Basic Golf Equipment : Golf Club Shafts

Basic Golf Equipment : Golf Club Shafts

Alright, the next thing I want to talk about
is the golf shaft. What we have right here is your basic graph-eye shaft. You will find
a lot of these in your woods, hybrids is how we would describe this. Here is your steel
shaft. Your most standard iron will have a steel shaft. The only time I would recommend
putting a graph-eye shaft in your iron would be for your high handicap players or your
junior players. The women and the seniors. This being, you want to make the club as light
as possible for them. So, you want to create as much club head speed for those high handicap
players who have trouble getting the ball up in the air. You should know, the faster
the clubbing speed, the easier it is to get that ball up in the air. And, basically the
reason behind that is you are putting spin on the golf ball. So, the steel shaft and
the irons–they come in different stiffness. You can actually see right here, this is called
a Project X rifle shaft. It’s a 6.5 and basically, that’s extra stiff. These go all the way down
to 5.0, 5.5 and 6. And basically, that’s just the difference in the stiffness in the shaft.
Your average golfer is probably going to be more like a 5.0 and this is just measurements
in the rifle shaft series. Like we mentioned earlier in the graph-eye shaft, they have
the weight of the shaft right here. That’s an 85 gram shaft, extra stiff. Same principle
applies. Now, with a graph-eye shaft, the lighter the shaft, it’s probably for the slower
speed. This is just because you want to create a faster spin speed. Put light shaft in your
hand and you will create that faster spin speed. The bigger and stronger players, you
want a heavier shaft in your golf club. And those are just basic ideas and things you
want to think about in the golf shaft. The main thing with the shaft, like I said, is
going to be the stiffness in the weight. The heavier the golf shaft, the stiffer the shaft
is going to be. And, that’s kind of one thing you want to keep an eye out for. The next
thing we are going to go into is the length of the club. Anywhere from your wedges to
your drivers and which length is right for you.

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  1. rifle project x shafts go upto 7.0 so yh
    this guy is really patronising, an average player would probably use a 5.5 or 6.0..

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  3. lol in the captions "your basic graph-eye shaft"

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  5. the stiffness of the shaft?!?!?!?!

  6. the stiffness of the shaft?!?!?!?! I would've used the word diameter as aposed to stiffness.

  7. @brasilsoccer0 do you golf?

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