Chelsea news: Premier League clubs react to proposed UEFA Champions League rule changes

Chelsea news: Premier League clubs react to proposed UEFA Champions League rule changes

our report in the Wall Street Journal suggested uaica would meet with the European Association of clubs this week to consider radical changes to the competition it is claimed that a promotion and relegation system was discussed as well as the potential of moving matches to weekends you eight would have confirmed a meeting with the ECA but refused to be drawn on the topics on the agenda [Music] while a number of clubs are happy with a proposal to play matches at weekends many are against the idea [Music] Mundo Deportivo reports English clubs were joined by Barcelona in voicing their concerns about the switch [Music] domestic leads continue to be the source of huge income due to TV rights particularly across the Premier League it is reported that clubs told you eight where they have no plans to kill their competition by moving matches to midweek [Music] psg angel Bendis are alleged to have been among the club’s packing the proposal got the new international calendar across all competitions will come into play after 2024 [Music] a UEFA statement confirmed on Tuesday a meeting was held today to view a Qin headquarters between the UEFA Executive Committee and the ECA Executive Board which represents the full range of the ECA membership [Music] the purpose of the meeting was to engage in an informal brainstorming session to allow for an initial sharing of ideas in exchange of views around UEFA club competitions post 2024 [Music] the news comes as UEFA way up the possibility of playing a Champions League final outside of Europe due to the nightmare posed in Kiev last year [Music] get Chelsea latest news updates directly to your inbox subscribe thank you for subscribing

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  1. Cor. Some time change is not good. Look what they done to the FA cup. No more replays after the 5th round.. I hated when they stoped the cup winners cup. I understood why. But they could have done something better….. Has your voice change. You sound more up beat ?☺

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