CHELSEA FC CHAMPIONS 2015 (Mourinho TROLLS the LEAGUE! cartoon premier league title 14-15)

CHELSEA FC CHAMPIONS 2015 (Mourinho TROLLS the LEAGUE! cartoon premier league title 14-15)

hello welcome aboard closes bus and this time is not part it’s Celebration Tour of country to show some cuffs special we are how special I am but I’m not telling those wrong handsome what nothing once a week your skin gel skin coupons a leak in gel skin who wants a link just if gel skin who wants a leak just in the course right not longer off specialist well hello mr. winter Ultimo fancy seeing your favor of you am i right in thinking that this winner used to play here as sex let me ask you is holding that trophy slightly more important it ring it with hawk title haircut one sex let’s get outta here before it pushes me driver just in chess game your skin Chelsea who one’s elite Chelsea Chelsea who wants a week Josh Manchester or have enjoyed decades of success but enough about Corey hello mr. Burhan Shh well fancy seeing you here now it turns out you are my people and I am your pastor caching flocks and attack Lola dartie at the back good one and here’s a copy of my favorite statistics a week table driver you I gotta wake your skin just like who won the league just a chance key who won the league Jam Steve Ross on their bubble up next stop Liverpool on a 25-minute up the climb and on goal all along with you Gary that include your family members elephant cor 12 insisting you’re here stay honestly I’m surprised I was expecting to see Claudia it’s not when your best year if I’m totally honesty in case you have forgotten I’ve written shut walls to work you failed in the link in your top four it really has been quite a killer because you get to your next J is when you are playing a villa Rick Astley on Villa browse to discard no birthday farewell Final Four team had an attack and worse in the back I still managed by Tim Tim your Saudis have failed like a tional of bench the Chuckle brothers an attack the lava is laid and can you explain laser press the treatment with back where he likes telling his method shortly of the contact you notice inside his only chance of finishing high as breathing in nitrous oxide skin cancer those who want the we shall stand chance Kayoko lung a week please like the ball one thing left to say because one delete spiritual who what the week thanks for everything video congratulations that she’ll ski bus company this song will be available on iTunes on me rapport thanks for watching

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  1. Chelsea are obviously the best team going

  2. Liverpool still best they won u 1-3 boom haha Lfc

  3. Says falcow was a flop, next season mourinho gets falcow on loan. Complete face palm.

  4. Ivanovics hand was ripped of but at the end the hand was there

  5. 2:14 Brendan says OK but in the subtitles it says CHELSKI, CHELSKI!

  6. Who won the Fa Cup 2017 arsenal arsenal

  7. I hate them but it is good song

  8. Joses bus is trashhh

  9. Who’s watching this after City won the league!

  10. arsey wenger is a specialist in failure

  11. 'The closest you'll get to Europe next year is when you're playing A.Villa'

    That was a pretty good line by Terry at the time but it hasn't aged well for him

  12. 3:12

    who's the didi

  13. Who's here from Man City song?

  14. Ahhhh I love how John Terry bags Aston Villa in this video but he went to them at the start of this year 😂😂😂

  15. Can I parody Leicester?

  16. Now in 2018: who won the league? City! City!

  17. My friend supports Chelsea but I support man united why is our manager there in Chelsea

  18. Jose is coach for man united

  19. The girl is Eva Carneiro?

  20. Secs….😂😂😂😂😂

  21. 1:13 is the river Dee run through my town yet separates England and wales

  22. The kop changes to the klopp

  23. What song is it based on?

  24. at 2:14 when elephant seal says "okay", the lyrics are chelski chelski.
    anyone else notice that

  25. You used this three years in a row

  26. Why does Jose go from saying "Who won ze league" to "Who won the league"???

  27. 2018=subscribe to my Channel

  28. Ivanovic won the league!!!

  29. What is the name of the real song?
    Can someone tell me that, please?

  30. What's the gold man

  31. Who is very crap? United United!

  32. Who is very crap? United United! Who is very crap? United United! Who is very crap? United of course!

  33. Pod hy back application

  34. Where was tottenham

  35. ( who won the league? – chealse- chealse)

  36. whos watching in 2018?

  37. Who won the league? Chelski Chelski!

  38. Mourinho.You are rude.

  39. You forgot about spurs

  40. Now it's City City

  41. The best song on 442oons

  42. No im not Chelsea yes Liverpool m Salah

  43. Anyone here after he got sacked from Man U just for the jokes 😂

  44. Who's here after Mourinho got fired again?

  45. Please one for 18-19

  46. 2:32 Jose was wrong

  47. Salah on the bus?

  48. Im late but chelski

  49. Who won the league Chelsea

  50. Good job chelskiiiiiiiii

  51. 2:14 CHELSKI! CHELSKI! When Seal Elefant says "WHAT?"

  52. Stillt he best rapping 2:10 of youtube

  53. Who won ballon'd or? Luka,Luka!

  54. Chelski who missies jose chelski who missies the titles chelski of course

  55. Hello chelsea im from the future and and in the season 18/19 you wont win the league but kepa is a good manager so in the next season u can win it

  56. Back when I support Chelsea

  57. 2:48 😂😂😂😂😂

  58. 02:13 instead of Ok it said Chelski, Chelski

  59. This year it will be Liverpool Liverpool

  60. 2:13 rodgers said okay and the text said chelski,chelski

  61. Arsey winger more like assenal manager sacked 😋

  62. the first one and the best

  63. Who Won The League?

  64. Who won the UCL 18/19? LFC! LFC!

  65. Who’s he after the new man city one

  66. 2:10 now he's liverpool boos
    2:15 he say okay but dean draw chelski chelski

  67. 2:43 no he joined Man City and he finished high

  68. It'll never be quite the same without mourinho on the bus

  69. Who is here in 2019 due to recommendation after Liverpool won the UCL?

  70. What is sacreblue?

  71. And city just won it three times in a row

  72. Hello elephant seal well fancy seeing you here

  73. cough cough Bradford city 4 Chelsea 2 cough cough

  74. Sad how only one of the people on the bus plays for Chelsea now (Willian)

  75. Its 2019 and Man Utd defence still hasent changed hahahahahaha

  76. Who is watching after man utd win the league in 2020

  77. You can see Ivanovic hand in 0:12 Suarez bite

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