Columbia Association: This Week @ CA: February 11, 2013 Weekly Update

Welcome to the February 11th episode of This [email protected] Your source for weekly updates on what’s happening at Columbia Association. Now for this week’s updates: The Columbia Association Board of Directors will be continuing its discussion of the Inner Arbor Concept Plan for Symphony Woods park at its meeting this Thursday, February 14, at 7:30pm at CA Headquarters. Interested residents can attend the meeting and let the board know their opinions during resident speakout. Dredging has been completed at Lake Elkhorn. The contractor completed dredging work earlier this month and is in the process of moving equipment off-site, with all equipment expected to be removed by early March. Restoration work associated with re-establishing the existing parking lot and pathways off Broken Land Parkway is expected to begin in mid to late March and be completed within 75 days. CA is currently accepting applications for the 2013 Spirit of Columbia Scholarship. CA awards up to six $2,500 scholarships to graduating Columbia high school seniors who have shown extraordinary dedication to performing community service each year. Applicants must be students who live on CA assessed property Or have a parent that works on CA assessed property Have a minimum of a C average And have demonstrated a history of voluntary service to the Columbia community. Applications can be found online at The deadline for all applications is March 15. For more information, please call 410-715-3161. Are you one of the many people looking to make a healthier lifestyle commitment as part of your New Year’s resolution this year? If you are, the Columbia Association has all kinds of opportunities including personal training. The personal training program at Columbia Association isn’t just about fitness, it’s about holistic lifestyle changes. With me today is Sam Yurko. Sam is the Director of Personal Training for the Columbia Association. Sam, tell me a little about personal training. Do I need to be fit to get started? Is it more than just fitness? Is it lifestyle? How does that work? Dennis, we have a lot of different clientele that we work with. We have people who are just getting started, they haven’t exercised in ten years. Some have been working out and training for the last two to five years But they just want to change, they want something to help them move to the next level Some that wants to lose weight, just become more active, feel better, learn more about how to eat better How to stay motivated, just somebody to coach them along throughout the process. Okay, personal training is more that just about once a week. I understand that the personal trainers encourage the participants to jump into classes, to jump into the pool, play tennis, play golf, There are so many activities that they can do. How does that exactly work? Well, the best plan for the individual is based on what results they want at the end, what their goals are So they might train with them more than once a week. It could be two or three times a week. Now also, I was at the Columbia Gym and they have a separate personal training studio And we are putting one in at the Supreme Sports Club so you can exercise kind of in private with your personal trainer And then graduate on to the fitness floor. We have the Columbia Gym private personal training studio on the third level Where a trainer can bring in an individual or small groups to create a more private setting Supreme Sports Club is also working on a location for that within their facility And the Athletic Club kind of uses its boxing studio, which is open to all users, but the trainers can use this it’s a more quieter setting. Sam, if you’re new to fitness and you’ve made a New Year’s resolution for a healthier lifestlye And I just want to get started, how does that happen? How do I make that work? If you’re new to exercise and you just want to get started And you’re interested in working with one of our personal trainers, you contact us at our facilities. You can also go to our web site, Columbia Association personal training web site And we can help redirect you to our trainers to get you going. And what kind of activities would I do under a personal trainer? We have personal training for one on one We also have personal training for one on two or three individuals in a group We also have groups of four and also small group training with six to ten people. In terms of signing up at the individual, do you sign up for an individual instructor? Do you sign up at an individual club? How do I pick who my instructor is? Basically, at all three facilities we do have a personal training wall where you can kind of learn more about our personal trainers on site We also have a web site that you can go to you can learn more about the trainers there and submit to be contacted by one of our trainers We get your information when you provide it to us, and we look through it And we find out who the best trainer fit for you who would be and then we would have that trainer contact you. And now what’s coming up soon: CA’s first annual Watershed Advisory Committee Speaker’s Forum will take place on Thu, Feb. 21, from 7 to 9pm at Slayton House in Wilde Lake Village Center. The forum will consist of creative insights on how to effectively “slow the flow” of rainwater runoff and the imminent stormwater utility fee. For more information, please visit CA is looking for a resident to fill an at-large position on the Architectural Resource Committee. Letters of interest should be sent by Feb. 22 to [email protected] CA’s Sister Cities Summer 2013 High School Exchange deadline is coming up. Applicants must be high school students residing in Howard County and must have completed high school level three of French or Spanish by the end of the current academic year or have the equivalent language fluency. The registration fee is $650 for Columbia residents and $790 for non-Columbia residents, excluding airline fees. Airline fees may range from $1,100 to $1,500 per participant. The application deadline is February 22. That’s it for this episode of This [email protected] For more news on what’s going on in Columbia, check out our blog, CA Today, at See you next week,Columbia!

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