Adventures in Cub Scouts

Adventures in Cub Scouts

So originally, I was gonna make a video talking about boy scouts, because I was a boyscout. But then as I was writing the script I thought about all the fun things I did as a cub scout. So here we are! Cub scouts is something you can do before you’re old enough to be a boy scout. It’s not required to do cub scouts to be a boy scout… it’s just, if you’re up to it, or your parents signed you up for it, you can do it. Now you’re already pretty young when you can start doing boy scouts. Hence why it’s called BOY scouts not…MAN scouts. You can start doing cub scouts when you’re seven. At what point does it just become baby sitting in uniform? So all you people watching over the age of 7, let me tell you what you missed out on. Unlike boy scouts who wear our tan uniform, Cub scouts wear a dark blue uniform. Now there are four ranks to the cub scouts. Now there were some requirements you had to do to go up the ranks, but if you went to the meetings every week you’d be fine. You didn’t have to do anything on your own time. And even if you did all the requirements for the rank, you still had to be in the rank for at least a year. So, basically, the ranks are based on your age. When you were seven years old and in first grade, you were a tiger scout. The second graders were the wolf scouts, the third graders were the bear scouts And the fourth graders, AKA the really cool ones because you’re the oldest… …Actually, before I tell you, just guess what the mascot for the fourth and final rank of cub scouts is. Just leave you’re guesses in the comment box below! Just kidding, don’t do that, I don’t care. We have a tiger, a wolf and a bear (Hehehe! That rhymed.) What animal is cooler than all three of those? I’ll tell you! Nothing. And that was the mascot. There was no mascot. Welcome to the real world, fourth graders! There’s no such thing as cartoon anthropomorphic animals. *COUGHING* So, if you did guess anything in the comments…you were wrong. I told you not to guess. The fourth and final rank of cub scouts was called… Webalos! Weeb…A-lows. Very fitting name… It goes tiger, wolf bear, WEEBALOS?!? WHAT KINDA ANIMAL IS THAT? Apparently it’s supposed to stand for “We be loyal scouts.” Because…we talk like pirates. Don’t worry, cub scouts, I’ll make you a mascot for the…WEEBALOS. Here, it’s a made-up animal for a made-up word, use it however you like. The wikipedia page also talks about a bobcat badge but…I don’t remember doing that, so that’s… whatever, it’s not important. I can’t even remember what we DID as cub scouts! We would just meet at some person’s house, I think it was one of the kid’s moms? And she would have some kind of activity for us to do and we would just…play. My mom told me that she was my scout leader for a year but I don’t…remember that. I DO remember we talked about bike safety. And I remember I fell off my bike a lot. I still got the award though. Each rank had a handbook that said what activities you would do. And I looked on google to find pictures of the book, and I found gritty, serious, tough covers. And I was shocked, because the handbooks I grew up with… …had the mascots on them! And liked it! The old books were CUTE and had PICTURES! You’re not trying to get rid of the mascots, aaare you cub scouts? I think it’s funny that each mascot gets progressively unhealthier. Which is why my weebalo mascot looks the way it does. And I think I might be suppressing this memory, but every time we went up a rank, there would be an award ceremony thrown by the leaders. And I think we…metaphorically drank the…blood of the mascot? I mean it was really just fruit juice. But…*phone ringing* Uh, hey TJ. Do you remember cub scouts? Uhm… Did we, whenever we went up the ranks, did we… Did we metaphorically drink the blood of the mascot? Oh. We had weird leaders. Okay, bye TJ. *beep* So another thing we did as cub scouts was go to this thing called cub-scout day camp. I dunno if it was just an arizona thing, but I hated it. Cubscout day camp took camping and made it…unfun! And surprisingly, even as a seven and eight year old, I loved camping! “Really James? Someone who sits infront of a computer all day drawing pokemon? You like toughing it out and sleeping in the woods?” YES AUOUWH YES! If you’ve never been camping, GET ON THAT! I’m