BEWARE – How to Spot a Fake Titleist Driver! Bought off AliExpress for $150us

BEWARE – How to Spot a Fake Titleist Driver! Bought off AliExpress for $150us

first drive ever with a fake ts3 setup
looks fine oh I got nervous okay here we go ah how’s everybody doing today
hope you’re killing it crushing it out there we are talking about real and fake
drivers how to spot the difference cuz it’s uh it’s a big problem out there
let’s do it alright thanks for watching as always hope you liked this video and
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appreciate the support alright now yes there was a video recently by somebody
else real versus fake it’s a problem out there and so I wanted to take it even a
step further and talk about the title is ts3 drivers and what’s going on out
there it’s a huge problem so I want to show you what to look for in terms of
fake product because you don’t want to be you don’t want to get stuck with one
of those so what I did I went online to Alibaba Express I mean I know that I’m
buying a fake driver when I go there okay and so it’s not going to that
website that’s the problem you know it’s a fake when you go there and buy that
that driver what you have to watch out for are people that put it then on who
buy it there and then sell it on Craigslist or Ebay or other sites where
you can buy golfed or any of any product for that matter so what do you need to
look for when those shady characters get a driver and want to pass it off to you
as the real thing and then what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take the fake one
I got and take it to the course and wouldn’t hit it and see how it performs
as well that’ll be later on in the video but first let’s dive into
to look for when it comes to fake product so here is the fake driver right
here is the real driver so side by side can you see a difference but the first
thing you’re gonna look at when you go look for a driver that you’re buying
online look at the head cover okay head cover versus head cover now it helps if
you can have a real one to compare it to but if not okay because even real and
fake I mean do you do you know which is which
look at the color colors are great everything’s perfect
maybe maybe everything’s perfect okay there’s some subtleties that you want to
look out for one if you can feel it side by side you’re gonna feel a slight
difference the real one’s gonna feel more more well
made higher crap okay but let’s just say you’ve got the fake one I can even just
tell now it certainly doesn’t feel like any Titleist pull-up head cover I’ve had
but here are what you’re gonna look for look at the stitching first of all in
the fakes the stitching is well it’s good okay it’s good but compared to the
real you’re gonna have a finer stitching pattern the stitching pattern is just
gonna be finer stitching pattern so it’s a tighter dispersion of that sewing
pattern very difficult to see here’s the fake and just versus the real you can
tell it’s not it’s not as tight as the real thing
the second piece is gonna be this bottom edge on the real one this bottom edge
you can see here it is there’s some material in there
that’s something you want to look at this is quality here they took some time
to build up that edge as they rounded it under and folded it underneath on the
fake that edge is just pretty flat so it’s just a flat folder there’s no
material under there in other words they didn’t really take any time on the on
the clubhead cover the next thing you’re really gonna want to look for is this
you don’t want to look at the tag inside of the clubhead cover on the real one it
says Made in Vietnam that’s where the real ones made you’re gonna want to look
at that fake one made in China so that’s gonna be a dead ringer giveaway the
final thing here with the head cover notice the inside real this is a gray
it’s not black it’s it’s a lighter shade of black but the fake one the fake guy
is more of a black it’s darker okay you can see the different side-by-side now
real versus fake this one’s the real ones a lighter color but some of these
shady characters might even swap it out for a real head cover because I bought
the fake one for a hundred and fifty dollars and it didn’t come with the
shaft so I put this shaft on here this is a diamonte shaft it’s one of mine
good quality shaft so put it on here for testing but they don’t come with a shaft
so if you don’t have a Shay standard title is shaft go on the website and
look at their standard models chasse then B then question that one okay also
when you’re searching online for a club if somebody says they want it in a
tournament or a raffle that’s a red flag there if they got it as a gift and they
don’t need it red flag there all of these red lights out he may or may not
be true but just be very cautious and that club head cover stands out
peculiar to you run away it’s a fake okay cuz look $150 throw a cheap shaft
on there put it online tell that thing for $400 easy that’s a good margin so
there’s a lot of people out there who want a piece of that but now let’s look
at the club itself and I’ll show you how to spot the fake first of all you’re
gonna want to look at the top of it like I said obviously you might not have one
to compare it to when you’re there checking it out but if you just look at
it and it it’s too bright that’s that’s no good it’s a it is a fake now they do
a good job at making a fake I mean can you tell the difference which one is
real which one is fake another thing you’re gonna want to check out is here
again they did such a good job but they made things too pronounced too black
this this material here that’s holding in the just underneath the or above the
the inserted weight on the fake this is too black okay it’s more black and that
feels more plastic material it shouldn’t be that the real guy it’s more of a
matted colour okay you got more of a matte color here and you can hear it
