Americans Watch Cricket For The First Time

Americans Watch Cricket For The First Time

– I don’t know anything about cricket. – There’s no real crickets in it. (“Four Seasons – Spring”) – The bat is called a wicket. – The wicket’s the ball I believe. – When I think about cricket I think about the outfits that they’re wearing. Shorts and like a jacket or
something. It seems very proper. – So I guess there’s a lot of different accessories for your cricket outfit. The entire time that we have
been talking about cricket I’ve been envisioning croquet. – It’s like squash had
a baby with baseball. – So green is Pakistan, blue is India. – There’s someone wearing blue,
there’s someone wearing red and there’s someone wearing black and I think only two teams playing. – There’s a cowboy on the field. – Is that a Mountie? – That must be the ref. – He looks like a Canadian Mountie. – He’s definitely not called
an umpire, I know that. – Home run! I think. – What are the bars in the middle? – That’s a sign. That’s a sign. This means something. – I’m not really sure where the bases are. Still have no clue how
they acquire points. – It’s like there are no outfielders. So maybe the goal is
not to catch the ball. – He’s trying to hit the
ball along the ground. Well then, why were they so excited before when they went far away? – I have no idea what’s going on here. This is very confusing. – Where are they trying to get the ball? It feels like it can go anywhere. – He said that was a lovely shot. It rolled towards a line that looked like a
warning track in baseball. – I know less now about cricket than I knew before we watched it. – I think it looks dope. – I don’t even know how
many rounds there are. Like how many points you need to win. – We didn’t even know
what they were doing. – I’m definitely not going
to look out for it on ESPN. – Any sport with cowboys
could probably easily become second nature to me eventually.

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  1. Lord help me. As an American, this kills me. Despite having so many different races, knowledge of anything international isn't well known

  2. 1:13

    That’s called a thumbs up, welcome to earth lady.

  3. You guys should try to watch the game rather than just talking through it. Morona.

  4. Americans are the only species who are so ignorant and still proud of it. Not even cricket they no nothing about which are exists outside of their country.

  5. Cowboy seriously

  6. Omg…as an indian watching this is …outragious….

  7. If Baseball is algebra then Crickt is calculas

  8. React on IPL (Indian premair league

  9. I can+t blame Americans for not knowing it. I´m a huge Handball fan e basically no one knows my favorite sport. The point is the fact that Americans declare for all their sport (except Hockey) their team the World Champion. In baseball, of course, their Football and basketball. It´s not fair to say their sport is only played in their country. Baseball has a huge impact in Central America, Japan, Korea and recently Taiwan, plus many countries in Europe. Basketball is everywhere. Ice Hockey in North Europe and Russia is a religion. Yes maybe the American Football one, but I haven´t seen a lot of Aussie Rules Football in Uganda… Cricket is the same. It is famous in, basically, former British Colonies. That is why is popular, I mean 1 billion Indians follow it. We agree on the extremely self.centrism of Americans, but what can they do if they don+t follow cricket, it was a British sport and we should remember they fought against them.

  10. As a Pakistani,

    Americans really disappoint me

  11. A bit like explaining Cartesian Dualism to a small child.

  12. As a critical cricket fan
    KILL ME!!!!!

  13. Annoying
    Wish, I could say same annoying things about baseball
    Infront of them

  14. Genius move by baseball fans by showing us this video to kill all the cricket fans and to establish the superiority of the "World" Series

  15. Baseball: I am the best game in the world.
    Cricket: hold my bat and ball

    Edit: why are there so many aussies here?

  16. its a simple game!

  17. 1:21
    I wish lived in a skyscraper 😑

  18. As a cricket fan this triggers me

  19. The wicket is the ball ……This guy needs medical help

  20. Are they acting??

  21. I feel like I’m the only American that watches and understands Cricket lol Test Matches are a little boring but i love ODI’s and T20’s, i think if America ever adopted the sport it would only be T20’s to be perfectly honest, i dont like baseball, it feels really one dimensional.

  22. No fair test. Ask anyone to see a sport they've never seen before without explaining the rules to them and you'll get the same sort of response. Unless they're given some sort of grounding (even if only how runs are scored) they'll be just as baffled fter waching it as before.

  23. Im a south African and feeling sick watching this😞

  24. All are aussies here in comments but i am a indian

  25. Why can't BuzzFeed Australia and BuzzFeed England or BuzzFeed India can make a video explaining them about cricket?

  26. As a South African

    kill me.

  27. where are my street cricketers 😢😢😢😢😢

  28. American thinks padded rugby is Football and they called football a soccer…
    They also think cricket is unpopular game and baseball is world famous…

  29. They’re knowledge of cricket is somewhat lower than the average b12 levels of all vegans

  30. For me America does not no what is going on around the world

  31. "There is a cowboy in the field". Oh my God take me😂😂😂😂.

  32. Britt lee can you do the honor of throwing a ball at 150kmph and cracking their heads

  33. They don't like cricket as it requires brain which Americans lack.

  34. Damn it America, your so insular. No one plays YOUR sports outside of your country. Stop comparing it to YOUR sports. Start learning about the world outside of your Borders.

  35. Cricket is far tougher than baseball. You Americans just see a guy smashing a ball. There is noting interesting about baseball.

  36. please reacts on Bangladesh cricket

  37. "cowboy", I think you mean umpire you dull american

  38. Secret

    Billy Bowden's a cowboy

  39. The very first international cricket match was played between the USA and Canada

    I wonder what happened wrong after that 🤔

  40. I just want to beat them all with their own fists

  41. why argue over baseball or cricket? play both and keep yourself entertained. Atleast we got two major bat and ball games.

  42. These American pornis

  43. one way to confuse an american. show him/her a game of cricket.

  44. As a Bangladeshi and huge cricket fan it was hard to watch and i wanted to kill myself

  45. 1:00 guy: that’s not a umpire I know that.
    Me: it is a umpire

  46. Youtube please dont recommend me these types of videos again…ita hurts my soul.. especially the 1:21 part

  47. Y did I search this came out with less brain cells

  48. As a pakistani

    I lost my brain cells

  49. As a Pakistani, its hard to watch
    My reaction will also be the same if i watch american football or baseball

  50. As a Pakistani their ignorance about cricket hurts my soul

  51. Baseball is a rip of rounders

  52. So Jen liked it because it had "a cowboy" & looked fun. Nobody else liked it.🤣
    Of course, the point was for them to watch it knowing nothing about it. They could have easily looked up the rules & play description to learn about it ahead of time but they wanted to see what it was like seeing the sport without prior knowledge. It's like going to a foreign land you know nothing of & just jumping in to learn about their culture & language.

  53. There's a cowboy on the field lads!

  54. They are only good at invading other countries.

  55. I dont think we all should go down on them like that they dont know what is going on honestly i dont know a lot about baseball but they should do a little research then make a video

  56. Cricket is a gentleman's game. An American is no gentleman.

  57. What an absolutely pointless video.

    The rest of the world is imploding right now

  58. As an English

    This hurts

  59. As a Pakistani

    This is straight up just pure CRINGE

  60. as an indian

    it is difficult to watch

  61. Totally a cowboy and not an umpire. WOW!

  62. Americans being Americans

  63. When a batsman hits a boundary
    American: HOME RUN!!!!

  64. Lol the brain is for thinking with,

  65. Once upon a time cricket was most popular game in USA under British period…bcz cricket is national sports of British..after USA independence than baseball replace cricket…1st international cricket match held between USA and Canada 1844 at Manhattan..that time was golden period of USA cricket..

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