Can I Break Par? | Part 2 | Golfing At Ko’olau Golf Club In Hawaii

Can I Break Par? | Part 2 | Golfing At Ko’olau Golf Club In Hawaii

what is up y’all welcome back to Ko’olau this is part two of a two-part series vlogging all 18 holes are on to
the back nine a little quick update from the front nine
how many lost balls so my goal was to I had a dozen balls I lost three I’ve got
nine left I’m feeling great I’m in good shape that’s great one ball whole lot
that’s all I can ask for and I ended up shooting two over on the front nine
three bogeys one birdie number 10 par four 420 yards our aiming point is going
to be that 150 marker gonna be going with four iron here it’s 280 to go
through the fairway Green sits off back in there that almost took down the 150 that was
right where we’re aiming it sets up really nicely for me to lose my ball
and then there were eight balls left alright in great shape right
there there’s the green kind of hiding on us down there 160 yards left full cen
9-iron we got a pin slammer look did shape
right there about 20 feet back up the hill let’s roll the rock birdie shirt
with the birds in harmony and you making a birdie I love it Oh once I thought it
was breakin it wasn’t gonna stop but it did not sure if that was English but
that’s a four here on ten look at this place where are we right now
the birds chirping for you listen carefully they’re saying welcome Zach to
Colo number 11 par 5 530 yards pretty much straight away aren’t targets gonna
be a tree somewhere in there full spin driver oh that’s ridiculous
pretty much how you draw it up I’ll take that one
I couldn’t really tell what’s over the hill there Jurassic Park I know that the
pterodactyls kind of spend their time up here okay
the t-rex kind of Nestle’s here and then you got to be careful when you get your
ball out here that’s where the Velociraptor is like leaning out if we
survive go a while so far too early to tell I’m in the jaws you’re kind of on
top riding the beast I’m in the jaws but I think we will survive we will survive
Oh am i singing today all right good shape right there middle of fairway 222
carry the bunker I’m gonna zoom in here so you can see a little better
– 41 – a very back pin location didn’t come here to lay up I’ve got full sin
for iron kids do not try this at home
Zac out there at what 2:40 about to carry this ravine shot is off and he’s
on the green of course is was there ever a doubt we are putting I know that
probably landed on the other side of the brush they’re not sure if you can see
that down but it is on the green let’s go
Eagle camera dropping putt ahead looks like about 30 feet right there this guy
Ryan throwing darts as well he’s got a pin slam and birdie look yeah buddy all right that didn’t really go right I
might have pulled it just a little bit but easy little tap-in for birdie
we have a pin slamming opportunity from Ryan right here oh this looks really
good let him in what I mean oh no how does
that stop I was gonna be a nun slammer no and that is a pin slam and birdie that
is our first birdie here on the back nine moves us to 1-under on the back
nine one over for the full 18 through 11 holes on number 12 par 4 this is very
tight 365 yards and there is nowhere to miss it here looks like an inch right of
the fairway is lost ball you might have a little slope on the left from here it
looks to be about 20 yards between lost ball and lost ball it’s like that the king of sting has
decreed upon the land that it only sting us should hit the fairway sweet spot
oh right down central just a little buzz cut on those trees I think I found my
horse hmm we’d love to have you come on down this is amazing you can hit
stingers on like every single hole and the backdrops are incredible however
this arguably might be the tightest tee shot I’ve ever seen I mean this is a
tough course it’s a beautiful course it is we’re getting our money’s worth yes
we are a little muddy because you get a little moisture here that’s okay very
humid very sticky it’s like we’re in a greenhouse right now but you could play
this course every day for the rest of your life and never get bored because
the writing is like just under eight that’s ridiculous
middle of the fairway right there that is the view 130 yards left
that’s a volcano is it really I think if you sting a heart into that mountain it
may just erupt so careful this course is truly one of the most
difficult courses I’ve ever played off to a solid start here on the back nine
have a chance to finish strong the fairways are tight the greens are
undulate the greens are tough the views are incredible and that’s actually what
makes it so difficult this is so much fun but wow what a test seventy eight
point two rating and 153 slope that’s crazy walking from the backside of the
green to the front we were hitting our approach shot from right up there ended
up about 20 feet just below the hole let’s roll the rock that was aggressive mountains the slopes of the greens can
get kind of crazy don’t like those a little bit uphill now that I’m here I
was definitely down no words you hate to see that that’s
when you look at the mountains and say I’m in a beautiful place and I will
bounce back I have definitely found that these greens can be a little tricky I
was a three-putt right there even par on the back nine to over for the day or on