talking about real camping though, not this…DAY CAMP. Cub scout day camp was during the summer. An ARIZONA summer. And we would get up super early, like 8 o’clock, eat breakfast at home and then you and your whole troop carpooled for about two hours to camp. There were a bunch of other cub scout troops that met there to, it was a pretty big thing. You were supposed to pack your own lunch, and all the other boys had really cool lunches like Lunchables, and Gogurts, and ironically Sooubway. I was jealous of kids with Sooubway sandwiches. And all my mom packed me was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich…on wheat bread! So before the day even starts, I’m already in a bad mood. You start the day sitting in this this big auditorium, but it’s outside. They told us all to drink lots of water, and they actually gave all the troops water balloons. And they wanted us to throw them at each other because that would keep us ᴍᴏɪsᴛ and not die of heatstroke. But waterballoons are stupid because ninety percent of the time they don’t even break on impact! You’re just beating some poor kid to death with a bag of water! Then you would split into your troop and there was a rotation of activities for you to do all day. We ate dinner, then we went back to the auditorium, and then some of the leaders put on a play. I mean, it was a pretty dumb play, but I was invested in the story! But then at 10PM…YOU WENT HOME! You didn’t even get to sleep in a tent! Sleeping in a tent is one of the most fun things about camping! And also the whole time, we didn’t get a campfire, because it’s dangerous to have fire around 7 to 10 year olds or something. But they did let us do archery. Cos’ that’s safe! And then the next day you went back and you did it all over again. And then you would do it for a third day too. Three days of this! Three days of people throwing water balloons at you, and you can’t get them back because you have a weak throwing arm. And you’re probably wondering James what’s with all the complaining? This sounds like fun! I mean sure, other kids probably had fun. I might have been a little dramatic as an 8 year old. One time on the second day of camping, I was clumsy and I kept falling off the rocks I was climbing on. And I kept getting all these scrapes and bruises and they really hurt! And then we went swimming, that was one of the activities, there was a swimming pool. But just being the little punk kid that I was, I was like… “NO! I DON’T WANNA GO SWIMMING!” So they made me sit off to the side and they said I couldn’t swim. But later I was like…”I wanna go swimming now.” After you swam, the leaders told you to check your shoes for scorpions. And I remember I didn’t check, because I hated everyone. And you know the play that the leaders put on at the end of the day? It was split up into three parts. One part for each day. So I was left on a cliffhanger. I wanted to go see it, but everyone else in the troop wanted to play with water balloons. And I never found out how the play ended! And then on the next morning when I was supposed to leave for the third day, I told my mom I didn’t want to go. And she had to tell the carpool that her son didn’t want to go because he’s a huge pus- And then afterwards when they were handing out the awards, I didn’t get a single award. Because I didn’t go the third day. So I didn’t finish any of the activities. And then I never went back to cub-scout day camp since. And that’s why I hated it. Woah, I didn’t even mention the pinewood derby… I DIIDN’T EVEN MENTION THE PINEWOOD DERBY! So, I liked cubscouts, I think it’s good because it makes you go outside and supposedly it teaches you important safety things, or something. I mean look how I turned out. Also, incase you missed it I got a store now, I got a whole bunch of stuff for you. One of the products that I’m excited about is the plushies. Also everything in the store is on sale, but only until october 14th. So you have a couple of days left to do your shopping, I guess. And if you buy your plush by October 21st, it will come with a signed card… …by me, obviously, who else would sign it, so I think that should wrap up the video, right after you wear your seat belt. 👌︎🕆︎✡︎ 💣︎☜︎☼︎👍︎☟︎☜︎☠︎👎︎✋︎👍︎☜︎ ☞︎☼︎⚐︎💣︎ ❄︎☟︎☜︎ ⚐︎👎︎👎︎📂︎💧︎⚐︎🕆︎❄︎ 💧︎❄︎⚐︎☼︎☜︎ ☠︎⚐︎🕈︎

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