Birdies Fly In Cali | Valley 9 At Sand Canyon Country Club

Birdies Fly In Cali | Valley 9 At Sand Canyon Country Club

what is up y’all hope y’all having a
great day we’re out here at Sand Canyon and want to thank them so much for
hosting me this whole week I’ve been having so much fun with experior golf
and Bryan so thanks so much for having me out this week we’re gonna bring you
along for a little nine-hole vlog the valley 9 here at Sand Canyon we’re just
gonna take you straight to the tee number one par-4 373 yards dogleg to the
right green sets off back in there our aim end points going to be that tree I hit that one well but it is just through
the fairway in 90 yards left over from Penn lob wedge really not too bad here putting back up
the hill for birdie roughly 12 feet left I definitely broke a bit more than I
thought are here on one so thankful for all the courses and all the travel that
I’ve been able to do here in the last year and was wondering where everyone is
located watching this video drop a comment down below let me know where
you’re from number two par four pretty much straight
away 402 yards that is the green you see off in the distance a little bit higher stinger it’s so
stinger 125 left in here tabloids in hand alright walking back here there’s her
landed it actually trundled on down across the cart path we are on the
hardpan not what we’re looking for and there is the lie so I thought about
taking a drop but really where the ball was I had a decent swing there so I
played it as it lies chipped up there kind of trundled up there roughly five
six feet left for par three par three 183 yards up the hill so take a lesson for me right there
don’t get steep on it when you’re trying to keep it down below the wind getting
steep on it causes a lot of spin and when you cause spin into the wind it’ll
just kind of balloon and go the direction of the wind that’s what happen
there see if we can get this up and down here is where we ended up that’s what
we’re faced for an up and down for par are here on three 1 over through three
holes looking for our first pin slammer hopefully number four is that par-5 539
yards dogleg to the left I think our aiming point is gonna be
just over that corner right there solid shape right here 238 yards to our front
pin it’s go-time good shape back up the hill into the wind probably
should have gone with hybrid right there but did want to hit the stinger ended up
a little short let’s get this up and down for birdie and we will take that every day all day
I mean that backdrop up there those mountains are incredible let’s go first
in flavor of the day number five par 4 451 yards we’re gonna be teeing it high
and letting it fly just over that corner dogleg left alright I definitely pulled
that a bit from where I wanted it however we’re good no worries I hit it
really well and if you’re gonna miss it one direction left is where you I hope we’re good I just watched the clip back
you could see the bounce kick right I uh it was one of those two ball marks right
there hopped right we’ll fix that in a minute
hopped right kept trundle in trundle and feeding towards the hole and ended up
right there that’s like not even a foot away are you serious it’s like 810
inches what a hop we will take that pin slamming birdie putt ahead tweeter number six par-4 396 yards Green sits
off back in there however with that backdrop going on
stinger right there a good shape right there 150 yards to a
left middle pin it looks like 9-iron in hand I thought we were gonna get that
close up there however must have been a little more wind than I was giving it
credit for kind of ballooned a little bit landed short looks like it trickled
into that bunker let’s go get this up and down for par and that was a bogey brings us back to
even par however hitting some good shots need to work on our spin control kind of
ballooning a bit on me in the wind trying to fight it down get into steep
so need to go to the range and work on that on to number seven this is an
awesome down the hill par 300 to move up one blocks because you can’t really see
the green from the back box 180 yards down the hill 7-iron in hand never liked
to say this word and I’m not gonna call it a shank but yeah yeah here’s where we
are this is what we’re faced roughly 25 yards left
not a ton of green to work with want to land it hopefully in there I think it’s
gonna kick a little left let’s go that was a huge up-and-down
number-8 par-4 283 yards up the hill the green sits off back in here I didn’t
come here to lay up hit that one decent might want it a
little further left but not gonna complain not having played this hole
before hit it pretty go we’ll go find it and here’s where we ended up not bad at
all kind of right side of the green just threw it I’m walking up from the side of
the green there’s where the pin is and that’s where our tee shot was from
somewhere just over that mound ended up in good shape right there let’s get this
up and down for birdie in slammer on eight the Sand Canyon Valley course has
been so much fun to play our final hole number nine five hundred and forty nine
yards from this top T box you can see for miles super cool ending hole for the
valley course I’ve had so much fun I hope you’ve enjoyed coming along drop a
like if you have see if we can in with the camera drop an eagle that would be
awesome our line is going to be just to the left of that tree did you kind of
see there in the middle you probably figured this was a par-5 being 549 yards
just want to let you know par-5 should be alright
thankfully just missed these bushes trickled down to here have our work cut
out for us to knock it lawn 230 yards left ended up just short here tried to run it
up hit a little draw a lot of green to work with right here roughly 25 30 yards
left as a part here on the last I hope you’ll
enjoy coming along the Sand Canyon Valley 9 I had so much fun
finish that one under would have loved to have gotten that last one up and down
ship not so great that’s okay had fun thanks so much to mark and his
team here at Sand Canyon for having me out and for exterior golf this has been
an incredible week so much fun check out exterior golf as well I’ll
drop them down in the description have a bunch of YouTube content on their
channel that we’ve done this week can’t wait to come back hope y’all enjoyed the
content so far and until next time we’ll see you when we see ya

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