Barcelona vs Valencia, La Liga: Team News, Match Preview

Barcelona vs Valencia La Liga team the
champions returned from the international break in desperate need of
points performance and positivity FC Barcelona 12th for pts vs Valencia CF
9th for pts points and positions at the time of writing on Friday competition
round 20 1920 La Liga match day for Barcelona outs and doubts Lionel Messi
Cosme and embel Samuel NTD Nieto were out Valencia outs and outs
Carlos Soler Cristiano Puccini out daytime Saturday September 14
2019 9 p.m. CET Barcelona 8 p.m. BST wot UK and Nigeria 3 p.m. eastern time 12
p.m. Pt USA 12:30 a.m. East India Sunday venue Camp Nou Bart the first
international break of the season is over and Barcelona returned to action in
La Liga two weeks after a bag 2-2 draw away to Las Asuna and just one victory
to start the season except from the marvelous performance against Real Betis
this Barca team has been mediocre at best and with all the injuries transfer
uncertainty in questionable coaching that’s definitely understandable some
injuries continue like Lionel Messi as main dome fell and now Samuel and TD a
couple are over like Luis Suarez and junior purple and the window is
officially shut with no name ER in the squad now it’s up to the players who are
there and to Ernesto Valverde up their level to prove that this squad is a
spectacular is messy thinks it is the first challenge in September is Villette
possible lineups Barcelona for 3-3 Turse taejun samito p
Langly Alva de Jong muskets Arthur Perez grassman fatty Valencia 442 so lesson
wass geurae Gabriel Ghana Torres parade ho cock Willens deeds

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