking like a YMCA summer camp counselor

  27. LOOOOOL great one guys… my heart breaks for Josshhh😫😭😭

  28. I don't know shit about basketball (nor any sport for that matyer) but it LOOKS like Bart was the better player. Lol

  29. Bro they suuuuuuuck lmfao!!!

  30. Josh just gets on my nerves.
    Also never seen Josh act so "black".. I mean aggressive until now since it's basketball.

  31. Hey wtf is this space jam shoot the ball josh roasting 🔥😂😂

  32. Josh is nba all-defensive team for sure.. but no one can shoot worth shit…

  33. Josh is so mean.

  34. Brandon over there looking like a snack rockin with no hat never seen before looking hella hot I love your stretches by the way

  35. Julia has entered the zone

  36. Basketball again c'mon JKP!

  37. Why so bad at basketball?

  38. I love JKP and all but this is really hard to watch plus I cant seem to turn away either…

  39. Josh talking trash but can't shoot for shit

  40. Brandon acts all like he could ball when he’s trash

  41. Josh is all talk😂

  42. Josh is just to feminene.

  43. Do y'all think Julia works out? Or does she naturally have big legs?

  44. Josh talkin sooo much shit

  45. Josh is so unathletic lol 😂😂

  46. Tbh Julia and joe is better than josh…

  47. Josh actually feelin himself 😂😂😂 how he thought he was gonna win idfk

  48. Rewatching a lot of old JKP videos, and finally decided to watch the challenges again, and they're the best and the funniest 😂 and Josh is so funny in them

  49. Yo josh is cringey

  50. This is the best game of basketball i ever seen in my life, better than the NBA

  51. I can beat you all

  52. Yall niggas trash

  53. That was intense shit from josh!! Do it again!!

  54. Don’t they have a film summ could be a show lol 😂

  55. Lmao Bart did a worse version of what he called Tiff out on

  56. I think I can beat josh one on one lol

  57. Josh 8s stall but slow af

  58. I love josh but he's so cringy😂😖

  59. The way Joe broke Josh and Julia up at 1:55 doe.

  60. When the black josh comes on lolol jk

  61. Yoo this is mad funny

  62. what if the black camera guy (antwon or something like that) was like “i thought yall was suppose to play basketball”

  63. Andrew wiggins just blocked bart lol

  64. I feel like I'm better than all of them

  65. I can beat josh because I play basketball since I was in 3rd grade

  66. I want to see this again but with bigger team and with geo,David,Gina ect

  67. The blackest I've ever seen Josh

  68. OMG IK WHERE THEY ARE! I USED TO GO TO THAT PLACE FOR MY AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM XDD i recognize the bathrooms and the colors of the doors xDD

  69. Holy fuck that was so bad 😂


  71. i thought bchoi was good at basketball… smh

  72. Can we get a new black guy

  73. This was so hard to watch😂😂

  74. Lol this hurts to watch!

  75. "the fuck is this, space jam" omfg that shit was funny

  76. If I was playing with Josh we would have won especialy cause we got great defense we long and I can score my guy

  77. The girls can actually dribble and move im impressed

  78. great episode of the office 👍

  79. Lol Joe and Julia talking shit to Josh when they didn't do shit at all

  80. no one:


  81. 2 years later and somehow it's funnier and more cringey😂😂😂

  82. why tf when Josh says “boi” sounds like a German or British accent

  83. Bro when Josh Said Get the Fuck out of Here Boy I couldn’t even hear his lisp anymore

  84. Replace me with Josh and we’re winning 15-0

  85. Joes random comments were fucking hilarious😂 “I got basketball shoes on” “I can’t play basketball!”😂😂😂

  86. MVP's of the Game:
    1. Bart (wasn't much, but he was the only one who scored)
    2. Josh (defensive MVP)
    3. Julia
    4. Brandon
    5. Tiffany
    6. Joe

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