American & Japanese People Swap Snacks

American & Japanese People Swap Snacks

they snuck a lot well I am a snack here and we’re gonna smoke this back he told me I’m japanese-american I agree I’m Japanese hi I’m Alex I’m American and it’s never gonna be you swab of such thanks yeah which ones I don’t think I’ve ever tried to Japanese Negra for it in my life Oh what these are classic yeah I mean they’re pretty much the same shape style maybe not flavor which we’ll try out but they’re chips in a can thank you believe you have a tooth snack – yeah bites short I look what’s your culture what is this these are pizza flavor this is buddy is it American as you can get and the flavor it’s lemon know what this is really cute this is like you ready to roll you know great tastes like artificial pizza baby does the best it’s like it really does taste like pizza this is lighter like the texture is a little bit crispier and this has a lot more like density to it all right mom [Applause] [Music] what prize this is like $6 yeah but they’re good though like I gotta promise you the only month ever you know with animal myspace snap its mochi mochi chakra Oh mo cheap have you had a rose 15 yeah actually okay because it’s roasted it has more depth you know these are just like it’s no death it’s just like you can eat it you just there how cute hot though it comes with a little like yeah okay so we’ll we know for sure Japanese snacks are not accessible are not very accessible but it’s like when you open them you got to open them in they’re so cute do I eat the whole thing yeah yeah I like it detector though a hundred percent boy yeah this is a very light chocolate and like the tea flavor comes through and so I really enjoyed it mochi has like this point that’s right cool parts I love whoppers because I don’t know I guess because it’s a malt it’s a fun thing you must happen in two mouths myself but no like whoppers I like it ba let me tell you what I like I don’t dark chocolate person baby crabs so these are literally just itty-bitty tiny crabs as you could see I [Music] have a hard time eating things that look like they do in their life I’ve been like clogged by a croc what is it pinched and pinched by a crab it’s okay so that it’s bad it’s like a rational appeared like I don’t know what might come alive in my mouth or something what these flamin hot cheetos these are a classic okay and it comes in this little dish little dish yeah good luck Oh everything I try to open is so I thought I’m gonna open these a minute stop pop in my face don’t think it’s crab or the fish I like seafood oh this is her I got a leg we ate there a lot Frenchie – not ever imagine oh yeah thank goodness do you have a cheetah yes looking at me oh wow by day it’s mighty right it’s nice and I love hot cheetos you’re there just a perfect teenager snack yeah cheetahs are great sir like nice crunchy the final are spicy a lot of flavor mmm-hmm I think I like it better I do to it for sure so I have for you jalapeno flavored potato chips everybody loves a potato chip it’s easy delicious these are squid chips but it’s actually more like temprid chip chip fried squid it’s just there’s a little drawing of the squid on the back what have you done again three I think the most green screen is different you all know I am Chinese like the last one just because they look like crap I could never like this yeah it’s smell like jalapeno Yankees are Holabird lizard fish paste oh my god I just never read the I’m like calamari miso lemony these are not spicy they’re fishing yeah it’s lemony Jojo no he though but there’s no spices very much heat these taste like those sweet and spicy type of deal I’m awkward I’ll give you this one bird wow I wonder what this their crab flavored crackers everything is crab everything is like a fish beautiful they’re like a corn chip oh we have a corn chip the coolest shape you put it on your finger yeah the little hat Ivan hobbies and so long you know while I struggle with like 3d but – it doesn’t taste like Club that’s weird do you see the crowd leg in there yeah you know it’s so bad but all right choose the bugles maybe break out it has a crunch but it’s almost it’s like if styrofoam could be a chip this is it [Music] round this is a very nostalgic treat it is called what song rice candy it’s something you would find in the grocery store like in the aisle when you’re checking out and you have like gum and you know your candy bars and stuff this is most likely gonna be there I present to you a little present I thought this is gonna be way easier to open it’s always another layer oh but these guys okay you could actually eat the wrapper if you like open it there’s room yeah so I don’t even have to take it no that’s part of it okay I do oh they’re good right so this is a bonus like oh it’s sushi but it’s candy I mean you’re gonna make it together so cute yeah right my gosh comes with a dropper put water just like I’m gonna throw this line on it if it’s rice right and like actually Wow is it doing it yeah it’s like individual oh my gosh you think it should be seaweed and this is rice so you’re gonna shape it okay look look at that tuna Oh slid right off look I’m cute alone as a little fishy this is the best kind of snack [Music] I thought that these snacks were on both sides are really great they’re all fun which is like a that’s a plus-one like a kid the kids won’t have fun at school I knew you guys had great snacks I think you pick some that weren’t my favorite but also I definitely feel like your snacks are like way more sophisticated you can’t go wrong with snacks it’s it’s like it could be any part of the meal pre-post so yeah and it could be savory or sweet though or it could be cramped [Music]

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  2. Isn't Rie and Alix from behind tasty

  3. Couldn't get past the intro… Next!

  4. Rie is indeed a snack

  5. American and indian food or american and Mexican snacks

  6. dude try the crabs they’re awesome

  7. Out of all of the Pringle flavors, PIZZA?!

  8. I have a Japanese snack box i bought on Amazon coming in 2 days for one reason to try something different

  9. When japan comes to america for the first time

    Japanese person: what year is it?

  10. I thought the baby crabs was spicy chicken wings in the thumb nail I must be hungry 😂😂😂😂😂

  11. This episode is by far the most disappointing….. How can you do Japanese snack like this?? This is so under represent

  12. I tried the club star by random chance. A woman at the airport in Osaka gave me a bunch of snacks and I just fell in love with them.

