that was hard what is up everybody welcome to another
episode of world record Wednesday where we break or set a world record every single
Wednesday today I am joined by Bailey aka Bagels Payne – I’m Z. I’m his sister Shark let’s do
it guys I’m see today it’s gonna be awesome we’re gonna just show off what
these guys can do we’re going to have a little competition and then we’re gonna
break some world records you guys ready let’s do it
there we go okay so we’ve we’ve established with it
yeah before we get to the world records video we’re gonna do a little bit of a
race I want to see which is which of you three can win this race four kinds of
flipping it’ll be a timed race first you’ll do three backflips
then that’s where he’s out three three flips of the samurai katana that’s why
I’m the chasers please don’t hurt yourself
three Cup flips okay and then you’ll finish with three bottle flips all right
beer definitely electricity I’m gonna smash them okay you are go first miss we’ve got a little bit of money on
the line it’s real it’s real Oh Chakradhar era time is fifty three point
six three six yes honey got higher than my SAT score you do give up that are you
worried about myself come on the competition who’s up next
I am Baylor’s up next you enjoying your smoothie mmm yes my victory or smoothie okay your time begins in three two one you can’t let you to see boy so 53 seconds 55 Wow
all right Z is a blacks already the best for love like because I’m feeling pretty
good I want to read it technique so now I’ll take me all right let’s see it are
you ready to see I’m ready three two one beginning she practices free yeah oh my gosh 39
seconds 41 seconds $500 to you and I just move away that money for such
a stupid competition every right has gone but now it is time for some world
records you guys ready yeah all right it is world’s record time each of the guys
are gonna try one one world record bagel is up first and it is the record for
most one-legged backflips in a minute yep the record to beat is 16 you’re
feeling confident yeah one shot one and done one shot he’s caught it let’s see he said he wanted me gasps I’m dead
thought you wouldn’t do that buddy but that was that was 20 in 45 seconds oh so
I’m gonna want to break it you have an extra few seconds but you steps beat 20
yeah I would ask you any questions let’s go to the second record record number to
the record his most backflips on a trampoline in one minute one minute and
the record is 45 45 that’s a lot of flipping in 60 seconds
yeah thirty seconds take a break 48 49 49 we
had a show when we beat records in there she’s crapping who new world record 50
backflips on a trampoline right 50 it was at 49 49 that was hard
third and final record this is not an existing record so so whatever you do is
the new world record and I’ll playing it for everybody real quick so basically
it’s most backflips done off your hands and called the movies called a castaway
castaway okay and you see your specialty cool well good luck the minute she’s got
it I’m uh I’m uh I’m gonna lose some weight throw these up BAM okay
all right Condor forever you’re doing so you’re giving me 10 I’m thinking 10 I’m
gonna try to do more though okay let’s do it ready yeah three two one begin Wow on hard ground – don’t dude go
don’t they anyone in the world is ever an action beat that record
now those freedom undead first ten in ten seconds well that is things we don’t thank you
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