Can I Break My Record From The Front Tees? | Part 1 | Golfing At Nashville Golf & Athletic Club

Can I Break My Record From The Front Tees? | Part 1 | Golfing At Nashville Golf & Athletic Club

what is up y’all hope y’all having a
great day we are back in Nashville back from
Hawaii definitely missing that warm weather but always glad to be back in
Nashville but why was incredible thanks so much Ryan for hosting me there
those courses were incredible trip of a lifetime for sure so thankful for that
opportunity we’re back here at Nashville Golf Athletic Club the front nine tried
to shoot 59 from the front tees we almost did it the last time we ended up
shooting 60 so I want to give it another go see if we can’t shoot 59 from the
front tees this is going to be part one of a two-part series the front nine
number one par-4 352 yards from the front tees our aiming point is going to
be right over there kind of on the edge of the fairway the fairway does go to the
right a little bit there’s water all short of the green drivers not to play
here all right good shape right here 127
yards left to a middle pin excited about that tee shot thought tee shot was in
great shape excited about that approach shot that is right where you want it you
want to miss it to the right of that pin because anything left is going in the
water even though we’re playing this from the front tees that approach shot
is no joke not much room between the bunker and water oh that had a little more break in it
than I thought all right that is a par here on one number one is
always the most difficult birdie opportunity no matter what the challenge
is number one is a very difficult hole par they’re on to number two
this is going to be a drivable par-4 belasco straightaway par-4 262 yards you
can see the pen right there you know it’s a go time I normally would hit a
hybrid here but we are gonna have to go with driver balls not gonna fly as far
in these cold conditions and I need to take a little bit off this driver get
high high little cut in there that’s what we’re looking for really happy with that swing right there
I’m pretty sure it spotting couldn’t really tell I think it stayed on the
green so we could have an eagle look ahead great shape right here there’s
where it landed there’s where it ended up back edge looks to be about thirty
feet left here for Eagle pin slammer here on 2 hopefully that is
the first pin slammer of many today one under through to number three is a par 5
up next the one to ask y’all quick question what is the coldest temperature
you will play golf in right now it’s currently kind of upper 40s a little
overcast a little breezy feels in the upper 30s so it’s pretty chilly out here
just wanting to know what’s the coldest temperature you’ll play in comment below
number three par-5 440 yards we want to keep it just inside this tree line here
everything kind of slopes from right to left in the fairway let’s tee it high
let it fly not getting a lot of roll today so
wanted to hit that with a bit more height try to get as much Kerry as
possible definitely did that if I want some high thoughts for sure and I said
just a little right all right right there 140 yards left to a middle pin uh-oh I hit that one pretty good need to
factor in that the balls not gonna fly quite as far in these cold conditions
have roughly about 25 feet back up the hill for Eagle let’s go pin slammer off to a solid start 200
through three we’re on in number four which is a par-4 326 yards not really
reachable into the wind today so we’re gonna sting it this hole just bends a
little to the right so a little butter cut stinger is just what we’re looking
for if it’s wintertime where you’re at don’t
assess the stinger shot too much go easy on yourself until it warms up because
they’re much more difficult to hit during the winter ball doesn’t compress
as much ball isn’t gonna fly as far so don’t assess it too much until it warms
up good shape right here right side of the fairway 99 yards left to a middle
kind of right pin happy with that wedge shot right there distance was good
however had a bit too much sauce on it that’s okay about 15 feet back up the
hill for birdie well not leaf right there saved me from
rolling down the hill even more there’s a four-on-four
number five par four little dogleg left pins back up around the hill back over
those trees definitely have a decision to make here off the tee decision time
hybrid probably not gonna reach it driver I’ve really got to get it up
quick and take a bit off drivers try not to play goal here is to score low
I think hybrids to play it’ll still leave us with an uphill chip to the
green tried to hit that a bit too hard left
that out right well that was just a bit right yeah tried to string a bit too
hard right there should have just one smooth but hit the tree drop down we’re
okay yeah right up in there something like
that’s where it hit drop straight down right there about 35 yards left up the
hill oh that broke a ton there at the end I
thought that was looking good that is a par here on five to under
through five holes that is the hardest stretch on the golf course but we’re
gonna need to start rolling in some of these birdie putts if we want a chance
to shoot our low round from the front tees however this is just a great drill
to work on going low making a lot of birdies shooting some scores that you’re
not typically used to shooting from the tees you would normally play and this
mentally prepares you for when you’re playing well making a lot of birdies
you’ve been there before I just think it’s a great little you know challenge
to do when you’re working on scoring on the course number six par three one
hundred and thirty yards down the hill probably playing more like 115 I’ve got
sand wedge in hand walking up here did push it just a
little bit right that’s my buddy’s ball right there definitely hit it closer
good shot sir no response from him zero he’s got ice in his veins he wants to
make a pin slammin birdie that is a par 3 here on six number seven par-5 440
yards our our aiming point is going to be that little tree right there anything
on that right side is going to give us a good look into the green driver in hand we’re walking around trying to find the
ball hit it really good it was right on the cut line of the fairway couldn’t
find it it’s a little wet out so thought it might have plugged and walked over
the hill found it 85 yards left to a roughly middle pin I don’t believe I hit
that ball that far in these conditions at all I must have landed on his
sprinkler head either way we’ll take it what’s wedgie
it close that’s my buddy up there throwing darts that’s Paul close to the
hole lob wedge in hand a little long but we got a putt for
Eagle come on let me in break Oh thought I was
gonna have a bit more break however that is alright good roll pin slammer here on
seven that moves us to 3-under through seven need to finish strong on this nine
to give us a good chance going into the back nine to shoot our record low for
the front T challenge out here at Nashville Golf however hit some good
shots and you know the putts aren’t quite falling today but that’s okay
we’ll get the rock roll in here shortly hopefully these last two holes on the
number eight up the hill par-3 135 yards a little into the breeze with these
temperatures dropping so quick ball is really not flying anywhere laying it up
on the green spun back we need to get this up and down of all actually kind of almost popped
out right there right there but it went in the bottom par number nine par four
297 yards straight down the hill you know the motto y’all didn’t come here to
lay up let’s go it’s getting a little dark I couldn’t
really see from here but I hit that really well we’ll take it that’s what
we’re looking for out of driver right there hit that one pretty straight it
was on a good line just right of the pen I don’t see it yet walking up here I
don’t see it on the green but I do think it might have just trickled off the back
edge that’s the swing you’re looking forward to in the day with driver
walking off the back side of the green that ball did carry a bit further than I
thought it is right there good swing we’ve got a little chip here
get up and down for a bird very dope in slammer on9 hope you’ll
enjoy coming along the front nine we finished at 4-under 32 four birdies five
pars played pretty solid for the most part didn’t really roll any long putts
in so kind of kept us from going real low but it gives us an outside chance at
shooting 59 on the back nine but need to go 9-under but with the back nine
there’s three par 5s so some Eagle opportunities you never
know so stay tuned for that that’s going to be in the next video uploaded hope
you enjoyed coming along drop a little like if you did comment below other on
course challenges you’d like to see in the future and y’all until next time
we’ll see you only see ya

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    Great playing under the conditions! I am in Ohio and feel your "cold" pain!
    That poor dormant grass!
    Great to see you made it home safe from paradise!
    How about a NASH59 shirt to go along with the TIHLIF shirt?
    Only people that are fans of yours will know the meaning of the shirts which is what makes them great!

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