even a little bit it’s not ads cheap plastic it’s got a much more of a hard
plastic feel versus that cheap that cheap guy so that this is the real one
and then notice the the weight it doesn’t set in all the way okay you see
that this this thing doesn’t tighten down all the way and the real guy man
that sets in there pretty nicely okay it’s more flush
the the head itself I mean it’s so subtle like it you didn’t know what to
look for you wouldn’t be able to pick it out the final thing in terms of just
going and picking up the driver would be the see what kind of adjustment tool
will they give you okay they should switch it out this comes with the fake
this comes with the real you’ve got to know what to look for how to spot a fake
cuz you don’t want to get stuck with one of those things out there because I
would imagine performance wise who knows what’s gonna happen this thing could
explode on the first hit we’re gonna go hit it right now and see see the
difference let’s go okay here we go are you excited I’m nervous to be honest
with you so here’s what we’re going to do fake real okay so I’ve got balls here
the real ones here’s what we do the real the fake ball
the fake driver I’ve got this tiny little green line on it and the real
ones just regular anything Volvic balls because I when I hit the fake driver I
don’t if they go crazy I don’t want to lose all my pro-v once so these are good
balls they’re not pro v1 so anyways it’s just so you know because I want to do
all the same and I don’t want to lose any any probe ease let me make sure this
is a real we hooked my ps3 okay and this is the fake here the fake guy and I put
on my this is a $400 shaft so there’s no excuses here this shaft is a D Amana
Kyle I it’s I mean I used it many many tile of it loved the shaft one of my
favorites so when you get I’m warmed up I was at the gym working now I wasn’t
working out my glutes all that kind of stuff I’m ready to rock and roll it’s a
real one so just want to make sure everything’s good
good feeling great line a perfect spot here smoke that one okay Google three
real second real one one was right down the middle take that any day a week same
exact drive love it and I should play today
you good okay third real one golly those work great those are three of my best
drives good to go okay here we go are you ready man
first drive with the fake Titleist ts3 all the specs are the same 9.5 degree
loft causal position is a 1 same as the other one shafts are virtually identical
I just smoked three of mine right down the middle
ball is mark everything’s good here we go baby oh I got nervous okay here we go
focus first drive ever with a fake ts3 setup looks fine now there’s something loose inside here
that that’s not good that first swing Drive went pretty far left hit a couple
more wasn’t a bad Drive there’s some shaking in there now next drive okay – the middle wasn’t bad there’s there’s just some shit crazy all
right here we go third one oh that ball is gone
highway hi crazy uh here we go again way left again left right left what happened here that’s weird it sound
like something’s loose in here dude my um the weight is missing via the
adjustable weight dude dude and I check that prior to the weight the adjustable
weight slipped into the head of the driver it’s in there it’s it’s like the it went into the
abyss of the driver so that adjustable hold on this weight the adjustable
weight was in here and now well it’s still in here it’s just not in here it’s
in here it’s in the head it’s in there that this is somewhere lodged in the
head I’ll tell you what that’s what happens when you buy a fake crazy things
happen okay fake one has the weight in there it’s just not where it’s supposed
to be anymore that’s junk
let’s go see where the balls went and see what kind of distance we got real
versus fake okay here we go here are my three drives with my driver
the shortest one is here I’ll give you a yardage here in a second my three are in
the fairway this is not an easy fairway to hit but I’m gonna shoot this it’s all
carry today no no roll out here we had some rain so we’re getting zero carry
I’m shooting it backwards to where i teed off from okay that’s 241 carry my
first one into the wind uphill okay not bad and then my other two are up here so
one two okay here again it’s all carry 250
something carry it’s all uphill into the wind – yeah don’t hate on me for that
and these are look you know right next to each other that’s mighty s3 now the
one I hit in the fairway with the fake driver is right here this distance
wasn’t horrible but it went super high I mean that
thing’s spun a mile and I’m gonna give you a distance here all carry two thirty
all right – thirty horrible but again you know it’s all uphill into the wind
there were two more that I hit let’s go find those get over here way left one
went way right I mean it thinks fun as high as you can go went way right about
this in fact the same distance way left to 31 okay and the last one I found it
here lat it’s the shortest one this is the last one I hit so if anything I
would have had the most clubhead speed on my last swing probably I don’t know I
was pretty I was pretty warmed up though so let me shoot this backwards 225 gonna
go hit it some more let’s go what goes farther the draw fake Titleist
drivers I’m not gonna call it a title it the fake driver the rip off the fake or
my real ps2 hybrid and I just hit that fake one as good as I can hit it in the
fairway well putting this to the test same exact shot hybrid little draw who’s
farther come on baby go oh it’s close all right
it’s close I’ll tell you this real this fake winner winner winner chicken dinner
whatever you say everything goes high sayonara
no bueno guys hope you like the video pound that like button subscribe to the
channel if you haven’t done so already stay aware out there so you don’t get
stuck with one of these imitation junk junk this love you see in the next video you

