Chick Corea: Vigilette | JAZZ NIGHT IN AMERICA

Chick Corea: Vigilette | JAZZ NIGHT IN AMERICA

♪ ♪ [applause]
♪ [applause]
♪ [applause]
♪ [applause] CHICK COREA: Marcus Gilmore on the drums [applause] Carlitos Del Puerto on the bass [applause] [applause] Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you. Any of you, uh, like Domenico Scarlatti? Scarlatti, that’s how I– Dom Scarlatti
[laughter] He wrote 550 piano sonatas, uh, without a piano. He wrote them with harpsichord. Anybody ever hear of Domenico Scarlatti? [weak audience applause]
Eh, OK, meh [laughter] That’s what happens when I’m so excited
about it Domenico who? Anyway, no problem, [laughter] He’s my thing. Um, yeah, he wrote these wonderful piano sonatas. Uh, like I said, he wrote them on harpsichord. I picture myself sitting down with him and having a conversation, cause I think we’d have a lot in common. So, I’m gonna improvise something for him, and then we’re gonna play one of
his 550 sonatas. And then we’re going to morph that into a piece written by Bud Powell, another one of my mentors and teachers. Thank you. [applause] Marcus Gilmore on the drums
[applause] [applause] Carlitos Del Puerto on the bass
[applause] [applause] Thank you very much. How’s the sound out there?
[applause] I got a really nice piano to tune and a really nice piano tuner, so we’re good this week. [laughter] Actually, you know, the piano, the piano technician is like 80% of the, of the piano. You can have a great piano and it’s not prepared well, and it’s a dog. [laughter] Ok, enough about piano. Let’s see. [laughter] How about, how about we, uh, wanna play Zyryab? Let’s play Zyryab. Zyryab lived in the 700s. The, it was the eighth century. He lived in Iraq and North Africa. He was an oud player, a composer, a poet, a teacher, an astronomer, a meteorologist, a botanist, a chemist, a cosmetician, cosmologists, I mean, no— the— cosmetics.
[crowd laughter] Geography, he, he was learned in geography, The culinary arts, fashion [laughter] And more.
[laughter] I, I, I heard that, uh, Zyryab, uh, was the guy that invented utensils. Like brought ut— yeah, eating with utensils. He was quite a guy. Anyway, the reason why I’m telling you all of that is because Paco de Lucía, the great flamenco guitarist made an
album dedicated to Zyryab, which I was honored to play on many years ago, and this is one, this is the title track of the record, which is Paco’s composition. And it’s an honor to Zyryab, because, uh, because Paco feels, and a lot of, uh,
musicians feel that Zyryab was real the guy who brought the eastern, Middle Eastern influence of oud and, uh into flamenco music. So that’s why Paco gives him such a tribute. So we’d like to play Paco’s tune. Or try to play it. It, it’s tricky.
[chuckles] This is called Zyryab. [applause overtop music] [applause] Marcus Gilmore
[applause] [applause] Carlitos Del Puerto
[applause] [applause] We got one more for you. This is, uh, this is a, a little tune Is it a tune? I don’t know what it is. Can, can you call this a song? Oh, you don’t even know what we’re gonna play, right? [laughs] [laughter] Wayne Shorter wrote, wrote a classic called “Footprints,” and then, uh, then you know Miles and that great quintet recorded that, and they played it a lot. I played it with Miles, too, when, when I first joined the band, Wayne, uh, they were still, the quinet was still playing Wayne Shorter tunes. And so we got to play “Footprints.” Anyway, I wrote a tune in answer sorta to Wayne’s “Footprints.” This is called “Fingerprints.” [laughter] [applause] Marcus Gilmore on drums, Carlitos Del Puerto on the bass.
[applause] Chick Corea on the piano Thank you all for coming out, you’ve been great. Thank you. [applause]

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  1. Somebody knows what drum is that?

  2. Who’s the dick heads hitting thumbs down. Must love rap!

  3. chick corea is a living jazz musician icon giving players like carlitos del puerto and marcus gilmore the opportunity to share the concert stage with him. success to his trio vigilette.

  4. This is incredible musicianship ! fabulous trio ! thanks Chick Corea

  5. Nice.•*¨*•.¸¸♬•*¨*•.¸¸♬•*¨*•.¸¸♪

  6. I was a little tipsy when I watched this and I started focusing on how much the girl in the center kept eating. Like leave the bar snacks on the table already!

  7. its a snow day in RVA. Chillin out with Chick Corea. Never heard of him before today.

