Ben Nguyen: Fighting For Vietnamese Identity In Sport

Ben Nguyen: Fighting For Vietnamese Identity In Sport

in my city of Sioux Falls South Dakota I
think it was like .02 Asians Like Vietnamese people even less I was
growing up being the only Asian in class usually the only colored person in class
sometimes. I started doing martial arts I was 12. I
got bullied when I was young so my mom put me into taekwondo after I turned 18 I just want to become more competitive in it honestly I just wanted
to make a living off what I love to do the next step was just to go into the
ring or the Octagon and make it to the UFC. Now it’s like what, 10? 11 years now?
Eight years I was doing it for like nothing you know just just trying to
make my record and make my name make it to UFC and then I got I got the call-up
for the UFC after that viral video of me knocking out that tattooed guy.
Everyone’s seen that video. After that all happened that’s when I just started
blowing up and now I do it full-time for a living. In the last year or two I’ve got a lot of
connections here in Ho Chi Minh City. Particularly here at Saigon Sports Club
I in fact in February I was able to do is put on a seminar for everyone at the
gym. A lot more Vietnamese people have been moving into mixed martial arts and training it it using Jitsu and that to me makes me really
proud because you know being Vietnamese we’re such a small minority sometimes
out out in the world I feel like it’s it’s about time you know Vietnam
has someone to represent him in different sports. Vietnamese people doing
martial arts I think that hits me really deep inside.

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  1. Omg im vietnamese and my name is benjamin nguyen

  2. represent brother yes

  3. Lets go baby represebt for us Vietnamese I support my brother and the new Champ baby we support

  4. I got competition in Kyokushin and im represent for us bro in April in Montreal couldnt say or represent us better Champ Ben your inspiration

  5. Go back to Vietnam

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