Atletico Madrid’s Secret Fight Club | The Champions S2E4

Atletico Madrid’s Secret Fight Club | The Champions S2E4

What happens when 800 of the world’s most elite footballers and their managers live together under one roof? Players stop being polite and start getting Real. This is The Champions I’m one of the best players in the world… according to my paycheck. People say I would be good in the Premier League, but first I need to be good in Serie A. Thanks, Kepa, but, ugh, we actually need a Champions League goalkeeper. So, ugh, if you could just, ugh, go ahead and get off the set. It was just a cramp. I’m staying. You can’t make me go! Zizou’s back! Isco be alright. I can’t sleep. I haven’t slept since that day. We were in total control. Then he took it away. My question is… Who decided on the sizes of the paintings? I am an L. No, Antoine. You are not an L. You only need cojones in your heart. Huh? Come on, let’s talk somewhere else that doesn’t smell like a Porto-Potty. Look, you’re great, Antoine. Your hair deserves to be up there with the legends. But do you? Why not?! I’m just as good as Ronaldo and Messi! …At what? I won the World Cup! Mbappe won the World Cup. Now shut up and follow me. Ah, the book no one reads. Whoa! Encroyable… OK, so apparently there’s some kind of secret fight club going on in the basement. Gentlemen, welcome to Fight-letico. Yeah, so we never told Antoine about the secret fight club because he’s always got thousands of cameras following him. Oh wait, f–k. The first rule of Fight-letico is: You do not talk about Fight-letico… unless a streaming service offers you a lot of money. Uh huh. Got it. Like how much money? The second rule of Fight-letico is: IF you do talk about Fight-letico because a streaming service offered you a lot of money, don’t take tax advice from your family. Smart. Totally. But like, seriously, like how much money? The third rule of Fight-letico: To get a red card for violent conduct is easy. To get your opponent sent off for doing nothing— that is the work of a true assh–e. This is the real Madrid…Atletico style. I know I’m not an Atletico player, but they told me they had a safe space for violence. Uh, yes please. Whoa. Haha, I know. It’s f–king intense. Uh…ouch. Finish him. I came back for this! Alright. I’m ready now. You gotta play to the whistle, Antoine. Look at that red-card virgin. Hey, what’s going on, tough guys? Grabbing your cojones? This is you. This is what you look like. And this is what you look like. I knocked you out of the Champions League, and I can knock you out right here. OK, I didn’t touch him. Stop shaking your heads disapprovingly. People love me. You all love me, right? Not cool, man. But without love I am just a shell. A really, really good-looking, talented shell! Wow. You are…shameless. I am legend. And legends need trophies! Okay, bye! Good fight, man. Good fight. (whispering) Wait. What did you say about mi madre?!

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  1. 3:45 hahaha y'all didn't have to do my man CR7 dirty like that damn

  2. 3:46 Thanks, I definitely won’t sleep tonight

  3. Hatrick club is better

  4. Lol Gervinho’s haircut 😂😂😂
    The level of commitment is crazy

  5. Lmao they called Messi a red card virgin. 💀💀

  6. That book shelf is savage on Karias and icardi maan 😂😂😂

  7. Suárez’s 🦷

  8. The Mourinho ad in the men’s room 😂

  9. Game of zones >>>>

  10. Guardiola and Arteta painting

  11. Okay byeeeeeeeeeeee

  12. Honestly the game of zones is way better than these

  13. Don't take tax advice from your family. Whoever write the script is a genius

  14. Farewell to arms by presnel kimpembe 🤣😂😁

  15. Griezmann no Thanks.

  16. “Ok byeeeeee” that killed me😂😂😂😂

  17. Griezmann: " I won the world cup" gets smacked
    Simoene:"Mbappè won the world cup"

  18. Leaving replay buttons for 3:46, leave a like

  19. Idk if hes that high that he saw centaur cr7 or that they actually put that pic there

  20. 1:31 Sons & Lovers by Wanda Nara 😂😂😂

  21. 3:46 lmaooo Ronaldo's face

  22. Fightletico 😀

  23. 0:40 matress made by "Los Colchoneros" that's the little jokes that make this videos way funnier 👌

  24. The need to rename this episode the "School of Harden-ocks"

  25. Simeone:wow you are shameless
    Griezmann:I am a legend and legends need trophies. Okay bye (leaves in Barca Jersey)

  26. 🤣🤣🤣🤣👍

  27. This show is funny, but that song is honestly more akin to ear rape rather than music. Please get rid of it. it sucks. You can do better.

  28. That CR picture 😀

  29. Nothing will ever touch game of zones

  30. One word:


  31. Skittle Boys is in the comments! Hilarious!

  32. I really wish I watched soccer now.

  33. Hahahaha grizi is a Clown. Last year big Show to stay at Atléti and now?

  34. Is that kepa subs joke on the intro haha come on man

  35. 1:24
    Antoine-“I won the World Cup.
    Coach-Mbappe won the World Cup.



  37. 1:09 Writing on the wall in the rest room. “…For a good Manager …call Jose…” 😂The level of detail that went into this clips is amazing. B/R 👌

  38. Man, this is probably the best thing about this generation of football 😂

  39. The kepa intro and Suarez's teeth guards!😂😂

  40. Oke byeeee😂😂

  41. Greizmann is acting like the average footballer 😂😂😂

  42. Who’s here after the trade

  43. M B A P P E W O N T H E W O R L D C U P

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