Course Management Tips To Lower Scores

what is up y’all hope y’all having a
great day out here at Nashville golf Athletic Club my home Course here in
Nashville Tennessee yes we’re back home excited to be home for a few days but on
the road a lot lately tons of fun collaborations hope you all
have enjoyed coming along and so many more collaborations in the future for
2020 for today’s video I just wanted to play the front nine out here at national
golf take you along and hopefully we get into some situations where I can talk
through specific shots why I chose to hit the shot a certain way why I chose
certain clubs just kind of give you a little bit of my thought process on shot
selection we’re just gonna take you straight to the tee right now let’s go
number one par-4 410 yards our aiming point is
going to be right over there just a little bit right of the green you see
off in the distance you might be wondering quiet it and
shoes to driver there there is water up there over the slope you’ll see it here
on the approach shot it’s about an angle into this green more than distance off
the tee I’d rather lay back a little bit with a good angle into the green I would
have to hit driver way out to the right in the angle into a very difficult green
to hit even if you have ledge in hand isn’t what you’re looking for I’d rather
hit mid to low iron into the screen with a good angle good shape right here 155
yards left it is chilly 155 yards probably playing more like 170 don’t
want to be short here on hit a three-quarter eight contact wasn’t great there did hit down
a little heavy however this is a very difficult approach shot here on number
one I think it’s one of the most difficult approach shots in all of golf
the Green is super thin you can’t miss a left the bunkers not a great place to be
so even though I didn’t hit that one great left us a good opportunity for an
up-and-down for par and really in the place that you kind of want to miss it
to that pin not bad shape right there pretty straightforward chip back up the
hill I didn’t went before so the chip shot
that I hit back there I chipped out with a gap wedge I had a lot of green to work
with I want that ball on the ground rolling
as soon as I can I want it rolling like a putt so that’s why I went with the gap
wedge there got it up and down on a number 2 par-4 405 yards straight away good shape right here Mel a fairway 95
yards left – a back left pen pulled that one just a little bit but not too bad on
the distance there’s where it landed there’s her it ended up roughly 20 feet
left for birdie I didn’t want the war here on to even
par through two holes not too bad of a start you need to hit our approach shots
a little closer to give us a better chance at a birdie
hopefully here on number three par-5 pretty straight away this little castle
you see off in the distance is going to be our aiming point 614 yards all right
left that one out a bit right however you know what I see
stinger time and that is why we practice stinger four times like that get us out
of jail left it up there just short of the green
chipping up a little wedge up-and-down for our first pin slammer of the day
let’s go great shape right here middle of the fairway 40 yards left I’m very happy with the wedge shot in
here putting back up the hill sorry I noticed the camera kind of dropped a
little bit there I had it up on the tripod and it just kind of maneuver a
little bit sorry for that let’s roll the rock here for bird let’s go pin slammer
here on three number four part four four hundred and twenty five yards my aiming
point is going to be this little bitty skinny tree off there in the distance
just to the left of that car path when choosing your target line off the tee be
aware of where the trouble is in where not to miss it and adjust your line
accordingly you may think that that line is a little too far left however you
don’t want to miss it right and my typical misses right so I am going to
adjust my line just slightly more left to get myself a little room for error and that is what we were playing for
right there did pull it just slightly but we had the slope up there to kick it
back down towards the fairway in great shape up here
let’s wedge it close looking good right here
125 yards left three-quarter gap wedge right here looks good right there all right landed
roughly pinned high right there spun back a few feet great look at birdie
here roughly 15 feet and don’t you worry we’re gonna fix that pitch mark yeah well tap this in for the four always excited to be under par through
four holes we’re on to number five par four 376 yards we’re taking it up and
over that corner I didn’t come here to lay up see if we can’t put this on the
green might be a little ride but should be in good shape I’ve had so much fun
with all the collaborations lately and would love to know who you all like to
see me collaborate with this year so drop down in the comments let me know
hopefully going to get to do a lot more traveling this year and we’ll love to
connect with a lot more YouTube channels did leave this out just a bit right a
