BREAKING: Bury FC expelled from EFL after 125 years as devastated fans react

BREAKING: Bury FC expelled from EFL after 125 years as devastated fans react

League One side Bury FC have been expelled from the Football League after missing the deadline to prove they were financially viable They had until 5pm on Tuesday to finalise a takeover bid, but the deadline came and went A last-minute bid for the Greater Manchester club by C&N Sporting Risk fell through with just 90 minutes to go, as the company said it was “unable to proceed” with the takeover But now the club have been expelled from the EFL, the first club to face expulsion since Maidstone United in 1992 The EFL executive chair Debbie Jevans CBE called today “one of the darkest days in the League’s recent history” She went on: “The EFL has worked determinedly and tirelessly to avoid this outcome and it is with a heavy heart that this situation has been forced upon us “I understand this will be a deeply upsetting and devastating time for Bury’s players, staff, supporters and the wider community “There is no doubt today’s news will be felt across the entire football family.” Heartbroken fans have reacted with fury and disappointment to the news, with Bury’s expulsion drawing in angry supporters from across the footballing world Labour MP Angela Rayner, who represents another Greater Manchester seat, tweeted: “Extremely sorry to hear of the news tonight of Bury FC who were founded in 1885 and now out of the EFL ” Many fans condemned the EFL for allowing a founding member of the Football League to collapse Broadcaster Danny Kelly tweeted: “The death of Bury FC is sad and a disgrace. Failed by its owner, the EFL, the PFA, the EPL and a load of other blazers who, as long as the cash rolls in, don’t give a damn about the clubs, the communities at whose centre they stand, and the fans who give them life ” Twitter user Mark Beck wrote: “My message to all Bury FC fans is to REBUILD and don’t let anyone forget about Bury and it’s history ” Bury’s near-neighbours Bolton Wanderers are also facing expulsion from the league unless they sort out their financial affairs The former Premier League side have 14 days to arrange a takeover or they too will be expelled In a statement, the EFL said there could be no further suspensions to Bury’s League One fixtures after the club missed their first four games of the season It said there would be “further investigation” of the financial issues at the club and how it was allowed to fall into ruin The gates at the club’s Gigg Lane home have been locked, hours after fans and neutrals alike came together to get the ground ready for what would have been their first game of the season this Saturday at home to Doncaster Rovers Bury’s owner Steve Dale has denied being to blame for the club’s demise and said historic debt is the reason for the collapse of the C&N Sporting Risk deal “As you know the loan on the stadium was taken out two years ago way before my time What I’m getting tired of is me being blamed for it.”

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  1. Sorry bury, I know how you feel. Rangers man here. Theres a lot of darkness coming but theres light at the end of the tunnel. It's right what's being said, there should be more regulations guarding institutions against greedy bastards buying in and cashing out for a profit. Money ruins everything

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