Claremore, OK – Shoreline Shred – Mountain Bike Race Vlog

Claremore, OK –  Shoreline Shred – Mountain Bike Race Vlog

good morning YouTube it is a beautiful
Sunday in Claremore Oklahoma. This time around I tell you one thing I love about
being a youtuber is I get the opportunity to come and film and do so
many things I probably wouldn’t get to do otherwise so I’m at the shoreline
shred it’s a mountain bike race at Claremore Lake about 30 minutes outside
of Tulsa and I’m hanging out with the usual guys so come over here with me
this way so y’all know this cat right here rolling with Jose again and right
over here my main guys we got Chris he’s helped me with some gloves for the
homeless stuff we’ve done a couple actually quite a few videos together at
this point and I’m gonna do a little they check this out guys one oh I don’t
have a Christian he’s gonna be out flying a drone with us today
we’ve got one other videographer I don’t know where he went off to in Tulsa
anyway he’s pretty well-known his name’s uh Nathan while we’re on the radio we
call him Nene I’m gonna walk up on this dude right now he’s out get some cool
shots on the monopod he’s gonna roll up on him right now probably one the best
videographers we have in Tulsa honestly so check check this dude out getting
some b-roll of the guy getting b-roll but look at all these racers how cool is
this so I love this sort of thing so again no karma kitty no zombie dog in
this video no wifey but anyway guys before we go look at anything else
intro mommy baby it’s always cool to see things start to come together right
behind me we got a big projector screen up and look at this projector box
thing’s massive so while the race is going on we’re gonna be swapping out SD
cards and run around getting some live footage and I’m putting the actual bike
race on this big screen right back here behind us so a huge team effort for
thing we’re gonna try to do this sort of thing out more often but how cool is it
to shoot a video about us up shooting videos alright for all of you great
folks that are new to my channel I am an FAA certified drone pilot that’s part of
the reason why I’m out here with a shoot today I’m totally uh authorized to do
that it’s pretty cool every we’re about to see captain Nero for the first time
for a lot of you guys if I’m a v2 pro about to take this guy off Oh see Jose hey I lost it that is we’re out here rocking it went today
with Optimus air screen of course that’s the company that we’ve partnered up with
to do the filming of this event anyway I check him out if you’ve never heard of
Optimus error screen it’s a it’s ridiculous they got a 35 foot tall
inflatable screen that we could project stuff onto we had a much smaller
projector out here today to show the livestream is still also a company based
right out of Tulsa Oklahoma the guys with a peacemaker in Tulsa right yes oh
my goodness look at that shucking these oysters oh all right there behind Oh frisbees our love for his beasts I
thought that close you don’t get to be big as ray-ray
without eating just doesn’t happen so out here at this event today Billy Sims
it’s a well known business here for us in Oklahoma they’ve got some sandwiches
check out these nice Gatewood what’s y’all’s names help me out Charlie one
more time Charlie Charlie Louie and Louie yeah well y’all know Jose but look
at all these sandwiches all of them that makes me happy on the inside I get to
serve a sandwich thank you so much I got a film get filmer filming a filmer radical filming well here oh there we go
getting another camera at all this oh my gosh oh so this video shoot was an awful
lot of fun today guys so I hope you enjoyed the drone footage and everything
else that we got for you guys so as always guys if you’re already
remember the ray-ray family I thank you for being here I certainly appreciate
you guys if you’re new here I appreciate you as well so thanks for hanging out
and now if you like the content go ahead and 2019 smash that red subscribe button
and click the notification bell so you get notified every time I post a new
video and as always remember to be biggest be the biggest and best you
could possibly be and do something every day to make somebody else day great see
you guys you

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  1. Loved the video!!! Made me hungry😊

  2. Oh yes, the drone is back 😀

  3. Awesome drone shot!

  4. I'm blessed to live across the road from some of this trail. Watch out for hawks with that drone! We've got lots of hawks here! Also, I've got to go out for Billy Sims now. 🙂 Love that food!

  5. The drone shots were great. The sandwich looked really good and the trail seemed very challenging. I'm going to eat now have a nice day and enjoy.

  6. Bikes, BBQ and Big Ray-Ray make for an awesome day!! Good job guys!!😊💟🐞

  7. It looked like a fun day and the drone shots were excellent.

  8. Pretty cool event. I hear you on doing things you may not have done if it weren't for YouTube. Baby drone do do do 🤣🤣

  9. Bringing the drone videos back into the mix! We had so much fun out here and everybody knows I LOVE flying a drone! YAY!

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