Champion Soccer League Cup Finals Newcastle Benfield/Polish Eagles – 04/07/2016 [ENG]

Champion Soccer League Cup Finals Newcastle Benfield/Polish Eagles  – 04/07/2016 [ENG]

On Monday 4th of July in Benfield Sports Centre in Newcastle There were 6-a-side League Cup Finals of British Federation Chapion Soccer There was a Polish team called Polish Eagles which took a part in it Which was also the champion title holder. We are in division one, we took 3rd place as Beniaminek in the previous season, This is a good achievement, of course, always we believe in the highest goals, we have great aspirations, we have big ambitions, we have great players, So everything will be fine. In the tournament played in cup system, participated 8 teams. After winning the quarter-finals with Wallsender 3: 1, and defeating in the semifinals Mighty Met 3: 2, in the final, after a hard-fought Polish Eagles lost with Banter Brigade 3: 2, finishing in 2nd place. We are just after the final match of Champion Soccer League Cup Finals 6-a-side, and here with me the captain of team Polish Eagles Patryk. Exciting match, unfortunately, you didn’t win, but you got a 2nd place, are you satisfied? Of course, there is a disappointment, but I’m proud of my guys, we really gave out everything today. we didn’t manage but there are the next cups also next season approaching Surely, we will try to take better places, so just keep your fingers crossed for us. League Cup Finals were the ending of last season. The new season starts on Monday 11th of July.

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