CR7 – Do You believe in Miracles?

CR7 – Do You believe in Miracles?

Cristiano Ronaldo – CR7 – Do You believe in
Miracles? Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, or Cristiano
Ronaldo the IH (Santo António, Funchal, February 5, 1985), is a Portuguese football (soccer)
player who plays as a winger and wing at Real Madrid and the Portuguese national team, in
which he is Captain. Ronaldo became the most expensive player in
football history after his transfer in 2009 from Manchester United to Real Madrid in a
deal worth 80 million pounds (94 million euros). this agreement established his termination
clause in 1000 million euros and stipulated a sum of 12 million euros annually, making
it one of the highest paid soccer players in the world. in April 2012 was considered the most valuable
football player in the world, after a study that attributed earnings of 40 million euros
per year to the Portuguese player. Ronaldo began his career in the youth football
club Andorinha de Santo António. In 1995, went to the National Sports Club
and his success with the team led him to sign with Sporting Clube de Portugal for two seasons. Ronaldo’s precocious talent caught the attention
of Sir Alex Ferguson, Manager of Manchester United. In 2003, when he was only eighteen years old,
Ronaldo signed a contract with the English club, which paid about 12.24 million pounds
(15 million euros) to Sporting Clube de Portugal. Already in the following season, Ronaldo won
his first title with Manchester United, the FA Cup, and reached the final of UEFA EURO
2004 with Portugal, in which he scored his first international goal, but did not prevent
the surprising defeat to Greece. Ronaldo was included in the ideal team of
this competition. Ronaldo was the first player to win all four
major prizes PFA and FWA, in 2007. Ronaldo took third place in the vote of FIFA
World Player of the year in 2007 and second in voting on the 2007 Golden Ball. In 2008, Ronaldo won his first, and only to
date, the Champions League with Manchester United, was deemed the best forward and the
best player of the competition and was the highest scorer of the same, as well as won
the Golden boot, becoming the first Middle Ward gain entry, and still won the Premier
League Golden Boot. Ronaldo has won three of the four main prizes
PFA and FWA, winning not only the PFA Young Player of the Year and was nominated for FIFPro,
World Soccer, Onze d’Or and FIFA (FIFA World Player of the year in 2008) , becoming the
first Manchester United player to win the Ballon d’Or in forty years, after George Best. Was the first player to win the FIFA Ferenc
Puskás Award, in 2009, assigned to the best goal of the year. Ronaldo scored this goal 40 metres from FC
Porto in the quarter-final of the Champions League, while playing for Manchester United. Johan Cruyff, three times winner of the Golden
Ball, said in an interview with the April 2, 2008, “Ronaldo is better than George Best
and Denis Law, who were two brilliant and great players in the history of Manchester
United. Ronaldo came second in the vote for FIFA World
Player of the year of 2009 and second place in the vote on the Golden Ball of 2009. Ronaldo became the highest scorer in a season
in the history of Real Madrid, with 53 goals, surpassing the previous record of 49 goals
for Ferenc Puskás. Six days later, Ronaldo broke the record for
most goals scored in a season in La Liga, with 40, surpassing the mark established in
1951 Telmo Zarra (38 goals) and the brand of Hugo Sánchez established in 1990 (38 goals). Ronaldo also Telmo Zarra broke the record
of most goals per minute, with a goal scored each 70.7 minutes. The newspaper brand, the official outorgador
Trophy Pichichi (top scorer award La Liga), stated that Ronaldo scored 41 goals (the newspaper
Marca awarded another goal to Ronaldo that the La Liga, who attributed the Pepe). By scoring 40 goals, won the Golden boot again,
becoming the first player to win the trophy in two different Championships. Ronaldo came third in the vote for best player
to play in Europe in 2010-2011 season, behind Lionel Messi and Xavi Hernández, and secondly
in the election of the FIFA Golden Ball of 2011, behind Lionel Messi and ahead of Xavi

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  1. Its strange, Im an Arsenal fan but would like to see him go back to any EPL team. At least we respect players unlike in Spain clearly.

  2. I think it was against atletico madrid or athletic bilbao. I think more madrid because it is a derby with emotion.

  3. ainda é cedo mas aquilo que posso dizer é que vais deixar muitas saudades quando deixares de jogar.. melhor jogador que já vi..

  4. Every thing against him but he still a legend

  5. yea sure i can read every thing 0:30

  6. Fuck all the haters. You are a legend. Haters are jealous!

  7. Gender's Joke? F – A – I – L. Oh Wait…he's from Benfica. Well, that's okay then.

  8. I'm don crying naw

  9. we love you c.ronaldo

  10. tem q ser o melhor do mundo cr7 joga muuuiitoo

  11. Fuck messi cr7 all day

  12. Really nice video! great job!!

  13. C Ronaldo rocks!!!! 🙂

  14. eu também sou fã do ronaldo!!! alguém nome da segunda música'?