to 13 a super cool par-3 206 yards full since 6-iron take that all day long right there and
that is how you bounce back with a good swing on the very next hole after an
unfortunate bogey all righty ended up right there about 12 feet left
for birdie let’s go oh that was in the heart all right that
is a three here on 13 the heels are alive with the sound of music I think
it’s a different country yeah quick update zach is – over on the day
even par on the back playing great I’ve only lost four balls that’s four and
it’s beautiful behind us there’s nowhere else we’d rather be no not at all
okay and it’s all I have to say about that I don’t think I mentioned what the
distance is that we’re playing from we’re playing it all the way back which
I did mention in the first video however total distance is like 7310 this is 13
par 4 420 yards not much room out there I
meant 13 take 3 I’m m14 hey guys the real Zack Radford here
about to send it right down the middle probably 400 yards no big deal and that
is exactly what happened bro that was smoked you know is amazing when I said I
was the real Zack Radford and I believed it I hit the best drive of my life thank
you I mean that tee shot was right down
central go I was a stinger yeah effective okay folks he’s at 127 gap
wedge back right pin appears to be a good shot are the bugs
eating your legs a little bit yes I thought I was bleeding a second ago but
it was just sweat that I was itching my legs so much that I thought it was
bloodshed well just as humans love Hawaii so do creatures and bugs I went
with the gap wedge right there I think we ended up a little short looks to be
about 30 feet just short but we’re putting see if we can troll the rock nice pot was big that was big I always
needed barn here on 14 look at this what are you serious on this view what I
mean that’s crazy that is in sane now that’s a golf hole Thank You Pete die
is this a Pete Dye course I’m pretty sure it is yes
either that or Steven Spielberg okay we still don’t know but legend has it that
Pete Dye did design this course and then ate a whole box of chocolate-covered
macadamia zhh and passed out kind of a random story but it’s true yeah
Spielberg just bill Burke design great ball right there 370 yards full
sent for iron thanks to Ryan for captioning this
awesome drone shot what an epic view put a
little shot tracer to this another fairway hit you know my motto here hi
drone it and let it fly lemonade that was so good club twirl 113 yards
left a little up the hill sand wedge in hand it’s a major excavation work I’d have
been the biggest David I’ve ever taken all right so that was a little long but
that’s okay about 30 feet left for birdie this is why this course is so
difficult I mean let’s talk about this real quick you were three feet off the
green here look at the weeds behind there yeah did you ever see Rambo yeah
yeah we go in there for a ball you’re not coming back no you’re done but that
is why this course is so difficult and yet so beautiful look at this wet shot
in here from Kellen oh great shot sir all right in with the for number 16 par
5 567 yards big dogleg to the right green sits off back there and hitting it
right about in there hopefully this is a video you guys look foolish nope still
video still looking goofy quick little update I am even par in the back to over
on the day what’s the ball count at I’ve lost 8 now thanks for reminding me that
means I have four balls left through two holes there you go
that’s my second boy empty half full absolutely all day long
come on positive thinking whoa I know this is a par 5 but it is super tight up
there I’m gonna go with 4 iron let’s sting it all right left side of the fairway
that’s why we stung it I do have to say this probably is the absolute tightest
course I’ve ever played ooh like almost no question about it yeah it’s tough
every single tee shot I mean if you miss the fairway you don’t have much room you
are in the jungle yes you’re in the fairway I still feel like I’m in the
jungle oh it’s uh everywhere say yeah beautiful course man it really is we’re
having a great time this has been amazing so thankful to be here all
righty we are right there that is the shot to
the green actually the green is like back here that’s why I didn’t hit driver
this is a free shot hole we’re just gonna be laying it up over there Zak has
managed to land right near the pig area yes there are wild pigs out here so he’s
gonna hit this ball before he get in gets into any major trouble very well done that’s kind of a layup
area over there typically layups are reserved for the
basketball court but on this hole it’s the only play all righty
in the fairway green is right there you can barely see the pin I’m gonna put the
camera behind have roughly 125 yards left alright guys got great cardio oh it’s so hot out here did you just down that whole bottle one
one go yeah but it’s kind of a mini there’s that view right there that’s
tasty that’s a tasty cake tasty is that what would you rather have that view or
a box of chocolate macadamia nuts comment below let us know easy answer
the answer is the chocolate macadamia nuts
I gotta go with that view kellen thank you so much for having me out here today
that’s been incredible the views out here are insane amazing make sure to
