Bending All My Irons With Help From The Legend Mike Bury | Checking The Loft And Lie Of My Clubs

Bending All My Irons With Help From The Legend Mike Bury | Checking The Loft And Lie Of My Clubs

can we leave the hammer down
that’s ooh did you see that we are in Dallas Texas y’all yes we are
we’ve got the one the only the legend Mike Bury yes I mean boy you got a
hammer for what what happened oh okay well hopefully we don’t need to use that
today today what are we gonna be doing and why lies no okay okay well I was
getting a little worried back there with that hammer yeah so today I think we’re
going to be adjusting all my lofts and lies on all my irons and wedges wanted
to show you kind of the process and how we would go about doing that Mike’s
gonna help me out after this we’re actually gonna head out to the range and
then show you how far I Club yes we’re just gonna go ahead and get right into
it yeah let’s go what club we starting with
mate all righty sixty degree is what we’re starting with
well we’re gonna be getting started with the sixty degree however before we get
going we need to check what the standard Lawson lies are for my Titleist 714 and
B’s mates gonna show you here in just a second we’ll also go ahead and adjust my
7-iron to two degrees up right that’s what I’ve been tested prior so I know
I’m two degrees up right we’re gonna go out double-check hit a few 7 irons make
sure it’s cool and then we’ll get going it’s going to show you right here real
quick what a standard loft in last part okay so what we have here are the
manufacturers specs for Zach’s clubs and these are standard lofts and wise not
that we need to necessarily all be standard loft and lie but that’s a
benchmark that we can then work from so half a degree from what the 7-iron
currently is mates getting a little workout in 165 yes sir we got 65 let’s take it out
to the range don’t we need to check and just make sure that when we make the
adjustments to Zacks club that we’re adjusting them to the specs that he
needs know what the manufacturers do we need to know what that is but we’re
gonna check that and then we’ll bend them all so that they fit him what are
you got here mate maybe this is your 7im and I’m gonna put some tape on here when
you strike the lai board we’re gonna see how the sole is connecting with the
ground see what adjustments we need to make we have this 7-iron set at 2
degrees up which is what we think you should be let’s check it out flush shot
it’s not like yeah I think we’re in a pretty good spot what do you think I
think so what’s pretty good let’s go take care of
the rest of the clubs walking back in here 7-iron good to go
you gotta stop ending so this is a sixty degree or we yeah the line we’ve got 62
and a loft we got sixty one sixty one culinary I don’t hit that thing anywhere
I was definitely struggling to get yardage out of it and degree off not a
sixty degree so alright one club we’ve already learned a lesson
check your lofts and lies so already out why wise so a lot of ways I wish my dad
were at 60 to 62 well ski and it seeks before and we need
to go to up from there – I’m gonna go to the school seats four degrees pretty
substantial that does make sense though because I have felt with my lob wedge
that I have to like put it pull it you know to keep it online yeah because my
miss is definitely kind of a fan right like weak so what the how to loft it’s
61 we’re gonna go ahead and lock it down okay and then so we’ll change them we’ll
go to the life of us we prayed out up there’s going to be a little bit of an
adjustment period for you to getting used to it but yeah let’s go with that
and then we’ll measure okay it’s gonna be about a half degree there too strong Zach Bennett too much every
team option ok so I’ve done the sixty degree we’ve
got six degrees of loft and we have 66 degree lie angle it is now spot-on all righty yes okay so we got all our
lofts and lies checked for each Club this is the lie angle this is going to
be what we want our Lionel to be and this is our loft I’m trying to look
through the paper and this is what our loft will be in the end yeah mate gonna
do every club on the screen here are we we’re not think so it’s gonna take a
long time yeah you’re probably right let’s go to my house so how do you know
how much to bend it like what is a degree obviously oh really no it’s something that it just takes
time you do it you mess it up just like anything else
and so this yeah it’s a crank so you can bend it too much as what you’re telling
me you can definitely be very strong you can do it
let’s see can y’all tell it Mike’s gonna bend it right now ooh did you see that
how much did that bend it did we get that’s a question 66 a little crank I don’t know if you want
to go in and see it yeah we were looking for 66 y’all close very close and the
loft was already good that says pretty good for one little crank that’s pretty
good all right once ya wanted to go we’re already almost done it’s the same
Club the stinger club it’s the same Club and we have to adjust the lie angle
which oh no comment below should we touch the stinger club questions I don’t
know I don’t know we’re gonna go over here here it is right here should we
touch the stinger club oh there it is doing this I think so we really well can
we leave the hammer down that’s the fate of the stinger club is in your hands
mate so it’s almost it’s pretty much right at 60 and we’re saying move it’s
63 do you think that we should just go a couple of degrees I think so let’s go
let’s do let’s not get too aggressive here yeah let’s go to tuning how it
feels well it’s dead okay here’s the moment of
truth did it yeah okay here it is go make sure that we’re all good here okay we have 63 degrees okay so we
didn’t go all the way we did oh you made a move without my knowledge alrighty well no I think we’ll just just
and we don’t need the head falling off right there look at that 63
ok what’s good you like it I know I know I guess I’m gonna need to go test it out
now just to make sure yeah we’re gonna head to the range they’re gonna go see
what distances just how far we hit these close all right the moment of truth for iron
did mr. Mike do it justice I don’t know yes yes sure Oh smoked I think that just flew the net
by the way I’m not sure we’ll see what track man says it’s all one piece
thankfully 239 carry to 57 total for iron well it’s not too shabby it might
have I mean 239 carry yeah we’ll take it 239 carry 237 total what we got here sir
we got the old driver I know we didn’t adjust the driver just kind of wanted to
send one cuz haven’t hit driver on driving in a little while
serious on our carry distance that was sent yeah I have no idea what
the number is but I don’t really want it back that was solid not too shabby
Oh 305 carry and I’m happy all righty that is it we got through all the clubs
Lawson lies adjusted hit on track man each Club to see what the yardages were
for the most part I think they were spaced out pretty good there was a
couple clubs maybe we’ll tweak maybe a half a degree or a degree just to get
those yardages a little more precise and I need new grips definitely need new
grips yeah you know job number one and achieved today with width wise got
everything matched up pretty well you know we’ll kind of explore the lofts a
little more but you know pretty good stop ya know I’m really happy really
appreciate it mate if you don’t already follow this guy he is the legend of
instruction on social media I’m gonna put all of his links to his socials down
below in the description so make sure to go follow this guy tips and drills
unbelievable his camerawork is off the charts y’all
will love them Mike Fury go toss em a ball Oh check out his content it’s that
big so any words today that you want to leave everyone with yeah I think that in
this case here you know when you’re checking your equipment on equipment
changes you know grips wear out lofts and lies can change depending on the
material of your club so you know always get that check just so that everything
is set up for you to do the best that you can definitely agree very thankful
we got one of the two steps done grips hopefully coming here in the near future
those are definitely needed guys if you like this kind of content please
subscribe below smash that like button and tell us a comment down below of what
you’d like to see for a few content really appreciate all your
support I’m very excited about getting to play and my first event of 2019 here
coming soon we’ll continue to keep you updated on that and guys until next time
we’ll see you when we see you

