Can I Beat Ryan With 1 Club? | Golfing At Olomana Golf Club In Hawaii

Can I Beat Ryan With 1 Club? | Golfing At Olomana Golf Club In Hawaii

the 7-iron respect the ish Karen Aloha y’all you’re out here at olomana
Golf Club in what’s the town Waimanalo Waimanalo nice local little Hawaii town
here nice little Muni course and it is early
in the morning it is early and those are mountains today we have a fun little
challenge we’re gonna be playing the back nine’ from the front tees well at
least that’s where we’re starting I’ll be playing with one club one club
you’ll have your whole bag which there’s actually about 17 or 18 clubs in my back
last time I checked so perfect you’ve got your 7-iron in there now so maybe
there’s 19 clubs so we’re gonna be doing a little match one Club full set back
nine olomana starting on the red tees every time you win a hole you move back
a tee so match play yep I’m a nine handicap off the tee chipping putting
everything with your seven so that was the club of choice whole day and I go by
I got my full bag so this should be fun I’m actually really excited about it I
really like the Hat this morning by the way thank you we’re not quite sure what
ish means but maybe it’s like I kind of golf ish I’m a golfer ish number 10 here
par-4 303 yards from the front teeth straight away par-4 kind of goes up the
hill a little bit down the hill and then back up the hills I’m gonna take driver
off this first hole and hopefully create a little distance right off the bat
between me and mr. Z let’s go and I think he cleared the lawnmower men
they did let us play through little distraction with the maintenance crew
but a good old lemonade faith little trouble right off the first tee where
the maintenance crew seems to have a lawnmower issue right in the middle of
the fairway those gentlemen out there were roughly the perfect number for a
7-iron so decided to take a little detour we heat it out left so here we
are played it out to the left 151 yards left to a middle front pen next shot blame it on the green might be
a whole log I was trying there to leave myself a
better number into the green so I was 150 probably should hit a little shorter
I’ve been a bit easier we’re okay mr. Tripp here has found his tee shot it’s
not bad shape that’s a tree third shot here from Ryan
I’m gonna go film from behind the hole and he hit and it is up and just short
walking to the back side of the green here is my ball really not too bad
straight back down the hill how about that view Ryan chipping very nice I’m
not gonna lie it’s very comforting to know that you’ve got to hit some of
these shots with the wrong Club it really gives me a lot of encouragement
that I can compete here you look great today by the way in your Hawaii gear
with those mountains you fit right in man I could live here yeah that’s your bad no with a 7-iron this
guy putz is good with this 7-iron as I do with my regular putter so you really
want to get all of the cops never a doubt okay we’ve got a nice little par 3
here 145 I love that you have to hit your 7 because I know that’s not your
club for 145 not at all look at the mountains behind it really is incredible
what a beautiful morning for golf and a great day for me to win step aside sir
time for my tee shot in just a bit left you might be in the bunker a little
short I’m gonna hit a little lemonade fate as you call it with the 7-iron
maybe open the stance kind of open the clubface just kind of a little floppy
dothis oh dude that almost hit the green I
should have aimed a little bit right flops a 7-iron so do you do you
challenge all your friends to a one club challenge actually just you just meet I
mean that makes this is all in good fun and I’m handicapped that is a good
golfer seriously thank you in my mind I’m scratch yeah but in reality and what
the outside world sees is a nine handicapper he’s up definitely a mid
handicap I’m not letting you beat me with that seven not at all that’s like a
wall of mountains right there it really is incredible here is where my ball
ended up there’s Ryan right there Ryan are you chipping with here trickle right
on down all right not bad right there let the record show Zee rad asked me to
leave my ball there so he could backstop is that true is that true he wants a
little back stopping what okay this excuses you aren’t making excuses cuz
he’s got a seven he did have a triple espresso this
morning I did this guy over here requests the pin in why I don’t know
little rule change I want the pin in you want it out so you
can slam it but I’m not planning on any birdies today out of use so let’s just
leave it in see how it goes coming from the unclaimed nguy I’m going
putter on this one oh that was big so close that is good
sir poor power number two thank you I can’t
believe how good your pudding with your 7-iron Club sir I’m not letting you put
it in my bag let’s go we are on to number 12
