Beta64 – Wii Sports: Airplane / Wii Sports Series

Beta64 – Wii Sports: Airplane / Wii Sports Series

Video games about sports have fascinated gamers
for decades, but Nintendo really revolutionized the genre thanks to the Nintendo Wii.
Now if you want to play tennis, you don’t need to press button, all you need to do is swing your arm. Finally, you no longer need to leave your home
to get that sports experience. All you need is a copy of Wii Sports.
So to celebrate the announcement of Wii Sports Club, on this episode
of Beta64, I’m going to talk about the beta of the Wii Sports series. Wii Sports was first announced as Wii Sports:
Tennis in early 2006, which, soon after, was revealed to be part of a sports package. Wii
Sports was then shown in playable form at E3 2006 accompanying the reveal of the Nintendo
Wii. Several sports were available to play at E3 such as Wii Sports: Tennis,
Wii Sports: Baseball, Wii Sports: Golf and, lastly, Wii Sports: Airplane. Wii Sports: Airplane allowed
players to control an airplane with a Wii Remote with the objective being to fly through as many rings
as possible within a time limit. Wii Sports: Airplane didn’t make it into the
final game, but, instead, became part of Wii Sport’s sequel: Wii Sports Resort. Early in development, Mario characters were used as the players in Wii
Sports, but were soon changed because people preferred the simplicity of Miis. The original
Mii style in Wii Sports was similar to the Japanese wooden dolls known as
Kokeshi and the tennis court is also slightly different than the final version. The internal
name of Wii Sports is actually called with “Revolution” being the code name of the Wii. A sequel to Wii Sports was in development
shortly after the first release, but once the Wii MotionPlus began its development,
gameplay was shifted to utilize the new peripheral. With the unveiling of the Wii MotionPlus at
E3 2008, Nintendo revealed the next game in the Wii Sports series: Wii Sports Resort.
Wii Sports Resort included 12 new sports compared to the 5 sports in the original game.
But even more sports were going to be added to Wii Sports Resort. Fishing and a water slide game were considered as well as an activity based off the Japanese toy kendama, which was scrapped because it didn’t
fit the game’s theme. So that’s the beta of the Wii Sports series.
Nothing major changed between the beta and the final. Though I do like the name Revolution. It just… fits. So this has been Beta64 with the Wii Sports beta.
Thanks for watching.

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  1. AHA! Beta64 is using TheRunawayGuy's footage of Wii Sports! And he didn't credit them in the description!

  2. Ever since Christmas of 2007 at my grandparents house where me and my family were getting gifts I found a random box behind a chair. Thank God I found that because the Wii and Wii Sports Resort changed Nintendo gaming for my family forever. Ever since my mother was a kid she played NES while the first console I have ever played is N64. Damn fine memories if I do say so myself.

  3. No… Comments? Wot.

  4. 0:12 Proton John & Chugga fighting in TRG xD

  5. so hard to believe that that was 2006

  6. i remember back 3 years ago i played wii sports resort i played the bicycle game and i made it to 1st place

  7. Wii Sports Revolution

  8. Do mega man universe because I never see you do a canceled game of mega man please do it please

  9. Wii sports was my first Nintendo game

  10. Shoutout to @TheRunawayGuys footage in the backgroung for Wii Sports footage.

  11. I noticed the runawayguys right when I viewed this for the first time

  12. 1:54 the run away guys game play I can see the miis

  13. the shortest beta64 ever!

  14. I already miss that time with my Wii. Now it get the dust because i don't find any enjoyment anymore with it.

  15. You should have made another video about Wii sports, and not a Beta64 episode.

  16. I honestly would've preferred to play as Mario characters rather than Mii's, but that's just my opinion.

  17. Wii Sports was my first ever game to play on the wii (I got wii sports at the same time I got mario kart wii but played sports first) but I have yet have to get wii sports revolution and probably never will due to there is no use to play the wii sports games anymore except for nostalgia.

  18. i love wii sports

  19. You said Wii 26 times.

  20. Almost all was TRG footage 🙂

  21. i was at a hollywood video once (a buget blockbuster), and suprisingly, they had a copy of wii sports resort complete 3 months before it got sold on store shelves. appperantly nintendo sent some copys or some got leaked? idk where mine is now but it wasnt different from the version you could normally get.

  22. I still play this game about once a week because I love it so much!I also love the theme song,and this game and it's sequel are the best video games to get together with your family.

  23. 0:13 the Runaway guys

  24. My wii is almost always getting played. Ive had it since it was released. I play it alot

  25. were you using the runaway guys footage?

  26. Hey you showed footage from the runaway guys at the beginning

  27. Alright cmon, revolutionary? Other than Wii Sports Club (a sequel to this game), what sports games nowadays uses any form of motion control?

  28. guy 1:what are you doing?guy 2:watching this guy play a game.guy 1:what a waste of time.(goes to watch sports)

  29. 1:52 is that a clip from TRG?

  30. Yes the experience of telling your mother that you broke the TV by falling into the TV while playing Wii sports

  31. why would they think of add Kendama to wii sports?!

