Ati Gençlik Derneği Fark Yaratanlar

Hakkari; the east end of
the bottom of my soul. That is how locals define Hakkari. The reason behind this is the fact that the city is located in southeastern Turkey. They say “of my soul”, not “my heart”.
Because they know that once a heart loves another being or a city,
this emotion becomes part of the soul. Despite the city’s numerous disadvantages,
Hakkari is still a part of their soul. Established in 2005, The Ati Youth
and Sports Club Association is struggling to turn Hakkari’s
disadvantages into advantages. – Despite recent efforts to
improve its conditions, Hakkari has long been a neglected city. There is a great social potential in Hakkari. If people are provided
with an opportunity, they can achieve great things in cinema,
theatre, even through technology. They take part in numerous
aspects of life. There is a great potential, but not enough
opportunities provided to locals in Hakkari. It is an underprivileged city. We established our organization in
order to support this process. To realize the potential in
an underprivileged city, civil society is desperately needed. The organization founded
by İdris Ağacanoğlu and his friends implemented numerous
successful projects in Hakkari. Among these projects are
democracy workshops for youth, and carpet designing courses for women, which aim to promote
the cultural legacy of Hakkari. The organization’s latest project is
financially supported by the Prime
Ministry’s social support program SODES, and involves the establishment of
an Information Technologies academy. Hakkari has 3 distinctive characteristics: It has the highest ratio of
youth in Turkey, it is among the “prioritized
cities for development”, and finally, according to TTNET’s
study, 20% of Hakkari’s population are internet users. Hakkari ranks
higher than many other cities in Turkey, and highest in Southeastern
Turkey in internet usage per capita. Combining these 3 characteristics, we
see that Hakkari has a strong need for development, a very young population and
a significant level of internet usage. This means that the population
is not foreign to using information and communication
technologies. This means that information technologies can be a great
help in achieving economic development. Initially, the course
capacity was 80 students. We offered these courses in 2 terms;
40 students were enrolled in each term, which amounted to 80 students in total. Applications for both terms
actually doubled our capacity. The interest in our program was great. We offered workshops in 4 areas;
call centre operation, web design, computer operation and network. In the first year of our program, a total number of 140 young attendees
were trained to gain professional skills. AZ is a small word (which means “few”
in Turkish). It only consists of A and Z. There is an entire alphabet
between these two letters. There are tens of thousands of words,
hundreds of thousands of sentences written with that alphabet.
[Hakan Günday, AZ kitabından] Hakkari has very few resources. But there is an entire
alphabet in this scarcity. Because hope, future, and success
are all formed with letters
that are between A and Z. İdris Ağacanoğlu and his friends
cultivate a great deal of success and hope from the land of scarcity. They make a huge difference in Hakkari with the goal of freeing
the dreams of the local population.

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