Beginner Fitness Workout At Home

Beginner Fitness Workout At Home

This video will explain everything you need
to know to start resistance training as a beginner at home. If you have not seen the introduction video
about this topic, make sure to watch it, following the link under this video. After the intro I will give you a simple workout
plan and each exercise will be demonstrated. Welcome to my channel,
I am Steven, the Lifting Dermatologist, a Belgian doctor with 30 years of weight lifting
experience, and the author of “Flexibel Dieet en Krachttraining”. If you want to learn more about fitness and
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all this to optimize your life overall. And click the bell button to get notified. I also invite you to join my other youtube
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this video. The next, simple workout plan takes into account all the basic concepts or principles we’ve talked about in the introduction video about
this topic: consistency, the basis compound exercises, progression and so on. You can start by doing this simple workout
3 times per week, on non-consecutive days, for example each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Start with 3 sets of 8 repetitions of each
exercise, during which learning the correct technique is much more important than the
weights used. Once you get better at it, and you start to
progress, you can add extra sets, reps, or weight. These are the exercises you should learn: For the chest: Bench press: start with an empty barbell on a flat bench and perform
the exercise from top to bottom, over the Full Range of Motion. This is very important while performing each
of these exercises. For shoulders and Triceps: Standing Shoulder
press: again: learn the correct technique, start very light, and move the barbell over
the full range of motion from the shoulder to all the way up. For the back, first the horizontal rowing
movement: one arm dumbbell rows: one arm at a time, the other arm and knee supported on
the bench. Use an empty dumbbell bar for a full range
of motion. Try not the bend or twist the back with each
movement. Another exercise for this horizontal rowing
movement trains both sides simultaneously: the Chest Supported Dumbbell Rows: the same
kind of movement, lying down with the chest supported on a bench. The vertical pulling movement for the back
gets trained by performing pull-ups. If you have a cable machine, you can gradually
learn to perform pull-ups by doing cable pull-downs and progress on those, but if you don’t
have a cable station and you can not perform 1 pull-up, you can learn to perform these
following the next technique. Learn to perform the eccentric part of a pull-up
first. This means that you learn to control the lowering
part of the exercise. You jump (for example by using a bench) till
your chin touches the bar. Next you lower your body, under full control,
till your arms are straight. You can repeat this, in 3 sets of 8 just like
the other exercises, and gradually you will get stronger and will be able to perform the
concentric part of the pull-up as well. For the biceps we perform dumbbell curls:
this can be done standing up, seated, both arms simultaneously, 1 arm per set, or alternating
right-left. Choose whatever you like best. Because squats are technically very challenging
to learn as a beginner, I always propose starting with forward and reverse lunges, alternating
right-left, holding dumbbells in the hands, because these will train quite a lot of muscles
in your legs. For the calves: standing calf raises, holding
dumbbells in the hands next to the body. It’s very important not to bounce while
you perform this exercise. Go slowly, use full range of motion, and make
a full stop at the top and at the bottom. Training your abdominal muscles has to be
done intensively. Rather do less repetition with more resistance,
than hundreds of sit-ups like many do. First simple exercise is the hanging knee
raises: hanging from the pull-up bar, lift both knees till they reach the horizontal,
and lower back down under full control. Try not to swing too much. Second intense ab exercise is the ab wheel
rollout from the knees: roll forward under full control, making sure not to go too far,
falling down on your chest. This exercise takes some time to learn, but
if a 6 year old can do it, you can too. If you have questions or remarks, leave them
under this video, and next I’ll show you the full workout overview, which you can use to progress, adding more reps, sets and/or weight. I have made an extensive playlist with lots
of videos explaining and demonstrating multiple exercises per muscle group. You can find this playlist by clicking here
or via the link under this video.

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