Ryan’s tea boxes up there here’s my tea box
350 yards for me Ryan 305 probably drive the green drive the
green no big deal little dogleg left up the hill can we just admire these head covers
first that is the total Hawaii vibe if I sit down at the table I only eat three
malasadas can I wear this hat this shot yeah that is something else this is like
a cowboy country music ish hat and if I can pump this up there maybe I can bring
the magic back to all square I think you got it thank you that was hit really well that his right
side of the green and that is the patented Club twirl toss now he’s just
showboating good shape right here 100 and that looks like a hundred and eighty
yards away how far do we have 76 from here into your eyeballs maybe I do
let’s just get it 176 the jolt technology kind of made my eyeballs go
weird but what’s at 176 okay zach has asked me to drive up here to the green
and film him a hundred and eighty yards down there I just feel like he knows
he’s about to lose I was trying to distract me by handing me the camera and
asking me to do all these extracurricular things but it’s not
gonna work little right of this flag not the
greatest 7-iron right there yeah it’s okay
pin-high is what I’m being told got over the bunker put your distance here sir 68
yards oh that is heading a little long little
left there pretty good first seven iron things in
you did your game did yours check up a little bit look
well sauce at the seven what oh very nice I thought it was end that shipped
replayed the tape Oh hits the pan kind of knocks it out no Bryson and his
science is flawed what’s going in if the pin was out Zac to tie the whole guy
grabbed seven iron again I’m not sure why there’s a few things in the path I
just left those there how can I do him any favors how can I do him any favors chunk of mud slow at his ball down thank
you course conditions hometown advantage all right through three holes all square
par-4 365 yards and we are both playing the silver rot tees for this hole gotta
go driver again gotta get it up there get a little advantage over you I’m
going with this one just in case you’re wondering surprise surprise the old
7-iron look at that rock up there when we get up a little closer there’s a huge
rock formation you’re very close to my face right now this is uncomfortable
I didn’t even shave this morning yeah you’re close if let’s go that looks really good ride down central alright 135 left to a
front pin location there’s a sweet rock over there take down all day long every day on
Wednesday let’s go we’ve played some golf over the last few days and for a
change it’s nice to be past you I recognize I’m hitting driver you’re
hitting seven but it is nice to let you hit your shot and then drive another 50
yards ahead and hit mine that looks really good
maybe a little deep oh just inside throwing darts throwing dart it’s got
that whole thing the people they often you hit your ball closer to the pin then
Zac that’s a nice shot let’s go wanted to show you this what is going on here
this is like tree ancient Hawaiian rock formation and as legend has it that golf
ball wedged right there in the tree was actually from famous Hawaiian golfer
Duke come on man really hit his ball into the tree
couldn’t get it out lost the tournament lost millions of dollars picked up
surfing and became a world famous surfer that’s a phenomenal story had no idea
it’s ancient folklore not a lot of people know about it you’re hearing it
exclusive here today on Zach Radford’s YouTube channel this is really cool I’m
gonna back up just a little bit show y’all it’s just like in the middle of
golf course awesome take a 1-up lead through four and is
patented I’m slamming I know that’s pretty controversial here on the channel
I’m actually try no did the pressure get to him I think it did oh I don’t know
what happened there I wanted it bad though I know when you
want that birdie but it’s that little three-foot knee
knocker and those are the kind of things that keep me at a nine handicap 37 – 37
part 4 – 37 par 4 definitely drivable from these four booties which is nice
what club you playing here okay I will hit I’ll probably hit hybrid three
hybrid a lot of it yep mountain range the same range that we
were at the other day playing at the base of the kollel mountains and if you
didn’t see that video I don’t know why you’re watching this one cuz I’m garbage
so go see Zach Scholl that video which was unbelievable seriously that was
probably one of the most fun days of golf I’ve ever had
anyway back to this whole I have a good feeling about this one okay yes respect the ich Karen that is fading to
the right okay all righty we’ve got Ryan here yeah what
are we doing here I don’t know trying to figure out how to
keep it below the tree left of the bunker but also close enough to putt for
birdie these are the tricky ones we go little 8-iron give it a little pop up on
