Bowling Trick Shots 2 | Dude Perfect

Bowling Trick Shots 2 | Dude Perfect

What’s up guys, we’re Dude Perfect. I’m Jason Belmonte. Still the #1 bowler in the world Welcome to Bowling Trick Shots 2! This is the twin trust shot. No way! So anytime you do something cool when
you’re over here in the states. YEWWWW YEWWWW Yeah, do that all the time. We got some catching up to do. You still
saying things funny? Yeah, I still get into trouble over here with some of the words that I’m saying. Alright, you tell me what this one means.
Fairy Floss. Fairy floss, it’s fishing line, 100%. It’s cotton candy. Haha what?! You are driving on the road and you see an orange traffic cone… I see a witches hat. Do they call tires pancakes? Just whatever it looks like you just throw out some other term? A tire is a tire. How do you spell it though? T-Y-R-E No Time for a little mini battle, Giant
Connect 4 Shots bowling style Us versus them. First team to Connect 4 is the winner. Here we go! You’ve seen the Flying Eagle. This is the Double Flying Eagle. The Double Flying Eagle! We’re the go kart bowling bros! Yeehaw! Yeah! Bang! What a bowl! What a bowl! He’s the best in the world! That is why he’s #1! You should have your own bowling ball. You know it’s funny you say that I think you should have your own basketball Whoa! Look at that! Whoa! Hey give them the wink! As you can see we have a lot of bowling pins. This is the 120-pin perfect game bowl. This is the Long Ball. YEEEEE I didn’t see you do the Yee! YEEEEE This is the 10-Point Field Goal. Field Goal! At 250 yards, this is the World’s Longest Strike. What’s up guys, thanks for watching. If
you’re not already a Dude Perfect subscriber click down here so you don’t
miss out on any new videos. If you want to check out Jason’s game and bowling
ball click the link in the description below. Special thanks to our friends at
Hasbro Gaming for making this video possible. If you want to play the Connect
4 Shots game for yourself click right here. If you want to see the last video
click down here. Signing off for now. Pound it. Noggin. See ya!

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  1. Pumped y’all like Bowling Trick Shots 2 🎳
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  2. Hi look at my username

    Could you please sub to me

  3. THE 120 was like THE Wii sports bowling

  4. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  5. At 5:44 there was a pin left ???????? Was meant to be not knocked

  6. This look a lot harder then the wii

  7. Am i the only who thought the guy in the thumbnail linus tech tips

  8. 4:40 is like that mode on Wii sports

  9. I can’t even make a strike normally but from 250 yards. Wtf

  10. 、可在和菓子健康喔開車看見小姐看看字我哦姊姊坐在公子哥做工作可坐在褲子

  11. Anyone else notice that they used the exact same sound for when the pins get knocked over every single time?

  12. Anyone realise ht at 5:43 the replay had one pin left and after it was knocked down

  13. you guys are amazing i love your vids

  14. Ok my only questions is How?!

  15. Belmonte is genius

  16. U guys r truly crazy

  17. How many tries did 4:56 take

  18. Were they at freemont skatepark? I think thats where braille go's

  19. @0:30 and 0:34 you can see that the bowling pins fall differently. In the first one, the back left bowling pin stays up for a second after the others fall, in the "replay" the pins all fall at the same time.


  20. We need to do this

    Builds there own bowling club

  21. Jason belmonte should be in dp


  23. like = you spell it 'tire'
    comment = you spell it 'tyre'

  24. I cant even make a normal strike

    2019 btw

  25. If you are so perfect …. why dont you prove yourself in the world bowling championship ?!

  26. 59 seconds into the video is it just me or does it look like Cody has a remote in his hands

  27. Death by bowling ball?
    Such a bad way to go, lol.


  29. I know it's late but how about bowling stereotypes

  30. I think that you all are like a magician .

  31. Wonder how many tries it takes

  32. YEEEEEEEEWWW said the person in Ireland

  33. I would loved to see bloopers from 0:31

  34. I've been watching dude perfect for a long time and I still can't tell the difference between cory and coby

  35. U all are legends

  36. 1:17 is literally me no joke

  37. I'm thinking of doing some stuff here in our Sports Convention. 😂 😂 😂

  38. Am I the only one. Who can’t get a normal strike

  39. Wow!!!! You is the Best bowler in the Philippines belmonte

  40. Remote or not??
    Comment if you think so
    Time: 0:58

  41. It should be mandatory for bowling pros to have to put their fingers in the ball.

  42. Hey, Cool! A real life Rocket Bowl! Anyone who played computer games in the early 2000s will understand this..

  43. 250 yards….. As the ball rolls out into the street and pegs a car..

    I would have liked to see the beginnings, setup, and practice for that shot though.

  44. dude perfect is the best

  45. Favorite part was The World Largest Strike! I can't believe he did that!! Just a question, how long does it take you guys to master these shots??

  46. 텐션 쥑이네..

  47. The vids even better when ur Aussie like me

  48. The shot at 1:27 is fake

  49. Never, ever try to bowl with dude perfect, lesson learned xD

  50. Anybody purple hozer fan

  51. Can you guys do Bowling Stereotypes

  52. The tall guy is the cringiest dude ever

  53. jason belmonte is australian like me. i'm also a bowler

  54. That wasnt fair they had ty and jason belmonte on their team.

  55. Is the ball being controlled 6:58

  56. To not walk on the Layne's

  57. I live the Australian life

  58. All tricks are fake

  59. I am half Australiën

  60. 4:45 this is the wii sports bowling training last level shot

  61. Ruined skate park

  62. My name is Liam i've always wanted to join your channel. i live in california. i am ten years old.

  63. i live in san jose

  64. 1:13 🤙🏻 yaaaaaaaay
    4:43 this is from Wii Sport Resorts

  65. катнул шар по дороге посмотрел траекторию и катнул еще раз

  66. This is the 120 pin perfect game ball!

    Me: no its wii bowling traing

  67. 6:56
    how does his ball hook at the end without oiling? This guy is a legend

  68. 0:28 this should be the single time shot otherwise,………🤯🤯

  69. Dude Perfect collab with How Ridiculous

  70. The previous video I watched had the exact same amount of likes as this one. 😱

  71. lol all these places are like five min from my house. so is dude perfects hq they live down the street from me

  72. 5:44 in the 10. Point Field goal he left one standing

  73. 日本人いる?

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  75. Is this real or fake?

  76. I got a bowling ad

  77. Wow ,Wie viel Glück,mann haben kann.

  78. На 1:26 отчётливо видно монтаж

  79. Green screens 😂

  80. Thanks for this awesome content
    Greetings from Germany

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