two hours before the race starts. I’m 14th not last, which is great so the camera I’ll set-up behind will record someone and not an empty track we’re here at the stands to watch the race of those who go really fast let’s see the start I’ll record it with this oh god Oh god! I am gonna find myself in that funnel too? Yes. Likely. I’m not gonna race those you’ve just seen are from the mini motard category they might seem pitbikes if you see them from far away, because the shape is the same but it’s actually a much faster and performing category in fact they ride at 3 seconds per lap faster the rider with the blue helmet, Pastorino, was scary and moreover he’s the one who today won the championship. And especially when riding bikes it’s always very useful to watch the others race, from the stands because you learn a lot, for example by looking at them I learned that they come at you from every side, since here you can do surpasses that are much more nasty than with the big bikes. And I’ve also learned that during the start you have to be careful ’cause a funnel with 20 bikes is created anyways, if you’re new on the channel or haven’t seen the previous episode, I invite you to go watch it, you’ll find the link below, because I explain which category I race in and how this championship works Ok my time has come. Race 1 is on in 10 minutes. The goal is not really to gain positions, but rather to do that one lap under 59 and a half, that would allow me to have one full season paid, for next year Remember him? Alessandro Antonini, team manager if you recall from the past episode he threw a bet at me. “If I see a low 59, even for just one lap, below 59.5 he’s gonna have the 2019 season paid with a pitbike You get it? There’s so much at stake here If I were to win this bet I’d have a season paid and the fun thing is that a minute later the team manager comes to me and is like “but be careful, if you win the bet and race in the lows 59 in order to celebrate you have to take the bike and send it flying” there’s no reason for this actually but it’s funny low 59 what’s this start? I did it right yesterday! Oh come on, I’m last! I can’t end up last, I have to regain some positions ok the race is long and they’re all up there.. it won’t be a problem to gain some positions one out someone fell! watch out I almost got you, I’ll surpass you at the next turn if I had crossed the trajectory I would have gotten you, but it’s ok you’re right there oh god he was about to explode I saw him down already come on! one less to go, the track is free let’s go get them all to reach the first one up there I did 7 crazy laps and I got to him now I just have to surpass him Look at where I’m inserting myself. Oh god! Oh god I don’t fit I don’t fit, I don’t fit, I don’t fit who’s that? where did he come from? he was the guy who fell down at lap 2, but he’s going half a second faster than me so it makes no sense get in his way so maybe he can give that other guy in front a hard time, and I can get in ok, last lap. It’s now or never I need to find my chance to surpass him Oh god the rear was about to abandon me, I almost died look at that black mark I left on the asphalt but ok let’s not give up, I have to surpass him Yes! Come on! I was so close to him if he had slowed down a meter earlier we would have crashed the race is over! I had so much fun awesome I did a bad start but — you did good what’s my best? 1.00. The 59 is right there really? Ok race 1 is over I got 16th place, so worse than what I started at but my best improved, even if just of like two tenths, but I’m still satisfied because in these 10 laps where I pushed I, first of all, improved my pace, and most importantly I was able to get more confident with the bike and I felt much more at ease compared to for example the qualifications in the morning now it’s time for race 2, and don’t forget that I have a bet on “If I see a low 59, even for just one lap,” the prize at stake is remarkable “he has the 2019 season paid, with a pitbike” winning this bet is gonna be very hard, ’cause it means to lower my best of one second, but it’s the last race of the day so I have nothing else to lose, and it’s now time to show all my naughtiness and go all-in You fell down the first laps? Yeah, second lap.See you later. OK. I need to work on my start It’s bad. but I’m not last ok the two riders in front of me are fighting each other big time and the guy with the berik suit I think it’s the one I surpassed during race 1 I have more, to I need to stick right behind them and surpass him as soon as I can, so that they don’t slow me down and attach myself to the guy in front so he pulls me along I can’t lose this train I’m in. I’m in. I’m in. Yes! I did it now I have to stick to the guy in front I can’t lose him, and I need him to pull me 8th lap. Ok I’ve done 6 laps steady and with a good pace but the guy in front is always at the same distance in the meantime he’s back amongst the group of riders in front but I’m still far away. I don”t know what times I’m doing but I’m pretty I’m not going fast. Ok let’s pause a second as you have figured out, I have a bet going on, I have to do even just one lap at low 59 There are two laps to go before the end, the weekend is basically over, so I risk it all. That’s it, I’m going to give all I have. I’ll brake later, I’ll accelerate early and in the fast turns I won’t slow down there are two scenarios: 1) I either take home the low 59 or 2) I won’t finish the race. The thing is that on the bike I can’t see my times, so I’ll know only at the end of the race, if I did it IGNORANCE MODE: ON IGNORANCE MODE: ON I’m flying! I’m flying! I got to them in just one lap last lap! I might even surpass them I got you. I got you. I got you. Now I’ll surpass you. Now I’ll surpass you. Now I’ll surpass you. nooo Oh God How did that happen? how did I do that? this is a masterpiece I can’t believe this If I were to try this a million times, I’ll never be able to do it again I fell bad about having to take it down I’d leave it there for ever What an ass.. it was the last lap! You did everything! Did you see how I parked it? I fell down, the bike planted, and it stayed up, but backwards I swear. It stopped like that, with the tires up good job Alby! You surpassed my friend back there how much? you ready? 59.2! and you threw the bike up in the air! I won a season! I did it all low 59 and I threw it at the last lap I was like “how the fuck did he throw it” with time you’d have been amongst the top 4 that’s good! I fell down, the bike planted, and it stayed up backwards you’re great! You bent the handlebar really? the moment you scored 59.2 I opened the Unicredit app ok, what now? I’m dying apparently in 2019 I’ll have to race also with the pitbikes Crazy! It’s been one of the most absurd and fun race days I’ve ever had I raced in the low 59, I won the bet and as promised I even threw the bike, with style of course it wasn’t planned, but let’s pretend it was during that fast lap at 59.2 I even – finally – understood how to ride these bikes you have to be soft, and delicate with the movements, because on a 70kg-bike even the slightest movement can be felt but at the same time you have to let go of the brakes, enter the curve at high speed, and accelerate at soon as possible I also learned that if you rest the gas to give load to the rear tire, you can open fully even with the bike leaning, which if done on the R1 would mean suicide a totally different way of riding, compared to the 1000 but which still teaches a lot these pitbikes are very fun, educational and low cost, and I can’t wait to get onboard them again Thanks to the whole moto gnurant team for the race weekend, and thanks to all those (even opponents) who helped me with valuable advice Now it’s time to train and get ready because on November 14th I have the Misano race onboard the R1

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