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    Second, this is not a blind test. I wonder what the results would be if you didn’t know which driver you were hitting. Knowing ahead of time negates the result because mentally you may make subtle changes in your swing that could alter the results.
    The big giveaway is the price. Buyer beware if you buy online unless it’s through the real manufacturer or legit retailer.
    Also if you’re going to spend that much money for the club wouldn’t you go to a certified retailer and be properly fitted.?

  6. What would stop somebody from buying one of these online and then buying a real Titliest driver from a sporting goods store, and then returning the fake one to the legit store and getting their $450 back; and they could give the store the real headcover and adjustment tool so they would never possibly know. Then you just got a real one for $150; But another customer comes in and spends $500 on a fake driver. The sporting goods store would NEVER know the difference.

  7. There are many unscrupulous thieves out there, buyer beware. That’s why I only purchase from respectable golf stores or at the golf club.

  8. The fake market is huge. Articles have come out about Amazon having massive fake products as well. If you don't buy from the actual name brand vendor, anythnig sold by someone else and shipped by them or Amazon you really need to investigate. LOL on the jingle bell inside! That is priceless.

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  19. That's Hilarious!!! The weight went inside the club on the first hit! I'm glad I saw this! The next time I'm tempted by the WISH, DHGate, or Alibaba ads, I'll remember this!
    I buy a lot of equipment from the Ebay Auctions then resell it. I normally only buy from Companies, and I try to avoid individuals, especially if they're selling new equipment. I've even noticed some of the Ebay Scoundrels will use the same stock images that the fake sites use on their websites, so if you see that, it should be a HUGE RED FLAG!
    I won an auction in July for an Odyssey O-works #7 putter for $90. I believed it to be lightly used, but when it arrived, it was brand new, still in the plastic and had all the stickers etc. I feared it may be a fake, so I couldn't resell it until I knew. Luckily it turned out to be authentic. I listed it for $125, but wound up giving it to my Lil Brother. I very easily could've been scammed, even after taking several precautions. Be Careful folks! These unscrupulous SOB's are all over the place!

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    500 balls per club – 3 types of player. Beginner average golfer and a scratch golfer. Then repeat that test after a summer of + 50 rounds per club. Then compare the numbers and the wear and tear.

    The reason why?!

    Well to be honest. (I refuse to name the club : I don´t want people to cheat during tournaments) But I happen to buy a fake one who was BETTER than the real ones (for a while) Someone gave me a tip that particular ones was longer do to the non conforming head.)

    The result was pretty interesting. The fake one (broke after 3 mouth – Still looks okay to play with after that but it goes 40-50 yards shorter than before) The interesting thing was the stat before that. Until it broke i went 20-25 yards longer than the real ones. The reason I wanted to see the same test with different player is because of my low swing speed. 95-105 miles per hour) Couldn't see any big different on the dispersion between the clubs (Had the original ones to).

    The big quotation for me; Can it be that (some) club head out there among the fake ones have a higher COR then the 0.830 normal clubs have to conform with?! Can the result I saw be do to the "fact" that they flex more and therefor breaks down easier?! (If people don´t understand the physic behind this. More flex make us loose less ball-speed do to LESS compression on the ball with give us more distance. (And is not that difficult to make a club-head that flex to much.)

    I played with Chrome soft compression 75.

    If anybody want to make this test I would be trilled. (The same goes for if someone else have the same experience – Do tell, please.) And just to stop people from buying any fake one in the hope for this result. (Usually the quality is extremely bad on the fake one – Stay away.) I´m just looking for the ones who might be the exception to the rule. (They are out there you know)

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