CeCe Wants to Sever Family Ties | Basketball Wives

CeCe Wants to Sever Family Ties | Basketball Wives

CeCe I think that you say a lot of things- CeCe!
[knocks on table] Let me say something
to you really quickly. It’s not supposed
to be any animosity or, like, a rigged moment. This ain’t no
Maury Povich-type [bleep]. It’s okay to spill, you know,
like, little–little tea, but real family secrets
that are close– supposed to be closed
to the vents that people are really
gonna be affected by– it could disrupt
the family dynamic– that’s some [bleep] that maybe
you should keep to yourself. – I get you,
but this whole big to-do of, oh, it’s this
big family secret– it’s not a big family secret. It’s not a huge deal, and because of the way
OG delivered it, it made it look worse
than it sounded like at the conversation
of our dinner. – CeCe, I think OG was able to
throw out several things that she said you told her. The Thomas part–
she knew it was gonna be a jab. That’s why she used it
in that moment. So therefore, it’s kind
of strange that you don’t know. – The one conversation
I had with her about that, which I thought, at the time,
was harmless, he was sitting right there.
We were all together. – But it sounds terrible. It’s not anyone’s to share, especially if it can be used
in a negative way. – I’ve been in this family
for ten years. I’ve never, ever in my life
had a issue with Byron–never. So this, talked about him
behind his back… – But when you say that,
it’s, like, blaming me. – Every argument that our family
has had, you have started. – Oh, girl, please.
I am done. You know what, Kristen?
– I hope you’re done. – You know what? This is the last time
you’re gonna see me, okay? So, good.
– [gasps] – I don’t even care anymore. – I know you don’t care,
but that’s the problem. – You know, let me finish!
– I want you to care. – This is what
I’m talking about. I don’t care if you or
any of his kids don’t like me. I don’t care.
I don’t care! – Yeah, but saying that
is terrible. – Wow. CeCe’s over [bleep] here
talking about severing ties
with all the family. Like, this is [bleep] worse
than I imagined. – You don’t care if his kids
don’t like him? You’re good with that? – Yeah! – OG might’ve started the fight, but that damn CeCe
lit the match. – CeCe, I have a question
for you. When wedding day comes, and you look around, and none of his kids are there, how is that gonna make you feel? ♪ ♪ – I don’t even care. It’s more about
how Byron would feel. – Okay, so how do you
expect my husband to show up at a union when his wife has been
blatantly not invited? – That’s between you guys. – Let’s stop playing. The problem stems
from CeCe and Kristen. Let’s not just
put it off on you. So you guys have to fix it. – I don’t know how to fix it,
to be honest. – I tried.
It’s what it is. – This is getting out of hand, so the only thing left to do
is to call Byron. This is my last resort. I gotta figure out a way
to save my family. – I’m not gonna beg, plead,
try to act any different. I’m just gonna move on
and get married and not worry about it.

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  1. I’m new to this show. How are Cee Cee, Malaysia, and Kristen related?

  2. Kristen’s the stupid one. She should have known to find away to get along with Byron’s main squeeze. She can’t touch that.

  3. They treated her like she wasn't family so I don't why they are pressed that she doesn't care. I think they wanted her to beg to be apart of her squad. But who needs that?

  4. A man's love life should never trump his relationship with his children!!! Cece is bad news!

  5. Cece too classy for those ladies because they always punking her

  6. When CeCe said yeahhhh! I bust out laughing

  7. Cece's face bothers me y'all! Looks like someone's pulling down her chin

  8. I feel like everyone was coming at Cece for no reason. It wasnt what was said it was how it was said. Og delivered it in a way where it might of sound disrespectful but it wasnt because the news was already out period……now for Cece saying she doesnt care if bryons kids are at the wedding you damn fucking right yall not nice to Cece why should she care.

  9. Kristen is so annoying

  10. Jackie's faces was killing me

  11. YES CECE, I love! This is what you call mean girls at its finest l

  12. Malaysia needs to save herself before she saves her “ family “

  13. No reason why Tami yelled at CeCe like relaxx mamass

  14. This is what happens when you're negative and showcase an unlikable personality. What Cece is saying about her husband's kids IS out of pocket, contrary to popular belief, especially of they're not publicly expressing their dislike for her. But because Kristen, Malaysia and the other women are so damn unlikable, they make Cece look like the person empirically in the right

  15. wow i dont like the most that comes out of malaysia smouth but that question was good. Bravo malaysia be more like that sensetive and feel it.

  16. Kristen shut the hell up you wanna be down so bad just crying and over dramatic for no reason

  17. This show I wack as heck got women looking stupid

  18. Tami sit down u dint know anything about Cece

  19. If they don’t like her wtf is she supposed to do? Foh I will feel the same way ohhhhh welllllll

  20. I don't like how any of these women's eyebrows look like they are drawn on with nothing but Eyebrow Pencil lmfaooo 😂 They do not look natural at all. Where is the hair in their brows ? Lol

  21. Are they serious Google Bryon Scott name and Thomas name doesn't come up as his children

  22. Can someone please explain this family Dynamics they r talking about. Who is related and who the hell is Byron.

  23. Cece a mess 💀💀💀

  24. I don’t see anything wrong with what Cece said. If I marry someone with grown kids and they’re bitter af, I’m not gonna be pressed like a panini.

  25. Wow…pause at 1:32 Shaunie looks so evil and manipulative, she knows she secretly loves this drama for her show to stay relevant.

  26. Cece is so gorgeous and I love how she always maintains her composure. She doesn't let any of them bring her out of her character

  27. 1:32 shaunies face is my mood. Lol

  28. Cece gotta damn apology. But won’t stand up for og after all that bs

  29. LMAO Kristen's face @ 1:46 😂

  30. You had an issue with Byron when you called him a deadbeat grandpa. That’s on you not cece

  31. It sounds like CeCe don’t want him to have them around wow

  32. Tami's final interaction with a major part of the BBW cast. This moment held together the entire season

  33. Can I just say everyone looks beautiful in this scene😍

  34. Kristen always trying to act like the victim

  35. Love me some Tammi😂😍

  36. Tami , I like Cece that woman know about her family she need to stop taking about her business, good for you Cece that you left hous wives for good.

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  44. Kristen is such a hypocritical.

  45. Yes Cece! Enjoy your husband! You can only control yourself, cannot make decisions or worry about everybody

  46. Cece quit or ask for more$$, you and OG are the reason why this season was OK

  47. Laquisha from Compton ain't even a real cousin she's cousin by marriage so I don't understand why she even care that much 😂

  48. They want CeCe to kiss ass just cause shes marrying their father!!!

  49. I still don't understand why Kristen is mad🤔Cece is very classy

  50. Lawd why is Kristen crying over this ordeal?? Like it's HER dad that's not blood related. Girl get over it! So stupid.

  51. 1:33 shaunie is pure bs

  52. OG and Cece are fake as hell

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