AC Milan || Inter Milan Football Club ফুৰি আহিলো

AC Milan || Inter Milan Football Club ফুৰি আহিলো

Hii Friends, welcome to my channel. Today is Saturday, so I get some free time and decided to come out with my camera. because, I get some free time only on Saturdays So, every Saturday, Sunday I love to come out for an interaction session with you. Today, I am at a very special place You can see a huge stadium behind me This is a very well known stadium which is the home stadium for AC Milan and Inter Milan many legendary soccer players spent their career here Ronaldinho, Kaka, Luis Figo, Roberto Carlos etc. Those who follow football might know very well about these two clubs so, in today’s video, I will try to give a glimpse of this stadium But, today I might not be able to enter the stadium, But, today I might not be able to enter the stadium, because all entrance are close today I will try to enter in an another day, I have some footage of my last visit so, i will try to show them here in this video Then, without wasting any time more, let’s go and have a walk around this stadium. and, this is actually one of the largest stadiums in Europe 80000 people can watch a match a together and here you can see the entry gates gate 11 gate 12 , 13, 14 whenever there is a match, this area becomes heavily crowded that’s why there are so many entry gates I came here once for a match between AC Milan VS Arsenal in 2018 but, at that time I didn’t have a youtube channel, so i could not show it to you I also came here for the Museum tour But, today all the gates are closed may be because today is Saturday and most probably, there is a match tomorrow, so some maintenance works going on that’s why nobody is allowed to enter today you can see the ticket counters where you can buy tickets for the museum and stadium tour I have seen many types of Fans here starting from the kids to old people and one of my friends once told me that he has seen an old man with an oxygen cylinder, came to see a match so, you can imagine the spirit of these Fans coz, this is a very old club They were considered one of those top Football Clubs and, AC Milan has clinched Champions League titles many a time they were one of the highest winners of this title but, now a days they are not in their best form but, it would not seem to be exaggerated to say that they had once dominated the world football Those who like soccer, I hope they will like this video and, someday I will take you inside the Museum in the museum, there are the precious belongings of all those legendary players played here like jersey, boots etc. it is indeed a great museum to visit and, this stadium is a home stadium for both the teams i.e. AC Milan and Inter Milan and, this stadium is a home stadium for both the teams i.e. AC Milan and Inter Milan so, here in milan it is such that so, the fans are divided in 50-50, or 60-40 percentage so, when there is a match between AC Milan and Inter Milan Then, it a very different scenario here because, fans from both the teams gather here they all are with high energy to get a win over the opponent coz, both the teams are playing in their home ground in front of their supporters just the name of the clubs are different but stadium is the same but, when there is a match between any of these two teams VS any other team, then then fans of both the teams come together to cheer up for the playing team and, there is metro station named San Siro near to this stadium which connects the stadium to the city center and it is often heavily crowded on match days so, security personnel are deployed in large numbers in those days coz, there might be chances of fight between the fans so, now I will take you to that metro station and, there are pictures of many footballers on the walls then, let’s go I will a make a separate video on Milan’s transportation system and, I will show you how convenient it is so now, we are at that special metro station of San Siro when there is amatch, this place is heavily crowded these doors are kept closed during match days and these gates are opened on match days Thank you all for watching my videos and, I will try as much as I can to give you an idea of different places of Europe in Assamese Thank you again for watching my video till the end so, I am ending this video for today, Nomoskar Jai Aai Axom

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