really great shape right here chip and back up the hill short shots let’s go
pin slam around five brings us the 2-under through five holes four holes
left see if we can get a few more to the house where the blue tees are set back
there you can’t see the surface of the green or even the pin so I’m gonna move
up at tee box so you can see the surface of the green we’re gonna be playing from
135 yards down the hill is par 3 typically plays probably 10 to 12 yards
downhill so 125 yards to a back pin don’t want to be long
that’s the dicey pin back there probably could have played a little more
aggressive and have a lengthy putt for birdie however we’re rolling the rock
today feeling good with the putter maybe we
can roll in a long one here however that pin back there is a tough little pin the
location so I erred in the proper place to give us an outside look at birdie see
if we can’t roll the rock are here on six number seven par-5 591
yards our aiming point is going to be kind of the corner of the fairway right
there green sits off well back there big dog leg to the left we’ll take those all day every day on
Tuesday but today’s not Tuesday I know sometimes when I’m pointing through the
camera to tell you where I’m aiming at it can look like just a big area however
I’m getting very specific with what I’m aiming at whether that’s a specific
branch a specific little thin tree a line in the fairway something that is
very small I want to aim small miss small that is very true in golf and will
help with your alignment too so if you’re just I want to hit it out to the
right right side of the fairway you don’t even know if you’re properly aimed
because you’re actually not aiming at anything so aim small miss small pick a
very specific target good shape off the tee you can see the grain on the other
side of those trees there on the other side of the little creek 260 yards left
I’ve got hybrid in hand it is going to take everything I got in this I didn’t
come here to lay up try to swing too hard on that one left
that out a bit right not our best leave right there roughly 35 yards of left see
if we can get this up and down here on seven 200 through seven holes happy with
the play today so far definitely hit some wayward shots at times but our
course management came up big today because our misses were always in pretty
good shape so that’s where you can really take strokes off the game drop
down the comments below where you struggle with most on course management
decisions because that is really where I started to see the most improvement in
my game is when I started thinking properly on the golf course number eight
par-3 190 yards up the hill there is a bunker just short right there pin is
kind of tucked back left this shots probably playing just over 200 yards
with the uphill and hippie in Chile I’ve got 6-iron or over the bunker I don’t know if we’re
putting we’re gonna have to go check all right not bad shape got over the bunker
this horror faced with this looks to be very chip inable with this being back up
the hill I want to land something roughly right
in here it’s gonna break a little to the right
but I want this ball rolling like a putt like I talked about on number one so to
get that ball rolling as soon as possible I do believe sand wedge is the
play right here not sixty sandwich you need to give it just a little more
pace we’ll tap this in alright that is a part here on eight hope y’all enjoyed
today’s course vlog course management tips coming along for the ride to under
through 8 on to number 9 par 4 down the hill 390 yards you might be wondering why I chose
hybrid and not driver off the tee driver would have put me well further down with
a short wedge shot into the green which you might think that sounds great
well this screen is very difficult to hit from 60 70 80 yards because you
can’t create enough spin because you’re coming off a downslope to not much green
to work with back here I’ve got 145 yards left I can
hit a full shot much easier to hold the girl it is getting dark quick and very
cold however I’m gonna walk behind the green to set the camera up so you can
see I don’t know if you’d be able to see the ball down with how dark is getting
out here but maybe if I hit a good shot we’ll stick it close hopefully and you
might be able to see with me but they came riding the hole the shots 145 down
the hill so private plays closer to 135 however there’s a good little breeze
back into the face and with the temperatures what it is right now and
where I hit that 6-iron on the last hole probably need to take a full Club extra
so I’d say the shots probably playing closer to 160 I’m gonna hit a 9 big putt right here to end bogey three that is a par here on the last finished
it to under for today’s nine here at national golf had so much fun if you
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so much for y’all’s incredible support here on the channel wouldn’t be able to
do all this without y’all so thank you so much and y’all until next time see
all we see

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