Club Med Turkoise Turks and Caicos Agent Review

Club Med Turkoise Turks and Caicos Agent Review

It was my first time at a Club Med and I was blown away it just had a great feeling to it, great people. Very impressed with it. It has an international flavour. It’s attracting people from Egypt, It’s attracting people from Europe, it’s attracting people from South Africa, I mean everywhere. Undeveloped, unspoiled, the best beach you’ll ever see in your life. I guaranty it. It’s like, so bright, the white, you’ll just, you have to look at it with sunglasses. I thought Grand Cayman was the nicest beach I’ve ever seen in my life until I saw this beach. Not a lot of other hotels using it. It’s almost like a private beach. Lots of water activities, scuba diving, snorkelling. This Club Med Turkoise has won awards for being, like best dive shop, and best snorkelling, scuba diving. If you’re into scuba diving or snorkelling this is amongst the best places in the world to do it. Loads of equipment. Loads of instruction. No rationing going on so lots of water sports. There’s trapeze, there’s tennis courts. Club Med aren’t known for remarkable rooms, fairly basic, these had been renovated. Another thing about Club Med is a lot of singles will go and you’ll, you can either get your own room or you can get a single share where they will match you up with someone of the same gender. I was impressed with the food, lots of variety. If you want a bottle of wine you just go in the fridge and grab the bottle and, you know, you can get muscles and oysters and roast beef, prime rib, steaks, pasta, mostly what you’ll find in North American cuisine. Entertainment was first rate, first class, amazing. They’re performers which are usually their gracious organizers are involved in the shows. They’ll have a trapeze show which will be just amazing like, like a Circus De Sola. It just seems to be a little bit step above of most resorts. The prices for Club Med have really come down in price. Recently they have been having this triple seven promotion, where for the land only for a week you pay $777. I’ve been getting people airfare from Toronto to Providenciales in Turks and Caicos for $600 Canadian. First class entertainment, most amazing beach you’ll ever see in your life, good food for, you know, thirteen and a half, fourteen hundred dollars. It’s really giving a run for the other destinations.

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  1. Just got back, and I loved it! Highly recommended.

  2. Parts of the video were not shot there. There is NO swim up bar, like is shown there.

  3. de vis !!!! cele mai frumoase amintiri din viata me de pina acum 🙂 i loved !!

  4. A lot of what this travel agent says is not true. First off, the rooms have not been renovated since it opened in the 80's and it looks that way. Very run down and the GO's were not very friendly, often scowling. My in-room safe got broken into twice and they stole $100 from my safe because the doors to the rooms are not very secure and it only takes a bobby pin to open. When I put my purse in the safe at reception where the staff told me it would be completely safe, more money was stolen again, even though only the head of reception was supposed to know the code. Had to give a declaration to the Police for all the thefts that took place. The chief of the village, Mike Clarke, didn't seem to care and was very indifferent to my situation.

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