the green hopefully oh that was nice a little firm but not bad it doesn’t look
like it’s a little muddy so trendle on up there boot scootin
booty not bad walking up here here is my ball Ryan is right back there Ryan you
need to get this up-and-down meat left on that bone as they say but we’re gonna
put a little barbecue sauce on it probably chip it in match is currently
all square this would be a huge momentum swing for team Ryan team ish and he oh
my goodness what a chip sir I’ll give that to you because I’d probably miss that well
that’s good good far we’ve got a birdie putt here this is for the pin phi slamma
jamma with the 7-iron believe the potting exhibition with the
seven okay these are a little more difficult to pin Slammers let’s show you
what we’re working with on the pin slam there it doesn’t guide you you could
literally break your hand on a pin slam nice birdie today that was so much fun
those pins the cups the holes little different than the normal one not much
room for error on the pin slam so you got to be careful one down I got a lot
of confidence going into this hole because par 5 if I can keep it in play I
got a little more distance than you damage yeah I gotta bring this back to
all square I can’t let you run away with this that was an incredible putt with
your 7-iron I’m gonna start putting with my 7-iron
if it helps better with the 7-iron today than I did it Cola that is true
yesterday so par 5 our 6th hole of the day 467 yards from the white tees where
I’ll be playing from and 457 from the silver tees where Ryan I’ll be playing
from dogleg left back up the hill oh it’s out to the right that’s gonna
make this hole a little longer it’s okay we’re in play oh and he has cut the
corner it is fading it might need to fade more
than it is it’s gonna be okay maybe a little sling and draw swinging
swinging in swinging what is that this is a nice little
coconut here yeah we’re the base of a coconut tree so breakfast breakfast
really like this yellow coconut milk not a little meat or yeah keep you hydrated
keep the electrolytes going the only trick is how are we gonna crack this
baby open usually someone would have like a match at bay or something yeah to
open this up don’t worry you think you could crack one of these open for us
absolutely done deal thank you and now you’ve seen how to open up a coconut Zac
Radford style pretty well done just right through pretty good this is for my
ball ended up fairway 310 yards left straight back up the hill greens right
there blue flag let’s go and we have found Ryan’s ball and not a
little problem I gotta get under the tree and up to the flag 180 yards 180
left my typical shot would be to just blast it right into those branches just
just right into the Leafs okay for some major maintenance and pruning
fortunately behind the camera I’ve got the sting king himself you might give me
a little pointer let’s go what’s my play here what am i doing
three or four iron for iron for iron I’ll have a three iron okay I don’t
either for iron that makes that decision easy
that does for iron 60% of your weight on the front foot lead with the hands hard
noodle forearms light grip no tension and make sure you’re rotating your upper
body and then just send it dude dude dude that was so good dude that was
amazing you told me what to do I executed it and
that was the best shot I could have hoped for
that was incredible stingers baby yes knew that that was a stinger that
was that was sick that was Zach from 140 with the seven iron ooh kind of a low punch shot he’s been I
Oh Zach I love your game and I hate it all at the same time my stinger came up
a little short he’s on in three that was so good it was a little short I think it
got caught up in this second tree there’s just trees all over here but a
lot cool it did it did feel good too what matters it was amazing
where’s the match at right now I’m currently one-up one-up one-up four
holes left well three and a half finished out this whole kind of feeling
Ryan’s gonna chip this up close yes I will chip it II do da de that might mean
to sit down a little bit not bad back edge 20 feet left Brian’s birdie putt on the way and it is
a little firm hit the camera but that’s okay we’ll use the camera as a back
thank you camera for a little extra help stopping my very fast putt we have Ryan
up first for his par this would be a big comeback er now normally I would concede
this putt for Zach but given the fact I’m one down and he’s putting with a
7-iron I need him to make this is that a milled face Scottie 7 all the way around 16 it’s a par 4 up a little bit of a
dogleg to the left everything kind of runs down and funnels down up there
you’re at 325 from the white tees I’m at 310 from the silvers there is a
maintenance lawnmower man off to the right we haven’t
hurt anyone yet to you highlight a fly oh and he struck it well just reached
the fairway oh he has hit it well it’s on a good
