Cobra S2 Fairway | Golf Club Review

welcome to old thorns Country Club where today we’re looking at fairway woods that are designed as game improvers or for maximum forgiveness this is the Cobra s2 fairway wood and that sits nicely in this category the key features of the s2 are a very thin face and visible waiting here at the back of the cloak that puts the weight low and deep in the club allowing it to launch high the other nice thing about the face here it’s got nine point sweet spot technology so if you don’t quite hit it off the center of the club at all times you still get a great hit off the heel or the toe one of the other key features of the s 2 is the relieved heel and sole so there’s less turf interaction only the center of the club sits on the ground so if you’re looking for maximum forgiveness out of your fairway wood the Cobra s2 fairway is a fantastic option check it out on golfbidder

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