  13. I’m Japanese lol and yet when I saw the japanese food I was like, my mum never gets me those 😢😂

  14. Yay, Botan Rice Candy!

  15. I disliked just cus of buzzfeed

  16. The most american flavour is pizza? Wut

  17. Rie and Alix!!!!!!! My favourite Buzzfeed duo🤗🤗🤗😜💚💚

  18. Omg they have that Japanese bonus snack at five and below LOL

  19. Pizza flavored pringles…gtfooh. Not classic at all

  20. 7:47 my dads side of the family is Japanese and i love those candies so much it’s not ok 😂

  21. ALIX AND RIE!!!!!!

  22. Binge eating said snacks is the best indicator if the snack is worthy or not. Pringle’s for instance aren’t that good if you eat just one but if you continue to eat them they get addicting good lol idk why this happens to me with a lot of food

  23. I think hot cheetos taste kind of like Styrofoam, and they have no spice to them.

  24. I'm American & I think Whoppers are the most terrible creation for a chocolate candy. Lol.

  25. Alix and Rie are the cutest duo 🥺

    Me:Japan is island surrounded by water and many Japanese people love seafood.

  27. Alix smoked b4 she came there…srsly she had to.

  28. Alix is annoying smh

  29. Its smerr rike jarapeño

  30. Tasty chef's here 😋

  31. Whoopers
    – Rie 2019

  32. Anyone else from UK watching?? I thought those jalapeno crisps were going to be one of those multipack bags… they are massive wtf haha

  33. Hot Cheetos is from Mexico, right ?

  34. alix is really pretty and funny

  35. rie and alix are besties

  36. as if that Japanese American girl has never had a Cheetos before fool me

  37. Alix needs to seriously shutup..she's so loud and annoying

  38. Japanese I love their food yummy 😋

  39. Alix is so positive and upbeat!

  40. That guy was like what XD

  41. I’ve tried Baby crabs and they’re…. I want to find some and make my Partner try them. Love Asian snacks.

  42. That blonde chick high af lmao

  43. I ship all of them im sorry

  44. Rie is my favorite chef

  45. Alix is annoying tbh

  46. Alix is someone I’d kick out of my party within 30 seconds

  47. Alix is so cute I love her personality

  48. baby crabs are good and I’m american

  49. I'm japanese but only half the rest I'm Filipina

  50. the black dude at whoppers— "this has no depth, its just you eat and you're there" LMAO

  51. Sorry but pringles are from belgium

  52. Pizza is Italian not American

  53. If you had xfinity ad it don’t work they say it is “best” WiFi and it does not work DONT but it

  54. I thought alix was Ronda Rousey for a sec

  55. Alix and Rie has the best relationship/friendship XD

  56. Rie and alix together are really the best combination and i think they should have a lot more videos together

  57. It tastes like artificial pizza

    Me:how tf does that taste

  58. Crab crackers looking like some fricking hard taco shells

  59. Who… tf! Eats original flavored Bugles 😭😭😭 NAH-CHOOOO-CHEEEEEEZ! BRO!!! Lol

  60. Japanese people must be rich because dragon ball z

  61. This is the first comment you’ve seen with a dislike.

  62. Whoppers are the candy you dident want and would trade away on halloween

  63. Was that intro slutty ? And the Japanese girl didn't even get it ?

  64. Rie is silently judging you.

  65. Is that a sand dollar?

  66. Rice is from tasty … and Alix tooo

  67. Them Japanese girls ain’t real Japanese’s. Listen how American they are. This doesn’t count

  68. Anybody else upset they didn't use original pringles

  69. Weird brand jalapeno chips but no oreos

  70. Yo they cheated the Japanese people in this! All they had to do was hi-chew vs. starburst and then they would have had an easy victory! BTW if you never had hi-chew before your soul is fucked up! That shits the best AND where starbursts contains gelatin from pork hi-chew uses lactose and milk solids so it’s WAAAAAAY healthier for you!

  71. "Everything is crab, everything is like a fish!"

    One could almost think that Japan is an island.

  72. Who else got a Japanese candy ad???

  73. Subscribe to D 192706 play

  74. Ive tried most of the Japanese snack because my crush gives me some and he’s Japanese

  75. Is that alix from tasty??

  76. Last time I ate a whopper was when I was little and it loosened my teeth and I never ate it again until 2 weeks ago lolllll

  77. 2:53 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  78. "It smell like jarapeño" she so cute!

  79. I like Thai show and all but I feel like you should let the contestants bring their own snacks

  80. So professional… Using her phone while she's recording a video… Just saying

  81. do brazilian snacks!

  82. “ oh wow, it’s spicy, it’s spicy!

  83. Rei my fav person at buzzfeed

  84. "its a fun thing happening in my mouth" hmmm dirty mind 🤔😂

  85. The japanese girl on orange is more american actually

  86. The japanese girl on orange is more american actually

  87. How dare you say that pizza Pringles tasts like pizza!! Lol

  88. This should be called Americans trying Japanese snacks

  89. How come pringles become american snack? I thought they made in malaysia

  90. hi hitomi, i'm hitomi

  91. LOL wait my name is Hitomi and my nickname on my high school basketball team was Q

  92. Wanna try those crabs

  93. I’ve eaten crickets as a snack soooo
    These Japanese snacks don’t seem so weird lol

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