  8. i went to see him when he came to play in toyota last month. i still can't believe my luck.

  9. how is possible that someone intelligent enough to create this level music can be it below average in other areas? (I'm talking about Corea's religion ''beliefs'')

  10. This is a well done YouTube video: good HD video, good camera angles, good write-up, good reference. But, of course, it is by NPR. For that professionally done audio/visual presentation, I will subscribe.

  11. (1) "On Green Dolphin Street" —He started out good on the standard but not in the latter part when he improvised on Spanish chords which are all too often.
    (2) "Flamenco Rhumba"—-He even infuses his Spanish style/rhythms into Scarlatti. The guy can't get away from his Spanish fixation. He didn't meld Scarlatti into his jazz well. I heard Corea attempt at regular Classical music such as a Mozart piano concerto and he comes off like an amateur.
    (3) "Tempus Fugit" anybody can improvise on one scale.
    (4) "Zyryab" BAaahhh!! more of that Spanish doodle.
    (5) "Fingerprints" nice chord changes but did anybody catch the melody? Not I

  12. Dat some badass shit here.

  13. the videos have to be with music not with blah blah blah that has nothing leads and please chic korea that is not a pianist ALWAYS ALWAYS DOES NOT SHARE WITH MANY OF ITS COMPONENTS … THE SELFISHNESS IN CHICK IS TERRIBLE BECAUSE IT IS NOT SOLO AND IS FINISHED? DO YOU BELIEVE THAT THE OTHERS ARE SERVANTS WHO ACCOMPANY NOTHING MORE ?????

  14. I saw Chick play in '99 at a community college with Gary Burton on xylophone. Chick played pizzicato for a while where he opened up the piano and played the strings. First and last time I have ever seen anyone play that way.

  15. Traced the influence of Paco de lucia

  16. Muito bom !!! Mas, queria poder ouvir o baixo mais alto…

  17. I admire Chick’s pushing the limits in his disc, but this live set, it sounds like he no longer moving forward but backward

  18. So who as the piano tech? Boston or NY? TIA.

  19. ….He's better now than ever….if that is even possible!

  20. Elevator music with no soul… just for the musician to pretend. Did not project any feeling just for showing off. Excellent technique but does not communicate human emotion.

  21. Two hi-hats manipulated at about the same time: toes on one pedal, and heel on the other one?

  22. this man s a genius

  23. To the lady who is sitting in the front row. If you prefer to eat rather then listen, I would like to exchange any meal you want with your seat. Take your food and go eat anywhere else and give me your seat. 😜

  24. The Master playing in his HOME…..BOSTON……….. American Jazz Icon…………..

  25. Qué animalitos de Dios.

  26. Amazing music keep doin!!!!!!!!!

  27. It’s amazing to me that Chick’s technique has not suffered AT ALL, even as he is nearing 80 years of age. I can’t think of anyone else about whom that can be said. I mean, Herbie and Wayne still kick ass, but you can tell their technical chops aren’t quite what they used to be. Not so with Chick… amazing.

  28. Chick Corea is one of the pillars that modern jazz rests on. His disjointed phrasing is like a filming at a busy street corner: taking it all in but not following any passer-by in their daily toils. It is like Antonioni's Blowup.

  29. Thanks god Chick you live in this world – From Argentina (and what big musicien are the "others".

  30. Как шикарно, вот заразы, полный кайф! 😘👍👍👍👍👍💗

  31. he is great man so his wife 1996 when they came to restaurant i was working i met him i newer forget his v12 benz was in front of our restaurant also sing our wine list i still have it this day.

  32. Just when i think I've heard the best from Chick…..he tops it. Wow. And, Marcus Gilmor?!….wow, I love the way he speaks through his kit, effortlessly.

  33. the audience in the hall… I have the feeling that they do not care about what is happening, came to feel a cultural and intellectuals, but this music is not in their heart and they don't feel its rhythm.. maybe I'm wrong…

  34. Are those some kind of nuts on the drummer's high–hat ??????? Must listen carefully what effect that gives….

  35. it would be great if chick corea made a tribute to michel Petrucciani. Music by michel Petrucciani interpreted by the great chick corea. What do you think ?

  36. Old soldiers never die !

  37. This is like a trip through galxie clusters & black holes, just magnificent!

  38. OMG, this man has incredible playing technique. Beautiful!

  39. Imagine Roy Haynes being your grandfather.

  40. Wow…… excellent
    Scarlatti – Sonata in D minor, K.9/L.413

  41. One of the most beautiful minds in music.

  42. That drumming flows like water. Bruce Lee would be proud.

  43. Marcus is just killin

  44. 16:06 me encantó este momento jajaja

  45. The only thing that this overrated and self-indulgent musician has ever done that I dig, is write "tones for joan's bones".

