Best Birdie Noise in Golf!

Best Birdie Noise in Golf!

– Welcome to Sand Hollow Golf
Course in Hurricane, Utah. This is one of the signature
courses in all of Utah. It’s consistently rated the
number one golf course in Utah. If you didn’t watch episode one, this is episode two right now. But on episode one, we
decided to have a challenge with the EZeeGolf club,
the swingless driver that we just got and we
are loving right now. And we’re doin’ a competition. Me using this, except
for chipping and putting. And Lincoln just using
his normal golf clubs. Who’s going to win and how much of an advantage
does this actually give you? So, so far into this first six holes, what is it, what are we at? – I’m two up. – Lincoln’s up by two shots. All right, let’s get to it. Next hole, hole number seven. (upbeat music) (ball whacks) Oh, that’s pretty. Pretty, pretty. If this is the first video
you’ve watched in the series, this swingless golf club, you can set it 75 yards up to 200 yards. This is a 500 yard plus, par five, so. I’m goin’ full 200. (upbeat music) I went just right of the
bunker and over the bunker. Unbelievable the height that
you get with this thing. And apparently, you can
do a draw and a fade by lifting it up this way or
lifting it down like that. (upbeat music) We both drove it about the same distance. Lincoln got an extra 10 yards. This ball is going a lot further than 200. Actually, let’s see what it says. Yeah, check this out. We just hit from the blue tees. We just hit from the blue tees, we just hit the ball 284 yards. 284 with the swingless golf club. (upbeat music) Boom! Look at that shot. (upbeat music) Yeah, that’s perfect layout. I’ll get there in three. All right, there’s one
ball, that might be mine. There’s a giant bunker. Oh my gosh, how are you supposed to hit
with that lip right there? – [Lincoln] I have no clue. I have actually no clue. What is this? – [Dan] (laughing) Look how big that is. (club whacks) – [Lincoln] It’s long, yep, it’s good. – [Dan] On the green?
– [Lincoln] I think so. – [Dan] Atta kid. High five on that. – That was–
– Yeah. After two shots, I’m 82
yards away from the pin. But the flag is downhill
the green from here. It just like rolls down toward the flag. So, really it’s more like 70 I would say. So, this does have a setting on it. To make it go about 70 yards so we’re gonna put it at 70 yards. Let it roll on up and over the green and hopefully it doesn’t
roll off the back. But, let’s see. (upbeat music) Go, go, go, go. Get over the hill. All right, it’s on the green. Lincoln’s a little left,
I’m a little bit right. These are both, what, birdie putts? – [Lincoln] Yeah.
– [Dan] Two birdie putts. – Maybe one of us can
actually make one this time. – [Dan] Yeah, probably not. – Yeah.
– [Dan] Maybe. (upbeat music) (ball whacks) Come over, buddy. (pop) Ah, I thought it would break to the left. Oh, that is so close, buddy. – Oh, dang it. That was so close. – [Dan] Dude, out of the bunker. – Almost up and down. – [Dan] That’s pretty good. Nice par.
(ball clatters) – To save par, can he do it? (ball whacks) – Get in there! Oh, okay. (exhales) Almost left it short. Dang, par. (pencil scrapes) Lincoln’s up by two,
that’s a scoring thing. If I get up, I’ll write it down there but Lincoln’s up by two at this point. 137 yard, par three. (clatters) Think I’ll go with the EzeeGolf club. (upbeat music) Good shot. (upbeat music) Ooh, (mumbles) – [Lincoln] Roll on up there, oh! That’s goin’ way off the green. Now I’m around that bunker. – That’s the problem with hitting it when you’re planning on the roll. Like, it would’ve gone on to the green but the way the green is curved, it made it kick it to the left. So, oh well, I’m putting. Okay, so advantage goes
to actual iron on this one ’cause you can get it up in
the air over all the junk. Lincoln, that was a good shot. – Whoa, that’s way short. – It is short. Okay, from the angle it
looked like it maybe went in, but it’s probably a
good 15, 20 feet short. (upbeat music) – [Lincoln] That’s good.
– [Dan] Hey. (upbeat music) – Get —
– [Lincoln] No! – Bah! Bogie.
– [Lincoln} Bogsie. (upbeat music) – [Dan] Oh, he just missed it. (upbeat music) – Thought I was gonna break.
– [Dan] Yeah. (Lincoln sighs) (upbeat music) That’s bogie. That’s golf, short game is tough. That’s where games are won and lost. (exhales) We gotta get better
at our putting and chipping. We got bogie, bogie. Still plus two. I couldn’t make up the stroke. (upbeat music) All right, we are coming
up on the signature hole of the front nine. It’s a par four, it plays like a par five. It’s long and it’s way uphill and there’s the biggest bunker ever sitting right in front of the green, so. This is a really tricky hole. (upbeat music) (ball whacks) (upbeat music) Uphill, there’s the
clubhouse, there’s the hole. We got major wind. And Lincoln’s back here. This is a tricky shot. (ball whacks) (upbeat music) That was the right distance, it’s on the green with a 200
it’s just I went way left, I was scared of the bushes on the right. All right, so far Lincoln, front nine of Sand Hollow, what are your thoughts
on the actual course? – Lots and lots of bunkers. – [Dan] What do you rate it
as far as some of the courses that you’ve played here in Utah? – Probably like a nine. (upbeat music) – [Dan] Look at that bunker,
I’ve been in that bunker. It’s not your friend. (club whacks) – How many tries did
it take you to get out? (club whacks) – [Dan] I will not say
what that is on camera. (club whacks) (wind blowing) (ball whacks) – I bladed it.