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  1. Do you play forged or cast irons?

  2. Can you believe we bent the stinger club? 😬😬😬

  3. Zac I would be totally scared that I would bend it too much!! I never seen this before really interesting Zac!! Never fix something whΓ­ch is working in retrospect to the stinger club!! But it looks like it worked with your 4iron!! Lets us know how you do in that tournament!!

  4. good lord, please don't touch the stinger club… don't. just don't.. If i were you i'd have a insurance policy on that club. and have Titleist make some back-up stinger clubs just for you. please don't…

  5. @Zac quick question here. I put your numbers in a list to see your yardage gapping out of curiosity and would appreciate if you could enlighten us on it.
    Understand that the numbers shown in the video may not have been averages but seemed like just from 1 shot for each club, but am still curious about your thought process on the gapping.

    Carry Gap (to 1 less club)
    60* 105 –
    56* 118 13
    54* 126 8 (this makes sense given on 2* change from 56 to 54)
    50* 140 14
    PW 153 13
    9i 162 9 (anomaly or intentional?)
    8i 171 9 (anomaly or intentional?)
    7i 190 19 (anomaly or intentional?)
    6i 204 14
    5i 218 14
    4i 239 21

    From the numbers it seems you got a pretty consistent gapping of about 13-14 yards between clubs, except
    1) between 9 iron and 8 iron you have 9 yards gap
    2) between PW and 9 iron you have 9 yards gap
    3) between 7 iron and 8 iron you got a whooping 19 yards gap..

    Were you just trying to get the irons to be bent to manufacturer specs, or was the process to get it bent to your playing yardages? the inconsistent gapping between your PW and 7 irons seem odd, given that if anything these should be the clubs that you would want more control over distance gapping to hit more greens? especially the gapping between 7 and 8, say if you left yourself 182 yards from the pin, wouldn't that be a hard yardage to hit with these gappings?

  6. My Specialty!!! Lofts and Lies…..I always hype these up in my area as I do all the clubs work for about 6 courses. Average Golfers don’t know lofts and lies will adjust on their own every 10ish rounds.

  7. dumb question, but does loft and lie changes on the club over time if you hit them too much? I don't understand how when you got your lob wedge at 60, but it was actually at 61. is that because it was adjusted before?

  8. Will this help with distance as well?

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  12. Great vid mate! Really enjoyed it, very interesting I play 716cb Titleist and love them also 2 deg upright but am going to get them checked after seeing this vid, cheers from Australia mate!!

  13. Great video Zak! Need to go get mine checked out, curious to see where there at.

  14. Great content, everyone should do. Keep it going. Appreciate the insight on how to get the clubs ready for future endeavors, nice job mate

  15. I've been my own clubs most of them in half

  16. Hey Zac. With all due respect, I would like to make a correction on your Fitters presuppositions on the lie board.
    I have no affiliation to this video but I really think you should watch it.
    Glad to see a new video. It's been a minute. Peace!

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  22. ur intro is creepy and cringy

  23. I have the same clubs..and need to do the same this winter…but I don't think I could stand there and watch..hahaha

  24. I play cast and am getting a lot of hooks. I think my clubs are to upright for me. I'm 5'7". I've heard that you can't bend cast clubs… they'll break. Am I screwed?

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