5 Tips to Hit Long Irons Pure and Straight!

5 Tips to Hit Long Irons Pure and Straight!

today we’re talking about how to pure
your long irons every time let’s do it alright thanks for tuning in today we’re
talking long irons how to hit those pure and straight every single time
got a great little few little tips for you today and I thinks for watching
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whatever just here to help let’s get to okay long irons mmm a nemesis for a lot
of people out there but I’m gonna give you just a few tips that will help you
pure these guys first off here’s what we want to do we want to start off with a
ball position that’s gonna be key okay here’s what we want to do ball position
is going to be one ball forward of your belt buckle okay your belt this is your
Center I just want to be one ball forward you start getting too far
forward with your long irons you’re in big trouble so step one is ball position
here center right there one ball forward is step one so ball
position should be pretty simple just line it up right right in your sternum
move it one ball forward you’re good to go
step two we want to make sure this shoulder is in the best position here’s
what normally happens you set up with the long iron you get the shoulder up
and going over like this because your ball usually is too far forward so just
one ball forward this is going to kill you you’ll never be able to hit a long
iron if this shoulder comes up and around so we want to make sure this
right shoulder for your right hand of guys girls out there okay is back and
down okay I don’t care if your shoulders are shut too much like you can hit a
long iron with shut shoulders but you can’t do it like this so fall forward
one ball just get the shoulder just push it back push it back a little bit and
just down just like one notch right notch back a notch down that is step two
okay ball position one shoulder back down – there you go right there
so you’re gonna look you’re gonna look like this
good ball position back down that’s step two third phase this is critical also
okay these none of these first three you can’t hit a long iron if you don’t do
this okay number three is this where are your hands okay here’s where I want your
hands so you got your good ball position your shoulders back and down your hand
take your hands in your middle okay and you’re going one notch forward right
here just a ball forward of your Center right there yeah your hands are here
this would be Center just right there just right if your hands are too far
forward with your long irons you’re doomed you cannot do it okay you’re
gonna hit all kinds of squirrely shots so those hands have to be just like even
with the ball and I want to behind the ball but I just want them right they’re
lined up it’s gonna be the key all right that’s third step good ball position
hand right here okay right there now let’s go over here I’ll show you the
last couple steps okay so step four is something we have to do now most of us
were taught kind of incorrectly uh through the years and it makes hitting
long irons like near impossible but with the little tweak a little fix we can do
it watch it okay you got step one two three now step
four you want your hands to come back here but you do not want to rotate that
face open if you rotate that face once you start rotating the face your hands
first of all that’s way too open you’re doomed okay
you want that face you want those hands in and that face like this which feels
shut but it’s not shut it’s perfect okay so those hands have to stay in here but
if you rotate you’re going to be here in your way off plane and forget it you’re
gonna be all over the planet like that so those hands stay tucked in and that
face days what appears to be shut right in here okay keep it in here got
everything all set up All Hands shoulder good to go hands in
face shut right there ball position shoulder pan hands in face
shut that’s step 4 you’ve got to keep those
hands in here without rotating that face open that’ll kill you okay here’s our
final piece now it’s getting exciting because you’re really close and it’s we
didn’t really do anything to your sweetie we’re not changing your swing at
all you probably have a good swing it’s just little pieces that we just need to
tweak a little bit to make you a great player so we got the ball position we’ve
got our shoulder back and down we have our hands just barely forward then we
have our takeaway which our hands are in tight to our body that face is not
rotating open okay we’re not shutting it but we’re not opening by the feel shot
next piece we got to work on these hips too many of us go back here like this
we’re back here and then you’re hitting it bad you’re cut we’re just gonna push
our right hip back we’re not transferring our way back and forth okay
it will transfer by itself you don’t have to worry about that you are weight
transferring but you’re just doing throat through rotation okay go here and
then from this point forward now you’re driving forward with your hips and
around okay you’re driving off your back foot forward and around okay if you go
back and then you do it it’s not gonna work okay so you just your backswing is
here rotation then you’re driving with your lower body forward a little bit
right here see that and around forward and around take it back from here or those your five keys to hitting great
long irons and I’m gonna give you a bonus tip that’s really gonna help so
six six keys to puring your long irons a free tip did you love that watch
keep your swing short just because you’re hitting a long Club doesn’t mean
you got to get all crazy on me okay she’s going around here you’re sweet to
be right right here your hands shoulder high that’s where you really want to be
now that’s what I’m trying to be I might be a little past that but I’m trying to
keep my my hand right here right here and then I’m driving with my lower body
forward and around so forward and around keep my hands shoulder high and so we just need those pieces to work
together and you’re on your way you’re gonna hit some great long irons
this year let’s make this the year I’m pure iron’s all of them you can do it
all right hey hope you hope this helps comment below let me know if this is
working for you and what piece is the most difficult for you you having
trouble all right we’ll get to it we’ll take care of you we’re here to help all
right pure those irons subscribe to the
channel hit the bell love you guys peace out we’ll see you next time

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