– [Dan] You bladed it? It’s up there and you got a back stop. We are way over here. We played it totally safe. (upbeat music) Oh, that’s pretty. That’s really pretty, Lincoln. – Yeah, you know I’ll take that. (Dan laughs) (wind blowing) – All right, that’s a nice bogie. Chance for me to make up a stroke here because I’m sitting here in two. I gotta get this putt close and then we can enter the back
nine only down one stroke. That’d be nice. (upbeat music) – [Lincoln] That is a pretty
good putt from right there. Look at that, that’s good. – I know that’s good, I
don’t have to putt it? – [Lincoln] Nope, you gotta still putt it. – Oh, I thought you said (mumbles) (upbeat music) (ball clatters)
– [Lincoln] And he’s got it. – Party, time to party. – [Lincoln] You just got a par on this? – Okay, so that means, you’re up by one. – [Lincoln] So, you shot a
44, I shot a 43 on the front. – I have to say, that’s probably better than I would’ve shot on my own. This is a beautiful hole. This is the 10th hole. The nice thing about it is that it’s an elevated tee box and you’re looking down
on this beautiful green. And I think it’s a par five. – You mean the scary hole? – (laughing) You mean the scary hole. Here we are, hole 10. (swipe) – This hole is all in the wind. – [Dan] You hit into the
wind on the long par five. Look at the beautiful red
rock behind you, though. And then look out there. Just gorgeous, some nice bunkers
for your ball to land in. (upbeat music) (ball whacks) I can do this with one hand. Lemme see if I can use my hand. Here we go. (wind blowing) – [Lincoln] Oh my gosh. That wind is gonna stop that.
(Dan laughs) That went so high. – There it is, it’s only
like 20 yards behind yours. (laughing) This is too fun. EZeeGolf club, not sponsored. But this is pretty fun. (upbeat music) (ball whacks) Oh, crushed it. Crushed it. (upbeat music) (ball whacks) (upbeat music) – [Lincoln] What a swing. What a swing. – Why did I swing it so hard to the left? I was just a little off, I
came through real strong. Opened my face a little. (upbeat music) (wind blowing) That’s pretty good, a little short but– – That short on two in a row? (wind blowing) – [Dan] Nice bogie putt. (ball whacks) (clattering) – Hey, that one was good.
– Okay. Pressure’s on. – Make this we’re even, huh? – [Dan] Yes, make this and
we’re even after the 10 holes. (wind blowing) – [Lincoln] For all the marbles. – You want the marbles. (wind blowing) Marbles are mine! What does that even mean, all the marbles? 10 holes, even. Swingless golf club
versus best junior golfer on Sand Hollow Golf Club right now. (laughs) There’s probably truth to that. Par three, giant bunkers on your right. This is gonna be a tough one
for the swingless golf club because it has to clear those bunkers and it’s a short shot. (upbeat music) If I get my first hole in one in my life, and it’s not even gonna
be swinging a golf club. You think you’d be happy. I’m not gonna be happy. (upbeat music) Slow steep grade. There’s a cliff right here. Ooh!
– Whoa. – Get ready for the next hole. The next hole’s about to be crazy. – That’s scary. (upbeat music) – [Dan] That is so short. Whoops! (upbeat music) Oh, the bird. – Bird! – [Dan] Make your best bird noise. – (imitates bird) – [Dan] You have to do that
every time you get a birdie, like in a tournament. You should just do that (laughs). – Wouldn’t it sound like a bird? – [Dan] That was money. (ball whacks) (ball clatters) – [Lincoln] Ooh, that’s a good putt, too. – [Dan] That’s a par. Do your best par noise. – [Lincoln] Nah.
– Par noises. There’s no par noise. All right, Lincoln got a
beautiful two on that hole. I got a three, that puts him up by two. Get ready for the signature
holes of this course. This is where you can lose a lot of balls. But it is beautiful. This is why you come to Sand Hollow. (upbeat music) (ball whacks) Oh, that’s perfect. Money! Just to give you an idea where that is. Right there on the fairway. Last time I was here with my friends I hit four balls off of this and not one of them hit on the fairway. I feel much less stress. Ooh, right there baby, with you, kind of. This is beautiful. This is golf. This is why you come to
Southern Utah to play. Wow, what a hole. And get ready, it’s
only gonna get prettier. All right, here we are. (clattering) Here’s my ball, there’s Lincoln’s. This fairway is not as wide
as it looks from up there. It’s pretty short. 196 from here, uphill. I’m goin’ full throttle,
200 whatever it goes. See if I can get up on this green. There’s a bunker on
the right that’s nasty. I’ve been in it before, it
took me three shots to get out. (gentle music) Get up there. Oh! (gentle music) Ooh, you don’t wanna be left on this hole. All right, we’ll go find that. (gentle music) Here we go, here we go. Right here. Yep, you’re right here, buddy. Ol’ Lincoln from the junk. Oh, you got it out! It’s short. You can putt from there, though, not bad. (gentle music) – Come over. Look at this hill. (gentle music) – [Dan] Uphill putts are your enemy. All right, that’s okay. It’s a tough hole. (ball whacks) (gentle music) That was a big hill I just hit down. – [Lincoln] It’s really
even, just so slow. – [Dan] It’s not (mumbles) you mean. – [Lincoln] Right here? (gentle music) (ball whacks) (gentle music) – All right, we are even through 12 holes. We still have six more
holes on the back nine and they are beautiful. The next few are along the
cliffs, just like this. Part three will come
next of this golf vlog. We are even par, through 12 holes. EZeeGolf, swingless golf
club versus Lincoln. Who is going to win? Let us know what you guys think of us doing course vlogs
and then also let us know who do you think is going to win. The swingless golf club or Lincoln? It’s quite the battle. Hi, hi baby bunny. Where is he? There he is. Hey, bunny. – [Lincoln] Hi, bunny. Hi, bunny.

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