  46. I've been researching reincarnation and composers for many years and lifetimes.

    Monteverdi→Bach→Mozart→Berlioz→Ravel→Chick Corea



    Puccini→Andrew Lloyd Webber


  47. 6:15 now THAT'S how you take an upright solo!

  48. It's wonderful to have the opportunity to listen to great musicians… my GOD!!!

  49. Супер

  50. 크~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  51. Nice concert! What an old man Chick is, but he stays! (Google Traslator)

  52. I think Chick Korea can play anything on jazz keyboard than anyone else, but I don't think the reverse is true. Korea was a virtuoso 45 years ago, yet continued to learn by leaps and bounds.

  53. Drummer does a good job. Where all these good guys come from..

  54. Poe Ruffalo del Puerto

  55. shared this to my fb page – love it – thank you

  56. Weird seeing chick play with 2 ppl I’ve never seen before but I can bet they have a great career ahead of them if they played with this legendary man. Though you can tell the connection isn’t as strong as with John or Stanley and Dave weckl. That of course is chemistry grown over time so nothing against them


    His sonatas are also played in classical guitar. One of the greatest musicians of the baroque.

  58. at first glance, thought Eric Andre was on the bass

  59. Chick is the best ever, his knowledge of music is amazing: Watch this: (A kid who admires him)

  60. TOP TRIO!! heavy Jazz !!Chick the one and the only with great jazz players!

  61. I think Chick is talking about Giuseppe Domenico Scarlatti whom he refers to as John Domenico Scarlatti.

  62. グリーンドルフィンはやっぱりアフロとスイングでストレートにやった方がカコいい。くずし過ぎていて印象に何も残らない。

  63. Absolute tour de force

  64. " Excelsos" and spectacular musicians, transporter !!!! I love the #JAZZ #CHICCOREA🎵🎵🎵 #MUSICOSdEEXCELLENCE🎶🎶🎶

  65. daaaamn, mad respect

  66. 39:38 1:06:45 (1:08:40)

  67. Still playing like he was 26.

  68. THIS IS HOW YOU PLAY THE DRUMS! Seriously Marcus, serving the music, never over playing,Insane dynamic control and contrast when it counts!

  69. Lumineux! Merci!

  70. A genius living legend!

  71. Hey, listen to our fusion song

  72. The Vigilette trio with Marcus Gilmore and Carlitos Del Puerto is quite possibly the most exciting rhythm section that has ever been assembled since the Akoustic Band combination of Dave Weckl and John Patitucci, they exude so much youth and vibrance and it really shows in their playing, Chick Corea has always had an eye for great talent and he has done it once again by choosing two of the best young prospects on the scene today. One of the finest trios led by one of the greatest musicians of all time who just keeps on getting better and better.

  73. 3:55 what a funny guy

  74. "Jazz is a series of mistakes." – Nigel Tufnel

    Seriously, this sucks.

  75. This is perfectly recorded. I LOVE THE AUDIO QUALITY!!!

  76. What is Chick, now? 310 years old…? I used to love Chick but at times I find him incredibly ponderous, full of himself, deserved perhaps, but what the Hell. He is Maestro no matter how one slices him and his music.

  77. I am so exiced and now i go to play the drums! Wonderful concert!

  78. Beautiful touch on the drums

  79. Giants! Monsters! The best of the best in the Jazz Contemporary World! Congratulations!

  80. I am lesson 40_the years! Good man tenk s"

  81. Listening to this performance one thing becomes very apparent. Marcus Gilmore is unique amongst his millennial peers. A kit drummer who understands and completely embraces his role in an ensemble setting, yet still plays with such command, presence, and creativity that its hard to ignore his developing genius. Very refreshing to hear…

  82. Listening to this performance one thing becomes very apparent. Marcus Gilmore is unique amongst his peers. A kit drummer who understands and completely embraces his role in an ensemble setting, yet still plays with such command, presence, and creativity that its hard to ignore his developing genius. Very refreshing to hear…

    Chick Corea is a Scientologist.
    Do you think his belief has influenced his GREAT music?
    Peace to all.

  84. Interesting pocket, I perceive Chick an Carlitos as playing more toward the front of the beat, and Marcus playing pretty far back. Anyone else agree? It seems like Chick often plays with drummers who play more toward the middle or front, so it makes for a different sound. Great band!

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