Columbia Association: This [email protected], February 25, 2013 Weekly Update

Columbia Association: This Week@CA, February 25, 2013 Weekly Update

Welcome to the February 25th episode of This [email protected] your source for weekly updates on what’s happening at Columbia Association. Let’s see what CA is up to this week. The CA Board has approved the Inner Arbor Concept Plan for Symphony Woods, with an 8-2 vote. The plan will include cool features such as: a dinner theater, children’s theater, ballroom venue, treehouse amphitheater, and more. For more information about the Symphony Woods plan or to get the latest updates, visit If you’re a graduating high school senior who plans on going on college, pay attention to the following message:
CA is still accepting applications for its Spirit of Columbia Scholarship, which awards up to six students $2,500 each. Visit for more information. Get ready. Get set. Get fit. CA’s BeMore Tri-Coaching is sponsoring an indoor triathlon challenge for people ages 11 and older and meet a 4’11” height requirement. Don’t worry, this is a non-competitive triathlon. If you’re interested, make sure you register by March 3. To register, visit The Columbia Association is moving forward with plans to put a continuous new pathway around Lake Kittamaqundi. With me today is Diana Kelly. Diana is the Contract Administrator for the Columbia Association. And Diana has been working on the feasibility study for the Lake Kittamaqundi path. Diana, it’s so good to see you out here today. Nice to see you again, Dennis. Diana, I understand the feasibility study is now complete and you had a meeting with the Town Center Village Board. Dennis, Columbia Association hired Bayland Consultants & Designers to perform a feasibility study to look at options of completing a path around Lake Kittamaqundi. They presented those three options to the Town Center Village Board in January, where it was well-received. We will be going back again in March to do a follow-up presentation to a wider audience, now that the community has had time to digest the options that were presented. Diana, I understand that there were three alternatives that were presented by the consultant and that one of those is the best fit for Columbia. Can you tell me about that alternative? Dennis, Bayland did present three feasibilities or feasible options to circle the lake. And the one they recommended covered the entire lake – circumvents the entire lake. The path is about two miles long in total and it covers grounds that include wetland, some of the gullies, weeds through the trees. It’s a very environmentally sensitive plan. There’s very little disruption to original grades of the land. It follows the typography. And it is the most cost-effective plan to install and to maintain in the long run. So it’s about two miles long, it takes you through nature, it voids wetlands and environmentally sensitive areas and weaves through big trees. So when does it start? Well, starting is another thing. First of all, we’re going to present it to the Town Center Village Board again in March. And we’re going to hear what they have to say about this option. Then there will be the receiving of the funding. There’s going to be design effort, permitting effort, and then eventually construction effort. So it sounds like definitely not this summer. Maybe start construction summer 2014? Possibly 2014. That sounds terrific. Diana, I understand the presentation that was made to the Town Center Village Board in January is available online. Where could our viewers go to find out more information? The presentation is on CA’s website. It’s called the Lake Kittamaqundi Trail Feasibility Study. You can also link to it through the Town Center Village Board website. They have a link there as well. And Diana, one last question. I understand that there’s so much activity: there’s Whole Foods going in, Clyde’s is in the background constructing right now The Columbia Association has a Downtown Fitness Club. Is this the time to be Downtown? This is absolutely the time to be in Columbia downtown. There is so many new features – pedestrian features, events that will be going on down here because of the improvements. This will be a comprehensive plan that the path is only one piece of. But it’s an important piece of that plan. Sounds great. Thanks for joining me. Thank you. CA has some exciting events coming up soon that you don’t want to miss. Relax, spring is near! KidSpace will host its Spa Day on Monday, March 11 from 11am to 3pm at Columbia Gym. While you’re relaxing, your kids can enjoy two hours of KidSpace activities such as games, arts and crafts. Registration is required for this event. To register, visit KidSpace at Columbia Gym. For more information, call 410-531-8984 Stop by the Art Center starting March 7 for its Baltimore Watercolor Society exhibit. There will be more than 45 works created by members of the BWS that will be in display in the Art Center’s main and window galleries. The reception for the exhibit will be held on Saturday, March 9 from 3 to 5pm. Get fit for free during CA’s Free week of fee-based classes during the week of March 3. The classes are available for members and non-members. Get active in classes like BESA African Dance, Hip-Hop Line Dancing, Piloxing, willPower & grace, Zumba Circuit, and more. Registration for free classes is required. What inspires you to live in Columbia? Our cameras will be at Supreme Sports Club between 10 am and 1pm on Friday, March 1st. Come be apart of a new campaign that CA is launching. To reserve a time to be filmed or for more information, email [email protected] That’s it for this episode of This [email protected] See you next week Columbia!

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