Asian Cup 2019: Last Chance for Thailand?

Asian Cup 2019: Last Chance for Thailand?

In 2007, 19-year-old Thailand striker Teerasil
Dangda made his one and only appearance in the AFC Asian Cup when he came on as a late
substitute in the 1-1 with Iraq. Now 30 years old, he will be the sole surviving
player from that squad when the Thais kick off their 2019 Asian Cup campaign in the United
Arab Emirates (UAE) against India on January 6th. When Teerasil was starting out 12 years ago,
he played alongside some of the biggest names in Thailand’s first golden generation, with
legendary striker Kiatisuk Senamuang 34 years old and skipper Totchtawan Sripan two years
older. Their peak had come between 1996 and 2002
as they won three AFF Cup titles, came fourth in the 1998 Asian Games, reached the final
qualifying round of the World Cup for first time and hit 43 in the FIFA rankings. This generation was managed by former Aston
Villa striker Peter Withe for several years but other Englishmen would be less successful. Peter Reid and Bryan Robson had spells in
charge between 2008 and 2011 but neither could even win Southeast Asia’s biennial AFF Cup. Germany’s Winfried Schafer could not stop
the rot, losing in the 2012 AFF Cup final and departing during the 2015 Asian Cup qualification
campaign that saw the Thais suffer six defeats out of six. Kiatisuk was given the manager’s job in
2014, and he would soon turn things around and nurture a new generation of Thai talent. A fourth-place finish for the Under-23 side
at the 2014 Asian Games was a step in the right direction. Kiatisuk used many of these
players to form the backbone of his team as he sought to distance himself from past failures. Goalkeeper Kawin Thamsatchanan and playmaker
Chanathip Songkrasin were two of the standout players and they would be crucial members
of the squad that won the AFF Cup for the first time in 12 years in 2014, with Chanathip
the tournament MVP. The Thais played expansive, possession-based
football, with wing-backs darting forward from deep and attacking midfielders supporting
the lone striker. They even managed to win this competition
without two of the key components of the team. Teerasil missed the tournament as he was on
loan at UD Almeria in Spain but he would return to play a key role in Thailand’s 2018 World
Cup qualifying campaign. Left wing-back Theerathon Bunmathan would also return as skipper, goal
scorer and creator. For just the second time in their history,
Thailand made it to the final qualifying round. Kiatisuk remained committed to his attacking
principles but the wheels came off when they faced some continental heavyweights. The first
four games in the final round ended in defeat. The AFF Cup was retained in 2016 as Thailand
again proved the best in Southeast Asia, but back in World Cup qualifying, 3-0 and 4-0
defeats to Saudi Arabia and Japan proved too much and Kiatisuk resigned in March 2017 after
criticism from the president of the Football Association of Thailand. Former Ghana boss Milovan Rajevac came in
and promised to address Thailand’s defensive weaknesses, with success in the 2019 Asian
Cup very much his priority. Despite the failure to make an impression
in the World Cup qualifying group, several Thai players had caught the eye playing for
both club and country. Muang Thong United’s Teerasil, Chanathip,
Kawin and Theerathon were on the radar of overseas clubs and Chanathip moved to Japan’s
Consadole Sapporo on loan in the summer of 2017. Teerasil and Theerathon would follow Chanathip
to the J League on loan deals at the beginning of the following year, while Kawin joined
OH Leuven in Belgium. Without these four players, the Thais relinquished
their AFF Cup title in 2018 but they will be back for the Asian Cup and this could be
the last time they have the opportunity to achieve something significant together. But Thailand have been playing without the
attacking swagger that was characteristic of the Kiatisuk’s time in charge. Rajevac’s favoured 4-2-3-1 formation is
supposed to provide a strong shield for the defence and keep the full-backs focused on
their defensive duties. Under Kiatisuk, the sight of the two wing-backs
bombing up the flanks excited the fans but they have not been so thrilled by the pragmatic
approach adopted by Rajevac where the result is the only thing that matters. The minimum requirement in the UAE is to advance
to the last 16 from a group that features the hosts, Bahrain and emerging India. It would be a real shame if the talent in
this Thailand side was not rewarded with an eye-catching performance at the highest level
in Asia. By the time the next tournament comes around,
Teerasil will be 34, while Theerathon and Kawin will be 33. Chanathip – the youngest
of these four talents – will be pushing 30 and might not have the same influence in
the absence of some of his best supporting players. Thailand’s ‘golden generation’ has not
enjoyed the best of luck, with three of their most promising midfielders suffering serious
knee injuries that have hindered their development. Other players have found themselves out of
favour as Rajevac does not feel they fit into his system. Thailand have often considered themselves
as falling between two stools – too good for Southeast Asia, as their record five AFF
Cup titles suggests – but not good enough against the best that Asia has to offer. There might never be a better time to put
that right with four players on board who have gone beyond the confines of the Thai
League to play at a higher level. Chanathip was named Consadole’s Player of
the Year in 2018, while Theerathon has been playing alongside Andres Iniesta and Lukas
Podolski at Vissel Kobe. Teerasil was not always a starter at Sanfrecce Hiroshima but
he netted seven league goals as his club ended the season as runners-up. Kawin, meanwhile, has featured regularly under
Nigel Pearson at OH Leuven in Belgium’s second tier. Despite his unpopularity for his tactical
approach, in Rajevac, they have a manager who reached the quarter-final of the 2010
World Cup. Thailand have also been handed a draw that
sees progress very much within their grasp – an expanded Asian Cup format seeing 16
teams out of 24 moving out of the group stages. Thailand should really be aiming for the last
eight – an achievement that would provide a fitting measure of the progress made since
Kiatisuk put his faith in the young talent he had at his disposal. Chanathip is the poster boy for this team
and fans will hope that Rajevac adopts a system that makes the most of his creative talents. Thailand expects a return from its latest
golden generation and now is the time to make it happen.

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