  32. Set the speed of the video to 1.25, it sounds better.

  33. Too bad that Wii Sports Club was a bust.

  34. The airplane part is fully emphasized on the 3DS's Pilotwings Resort, with the same thing as the Wii Sports Resort's airplane sport.

  35. I actually played wii sports a lot when the wii initally came out. Mostly the bowling and tennis. I remember getting down exactly where and how to throw it to almost always get a strike.

  36. can I ask why you didn't credit TRG?

  37. First game I got for the Wii that I played with my family.

  38. I have a kendoma myself

  39. I have both of these games

  40. It's sad that Nintendo gave Wii U owners a free download of Wii Sports Club, only 1 sport available, $7.99 for a all time pass, then release more sports, 7.99 for them too, JUST to release it as a disc where all sports have the all time pass already.

  41. I hope the NX has a Wii sports type

  42. "Finally, you can feel as if you are really playing a sport without leaving your home!"

  43. A ROM I have for Wii sports has the name Sports Pack Revolution. I wonder if it is an older version of the game, or if the one who compiled the ROM for use in emulators named it that.

  44. well this was disappointing

  45. TheRunawayGuys fotage..!

  46. +Kaui M. Nice profile pic 😉

  47. Lol i downloaded the iso for wii sports & put it on my wii (disc was heavily ruined and i wanted to play it again), but the file name was sport pack for revolution and i was really confused. Thanks to this video it all makes senses now

  48. Awesome I remember watching this 3 years ago. I've changed so much since then. lol

  49. He actually took the Wii Sport scenes from the RunawayGuys

  50. Am I the only one who played Wii Sports like once?

  51. You should make a video on other Wii games like Wii Play or Wii Fit (I know there's beta stuff of Wii Fit). That would be interesting.

  52. I think I saw Takumi Fujiwara.

  53. Therunawayguys at 1:50

  54. why isn't this a beta 64 mini

  55. Man i freaking fell in love with your Beta series, very good stuff. One thing i noticed is that in these earlier episodes, you sound like your blazed as fuuuuuh LOL mad relaxed. Keep them coming man.

  56. hey can you do Wiiplay

  57. 0:27 all you need is a copy of Wii sports…and a Wii counsel


  59. i love that you put footage of the runawayguys in this vid

  60. I'm very pleased to see Chuggaaconroy, ProtonJon, and NintendoCapriSun playing Wii Sports in the background. I approve of you using TheRunawayGuys footage.

  61. im thinking about my dead wii that never turns on 🙁

  62. My school has a Wii and I played Wii Sports today.

    At school.


    Yes I am lucky

  63. Nintendo Revolution!

  64. you forgot about the 5 unused golf courses in the game files

  65. "All you need is a copy of Wii Sports."
    buys Wii Sports and no Wii
    "How do I play it?"

  66. My disk of Wii sports broke.

    Then my Wii got lost

  67. Codenames for Nintendo consoles
    N64 – Ultra 64
    GameCube – Dolphin
    Wii – Revolution
    Switch – NX

  68. Wii sports club sucks

  69. They should’ve added the Mario bros as secret unlock-able characters

  70. “All you need is a copy of Wii Sports.” What about the console? Eh. Guess it didn’t matter. Your dang grandma had that console.

  71. My least favorite part of this video was when it ended

  72. The Mario part is like they couldnt put other Mario characters so they used Mario Only. Shouldve been called: Mario Clone Sports

  73. this game came out i think before i was born

  74. 1:36 hey mario i found some clones of you mario:….. yeeep

  75. Was there ever a Wii U Sports?

  76. Says just need a copy of wii sports picks up bat hits hit it didn't work..

  77. Who has this game

  78. Wii Sports was my childhood.

  79. Ugh, I would've hated if they kept "SPORTS PACK for REVOLUTION". "Revolution" just sounds cheesy to me…

  80. I just noticed he made this video, was it unlisted?

  81. Anyone else here watched this when It first came out?

  82. "Early in development, Mario characters were used as the players in wii sports"

    cut to a game of tennis where literally every player is Mario

  83. I love wii sports man, favorite thing about the wii

  84. A console that apps end with channel, is a channel console, but the only one is the Wii. 😄😃😀🙂😐😕🙁☹️😤😠😡🤬🤬🤬👿👿😢😥😩😭😭😭😭

  85. A ripoff of wii sports is sport vii and chintendo vii is a ripoff off the Nintendo wii.

  86. but were you able to crash the planes into buildings?

  87. Man I love the Wii and all the Wii Sports games. I’m really glad Wii Sports Resort got the plane minigame and not the original, as one of the best parts to me about the plane game was the setting, I just loved flying around Wuhu Island and I don’t think I would’ve liked it as much without such a colourful and beautiful setting.

    Also, the island used for the Wii Sports Airplane does look a lot like a prototype version of Wuhu Island!

  88. Could you do Super Mario Galaxy?

  89. Wii Sports For Switch

  90. the plane should be a cessna

  91. Wii sports was my favorite game when I was 3

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