line isn’t it I needed that one here’s where my ball ended up what’s our number
sir one three six okay one three six what a fly we’ll take it
traveling found Ryan’s ball the base of the trees kind of an area I like to be
like to hit my shots from the shade think that his ball hit this tree ended
up right there underestimated we’ve got a helicopter a wedge which confuses a
lot of people what does a wedge mean how do people grab that Club and say what is
the a and depending on who you’re playing with it could take on different
meetings but today it just simply means an approach okay or awesome awesome if I
hit a good shot awesome ish what a shot great shot sir
and he walking up here there is Ryan’s ball there is my ball
this view never gets old both putt for birdie we are rolling the
rock today with the 700 it’s hot it’s so well with that seven that is a par for
me here on 16 for the tie on the hole get it
RC oh what a relief all right sir good comeback putt right
there I am one up with two holes to play I’m letting you hang around you are I
don’t want to show up on your channel and make you look foolish so it’s time
to turn it up we only have two holes left so it’s kind of do-or-die for me
right now we’ve got a par three here 17 what are
the distances that we’ll be playing for 157 for you okay not really
144 for me that’s a little gamesmanship good luck sir does it have enough he’s dancing weird
look here on 17 we’re doing a boot scootin boogie let it go he is fading
out right on in there that looks good oh and the walk off I had the blood pumping
through me I had the adrenaline going well of it I guess that’s why these
challenges are so fun cuz I like truly want to win what do you see in those
eyes a little blurry cuz it’s not focused on look deep what do you see
yeah there they are should be scared you should be real
scared alrighty – birdie putts here ahead Ryan is a little closer I’m a
little further I’ve got roughly 30 feet left for birdie
Ryan’s roughly 20 feet need to put some loft on it with the 7th alright did definitely gave it some pace
if there was ever a must make this was it No he almost had it we’ll give it to you
went to the ocean very nice sir thank you not a gimme by any stretch of the
imagination guys got 7-iron I’m gonna stand where he can see me I’ll take any
advantage I can get at this point oh he let me in he let me in the door
are we all square going 18 going into 18 the final hall let’s go number 18 here
par-4 417 yards matches all square Ryan is up first probably going with
driver y’all know what it is that’s what we’re going with and he has just hit
that right down the middle very nicely done sir
tuck it in put it this way dude I don’t know what that hit but that
took a crazy bounce the wop we didn’t find the fairway right there we’ll see
about that now think you might be opening the door for me I wish you the
best but I also hold your OB didn’t that really are I probably will be here I
wanted to hit it in the rough so I could catch a flyer yes some room to go okay
like I said we’re okay no worries little tree trouble pin is right there
235 yards to a back left pin location oh it sounded like he caught it a little
fat it was out it was drawn a little bit I believe it’s just up left shy the
bunker is that true couldn’t see it too well here in the tower 156 and as a nod
to Zach I’m hitting the 7-iron I love it and in just a bit right but that looks
really good oh and what did that hit thank you I’ve got my children up there
helping me push the ball in the right direction let’s see what he can do here
with the 7-iron Pop’s it up there you can’t script that one of the funny
shots I’ve ever hit here on the channel especially now he estivate that to tie
that was borderline for the win we’ll see you’ve got a birdie walk ahead that
was coming in so hot hits the pin dead square unbelievable
what a way to close out the match I’m not gonna lie that was fun
Ryan for the tie he did not leave this short oh no it
broke a bit too much I’m still I’m still so flustered from your chip in I’ll take
this not a bad round at all sir unbelievable great plan if I’m gonna
lose that’s how I want to do it with you chipping in a 7-iron that that made
that’s for a pin slammer I never pin slammed it limit I gotta
slam it okay fractured his hand there we go
pin slammer – pin Slammers on the day finish it one over with the sub behind
all my Ryan finish a two over that was so much fun hope y’all enjoy coming
along great match sir what a way to finish 7-iron only ended up getting the
victory hope you all enjoyed this drop a like down below if you did thanks so
much to Ryan for having me here in Hawaii it’s been incredible truly a trip
of a lifetime so I’ll drop his Instagram down below Mahalo
I think that’s what you say here yeah I’m pretty sure actually that is what
you say here and we’ll see you only see ya you

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