check out kelan he’s with the first tee he also has a player’s card so I’ll drop
those in the description down below thank you again so much for having me
out here coming out finish up strong last couple will do to over birdie look
here it’s like right there little deep little deep again wedge controlled
distance has not been great today but we’re okay got a chance to shoot under
par have a few holes left let’s go get to the choppa all right probably about
40 feet here this has to go to the right doesn’t you guys I think so what do you
think Cal there’s water there the only water on the course so it’s gonna go to
the water there is water right there and there is a mountain right there
this ball has to go that way the patented back forward he’s a pin
slammer I knew it had to go that way side door
let him in this course is incredible it is really distracting having that view
when you’re putting I mean seriously this place is insane
I’ve never played a course anywhere close to this view so I’m just thankful
to be here having fun to over to to play giddy up yeah
number 17 hole 230 so it’s gonna be a bit of a test way down there big
elevated tee box pin at the back right danger of the bunker so my money’s on me
to make a birdie and we’ll see if Zach can keep up plays a little downhill
probably playing about 220 I’ve got five iron in hand I was about pin-high just a little right
I think it’s shipping got a little work to do that needs to cut it is starting
to cut that’s actually looking pretty good the club twirl was a grade-a plus
it was alright little right of the grain pin-high not much green to work with
let’s get this up and down I know these Engels on some of these putts aren’t
quite than normal angles but I mean that’s the backdrop I’m not gonna pass
up an opportunity was huge on day team to over even on the back par
is a great score apparently according to golf serie hardest handicap hole we
didn’t come here to make par no of course not let me tell you what’s going
on here this is quite the hole so we’ve got to carry and land out there and then
carry back across and you could probably hit the green so I don’t think you can
cut it at 492 you can have to go there and then onto the green simple enough it
is it says 387 but on the card right there it says a 476 yeah I think is what
it says yes it does I mean what is the line if I were to go for the small
fairway on the right if you were to cut it you’d have to just basically just go
blind over the trees and carry 300 okay so I wouldn’t put it past you to do that
but as your caddy I want you to play it safe and manage the course yeah take par
even par on the back nine that still keeps you in the one percentile my
caddies telling me to lay up I can’t come here to lay up I have no idea what
the line is probably roughly somewhere in there we’re gonna take high and let
it fly are you kidding me high from there we’re gonna have to
get some elevation very quickly to get over these trees I’ve guessed the line
we’re gonna let it fly actually have no idea but it was hit
pretty good I don’t know if y’all can see it but there it is we made it across
are you serious yeah we made it we I that’s it right there all of that all of
that was carried for the mountain are we going into the filming of Jurassic Park
right here welcome to the jungle dude you’re singing you’re gonna kill me
on the copyright today this is crazy look at this this this is awesome we are
in the jungle where’s your jungle baby dude you frickin troubled that didn’t
say that was at least a 3/10 carry like a calendar he’s smiling let’s go there
it is right there only person in the world who tried and executed that shot I
honestly can’t believe it I hit it good but we were kind of guessing on the line
there and that’s that’s right maybe just a little long but we got a
birdie look are you my acting caddie here asshole
I am would you like these mud spots cleaned off I’ll be amazing this is this
is quite a service sir would you that would be incredible maybe some waffle
fries excellent and sign me up and he’s gonna
make it all the way to the hole this is for a pin slammer on the most difficult
hole on the course to go 1-under on the back for a total of 73 good effort there oh I was really happy
with that stroke really was he hit how he wanted it for the par and that’s a
great score at Colo I don’t care who you are all done here at Cole out this was
incredible thanks y’all so much for having me out good job man finished it
to over even on the back nine here to over for the total on the 18 what was
the ball count at oh did we we made it you made it I made it I made it all the
way through I lost less 10 balls 10 balls
it’s a that pains me to say that on your channel in front of all these wonderful
people but I lost 10 balls and I had a great experience I had a great
experience as well would come back here any time I mean these views truly are
incredible you got to check it out if you ever come to Oahu that is for sure
this is a must-play course hope you enjoy coming along if you did drop a
little like down below that’d be greatly appreciated make sure to check these
guys out I’ll put their links in the description below Kellan Ryan thank you
all so much for having me out good job dude and y’all until next time we’ll see
you when we see ya

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