Calciomercato Juve: ultimo giorno!

Calciomercato Juve: ultimo giorno!

hello guys Monday September 2 finally the long agonists September 2 gong then the current market and then with reflections to do tomorrow to analyze what has been the Juventus market there are so many voices in though these last hours of his tables many voices are nothing ever happens from jerome boateng that yesterday German media have associated concretely juve some corner even for the checks done but carried juve will not take boateng and probably boateng and will remain at bayern monaco is true that Juventus evaluated the opportunity takes a experience player from behind after Chiellini’s injury that will remain  out for quite some time though the conditio sine qua non was that an alternative could come only if it were Rugani party instead Rugari very probably remain at Juve and then the back will not do anything more and will hold  obviously that instead of milan not He has never been about to go away despite offers of atletico madrid and milan barcelona in parallel juve last hours have also tried strike up a resounding exchange if we want true that among those who mattock federico says also in Bernardeschi this case however is was not found a square at the level of digits and then not likely they will do anything so guys are united today and monitored My channels we will do two Video of the day this one was here to tell you how juventus decided not boateng take and how well probably will not do anything else © because there was also a rumor linked to a possible passage of de mattia Sciglio the paris saint germain but also Here no confirmation Milan’s sock will remain regularly for juve what will be his third season © nonchà the first to Mauritius court often I recommend I monitored my channel above all it is a juventus fans subscribe to my youtube channel Put that video rai me a hug

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  1. Secondo me anche oggi non succederà un cazzo.

  2. In pratica, per noi, se questo mese e mezzo di mercato dopo De Ligt non ci fosse stato, era uguale.

  3. Quindi si fanno tanti nomi per fare neanche 1 aquisto, io Rakitic lo prenderei ma senza scambio ora si parlava di Bernardeschi mah

  4. Acquistare senza vendere non si può fare è la legge del mercato .
    Sono convinto che si rimarrà così. Dal mio punto di vista apparte dybala che è una grossa incognita vanno tutti bene, hanno tutti un ruolo ben definito compreso mandzukic che farà da vice ronaldo

  5. Come al solito non compreremo un cazzo l'ultimo giorno!

  6. Io continuo a pensare che ci manchi qualcosa a centrocampo. Se non si poteva fare Pogba, a costo di vendere Pianjc, Bernardeschi, ecc, ecc, si doveva prendere Savic o qualcun altro, (Eriksen, Isco, ecc) . Idem x i terzini. Ok Danilo e A. Sandro ma come riserve…. E poi non capisco perché alcune squadre riescono a piazzare i loro esuberi e noi no…

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