Christian Business/ MCA Motor Club of America Associates: 5 scriptures all about MONEY!

Christian Business/ MCA Motor Club of America Associates: 5 scriptures all about MONEY!

hey guys jessalyn here happy Wednesday I
didn’t know if I was going to do a Christian Business video today I was actually thinking about not
doing a video today and just getting back with you all tomorrow but God had
other Christian Business plans let me tell you I woke up early this morning about an hour earlier
than normal before the kids woke up before the day got crazy and I decided
to really just have some quiet time with God to pray and read my Bible and I’ll
tell you what I don’t always seek him first in the morning as I should I am
NOT a perfect person nor do I claim to be but I’ll tell you when I do that and
I really seek him diligently and invest my time into reading his word and
gaining that knowledge he gives it freely right and I had some great
revelations this morning that I want to share with you guys because I think that
it’s really important that in business specifically that especially for
Christians that are in business that we talk about some things that maybe some
people don’t want to talk about and it usually always pertains to money okay
money is like a very sensitive subject and a lot of in a lot of Christians
lives okay they don’t always want to talk so openly about it because I think
that money has gotten this overall general consensus that it’s bad or that
it’s something to fear and that’s really not the case so this morning as I was
reading and proverbs specifically God was really telling me and showing me how
he perceives money and how he wants for us to perceive money so I’m going to
share with you there’s so much I want to share with you but today specifically
I’m gonna share five different scriptures that talk about money and how
God wants for us to perceive money in our lives and in our businesses so make
sure you stay tuned okay so the first one comes from
Proverbs 1424 which says wealth is a crown for the wise did you know that
wealth and wisdom actually go hand-in-hand the more wisdom you acquire
typically the more wealth you acquire that they go hand in hand so this is all
I see that well is not a bad thing it actually is a crown for the wise God
designed money he made money okay and it was just as important back then as it is
today in fact money and possessions are referenced to in the Bible more than two
thousand times so if you have this idea that money is bad I want to encourage
you to change that perspective it shouldn’t be about acquiring money for
what you can do for yourself but what you can acquire that money to do for
other people how to serve other people how to serve God when you have a heart
to use that money for good God will bless you for that abundantly the second
thing that I want to talk about comes from proverbs 22:1 and it says choose a
good reputation over great riches so if anything ever causes you to compromise
your values your morals who you are as a person your character something just
doesn’t feel right don’t do it don’t ever compromise who you are in order to
make money for the sake of making money and there are many times that I’ve been
presented an opportunity to do something that just didn’t seem right in order to
make money and there is that conviction inside of me that says no don’t do that
one of those things I’m specific and you guys have heard me talk about this is
flashing money I’m not judging anybody who does that but for me personally I
feel convicted flashing money I want you guys to know that this business that I
work for specifically is a great opportunity to earn weekly income is
legitimate I’ve been paid every week since I joined the company but I don’t
feel like I have to showcase the money in order to get you guys to believe me
right because the proof is there you can see the sales you can see you know that
other people are making money but to actually slash dollars across the screen
that’s just something that’s not comfortable for me and because of that
it’s something that I won’t compromise it’s something that I won’t do just to
get the attention of people to make more money so if something is ever going
against your morals or your values if it’s something that just doesn’t feel
right with you then don’t do it the next piece comes
from proverbs 14:23 and it says work brings profit but mere talk leads to
poverty and this is common sense you guys you got to work you got to work
with excellence you got to put in some time you got to put in some effort
nothing is a lottery ticket nothing is going to come to you with no effort
that’s not what the Bible says the Bible says you got to work for the things that
you want to acquire in life and if you have a job don’t complain about that job
now I’m guilty of that I had a job for 12 years that I really didn’t like and I
wasn’t perfect and not complaining about it but I know that God didn’t want to
hear me complain he wanted to hear me be grateful for the fact that I had an
income that I was able to use that income to provide for my family that I
could use those resources to bless other people so instead of complaining about
our situation we should be praising him in all things and working diligently
towards the things that we would like to have instead so I wanted to quit that
job I wanted to come home full-time and I had to work for that so just know that
just talking about something isn’t going to lead you to wealth but working for it
will the next piece comes from proverbs 21:5 it says good planning and hard work
lead to prosperity but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty good planning is really
an essential okay with God he wants you to budget he wants you to save he wants
you to invest and to good things that are going to produce more wealth for you
he wants for you to prosper but he also wants you to be a good steward so when
you have money be smart about how you use that money we talked a little bit
about not spending it wisely right into having a love for the money you
shouldn’t have a love for the money but you should have a desire to earn more
income so that you can do good things with it and that’s going to require a
plan if gonna require you to be smart with your
money to cut back in areas that you need to cut back it’s gonna require investing
into opportunities that are going to generate more wealth so just ask him how
he wants for you to spend your money wisely have a plan in action to do that
and that’s going to get you more money down the road and the last tip for today
is going to come from Proverbs 13 11 which says wealth from get-rich-quick
schemes quickly disappears wealth from hard work grows over time now this says
to beware of get-rich-quick schemes if someone out there is promising you money
in the next week and they’re flashing the dollars I just want you to beware
I’m not saying it’s not legit I’m not saying that it can’t happen just be
cautious because it’s not something that necessarily will last you long term you
have to commit again to your business you have to be diligent you have to work
it with integrity if you want it to last long term there is nothing that produces
money for you overnight with zero work involved a lot of times when you’re
launching a business it’s gonna require a little bit of time and effort in some
patience to get it launched off the ground but if you commit to it God is
going to reward you for that and he’s also going to reward you for not buying
into the get-rich-quick saying okay this is not a get rich quick overnight scheme
it’s just not can you make amazing weekly income from it yes did I make
1500 in my first month yes did I say I made a million no okay it’s gonna take
work it’s gonna take consistency and yeah I think that’s really all for today
you guys I do have a lot more that I want to share with you but you’ll have
to stay tuned for next time my time has been cut short because my daughter is
now away from her nap so I’m gonna go enjoy the rest of the day with her
thanks for watching y’all and have a blessed day

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  2. Seek yee first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you…thank you for the info that God laid on your heart. The message was rite on time….Excellent verses….love this

  3. If anybody in MCA is seeing this.. I have lots of respect for you. Stay laser focused on hitting 2 new members per day, creating new information, and distributing it out to your leads. Watch your sales skyrocket! I have countless videos in my channel with free strategies to help you succeed in MCA – Subscribe today

  4. I am already a member of MCA or else I would join with you. Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed your videos and your wholesome marketing. I am a Christian myself.I need to start marketing MCA.God Bless your business and life.

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