  15. cristiano ronaldo best player in the world (;

  16. is the begining of this video an advert for something because it looks awesome where its a camera behind Ronaldo as he grows up

  17. Anybody knows the name of the music??

  18. Most people hate ronaldo … But only people who knows fotball , can say that ronaldo is a Fighter and he will never give up. probably messi is the best , but he will never give up . Strong CR7

  19. Ronaldo is better than messi

  20. Its an advertising to a Portuguese Bank

  21. Search

    Cristiano Ronaldo BES New Commercial

  22. ronaldo's image is the only reason he didnt win the ballon d'or. he won la liga and plays as a winger,so of course he cant score as many goals as messi.the ballon d'or is about trophies not being a kind guy. snejider deserved it in 2010 and he wasnt even nominated. del bosque won the fucking coach of the year and not mourinho? antonio conte or mourinho should have won. oh ya the fifa starting 11 were all from la liga! no r.v.p or pirlo??pique was injured half of the season?fifa is corrupted!

  23. p.s i aint a messi hater. i just think fifa can be a bit biased and favor another player. sneijder got robbed in 2010 by fifa and ronaldo got robbed in 2012. if ronaldo was a sweet guy and never made arrogant comments,he would've won. im a madrid fan but how can you not put pirlo in the fifa world 11!?!?pep shouldn't even be nominated or bosque. anyways, i know messi is going to win the ballon d'or till he retires because fifa would always favorite him!

  24. I really envy David Villa, he calls Cristiano "clown" at his face, i wish i can do that someday lol 0:32

  25. maybe at ping pong…

  26. Cr7 el mejor del mundo

  27. y dont u fuck off bitch

  28. fuck you. i dont care about barcelona or real madrid or any shit unless my team but Ronaldo is from my homeland ,we are like that ,stronger. u can go give a blowjob or a handjob to messi smallshit . Ronaldo is a true person in a modern vicious football.fuck you fuck fifa and uef$ .i m sure if you call clown at Ronaldo's face u gonna receive the change. M A D E I R A

  29. or maybe at cricket…

  30. or maybe at curling…

  31. -David Villa- "You know you are acting like a clown"

    -Cristiano Ronaldo- "…"


  32. Atleast recongnise him for what he represents for those who fight all day to have a chance, to be better every time. Trainning hard, always against something. I do that all day and i belive you too, of course not on the same way. And because of that i know that is hard to recongnise someone that works hard than us, with such sucessul results.
    Saying he is the best, maybe that was a way to keep motivating himself, and in some way he knows something that perphaps you don't know. He dreams awake…

  33. I support anyone who THINKS "I´m the best", but i will never support anyone who SAYS "I´m the best".
    In my country (Spain), whoever who says that is just a douchebag.
    Yeah he surely dreams awake…

  34. Ye that kind of people ( who dreams awake) is dangerous and target for "mediocre" society. And there is where you are wrong, why do i need to other say that i'm the best, if i don't know that and if im not confidente on that, you think that someone else will believe on it? You should know how society works… We eat each other, we fight in everithing and the strong one wins…If we don't believe on us, we are crushing for those like you who want us deep down.
    BTW your image says everything…

  35. Ok you really think that way? I feel so sorry for you, good luck living in your world, i dont want many people "deep down", just the douchebags that say "i´m the best", that people should be erased.A guy says to you "im better than you, and everyone else in this world", and you support him? Man im glad i dont personally know you, you seem like a real dick…i repeat, good luck with that personality, champ…good luck earning respect from your family and friends…

  36. 0:22 Pep thinking:"I feel so sorry for this poor kid"

  37. By the way are you Catalan or spanish ?? xavi , iniesta , etc…..are catalans sometimes ,but after all , they play for la roja ahahaha thats what you are HYPOCRITAS .. fake catalans ,im sure true catalans like terra lliure fighters dont accept this kind of low SPIRIT.

  38. Injustice towards Ronaldo as always……
    Grande Cristiano

  39. Name of the second song:

    Conviction from the Groove Addicts.

    Thank me now.

  40. whats the name of the first song? I know its off of lord of the rings


  42. cristiano ronaldoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo the best the king football

  43. howard shore – the bridge of khazad dum
    Do you know the second one?


  45. If there wan't ronaldo all we would have is messi kicking a ball trying to look like he knows what he is doing!

  46. The real football king

  47. Messi is nothing

  48. the best and no can not take that away

  49. the best player ever on this planet RESPECt

  50. Cr7 the best ever!!!!!!!!

  51. Wasent he declined in Sporting?

  52. 60 people is cheatlona/mierdalona/merdalona = Barçelona

  53. FOREVER, CRISTIANO RONALDO! he is home my island!

  54. P

  55. I don't believe in Miracles, I believe in CR7.

  56. Formado aonde ? no grande Sporting Clube de Portugal que presta honra e serviço à patria ja o fqp e o essobe nada fazem para bem de Portugal , cr7 , figo nao vos chegam? rui patricio ? nao te chega? querem nani ? e uma vergonha! o Sporting| serve Portugal ! como nenhum outro clube em Portugal! parabéns Sporting!!!!!!!!! Clube DE Portugal!

  57. digam o que disserem o Cristiano Ronaldo é o melhor do mundo

  58. Why the ronaldo is heqring bad word other people??Im korean we are korean think he is not hearing badworld

  59. I hate Messi,Because I Like CR7 Hala Madrid

  60. Messi is the best of the world, Ronaldo is just heading to be the best of all times

  61. haha grande sporting. ou melhor, na grande academia do sporting. se o sporting fosse assim tao grande nao seria tao mau como eh. mas eh verdade que a academia do sporting se não é a melhor do mundo anda lá muito perto

  62. The best in the WORLD

  63. caralho tens tu no cu e é dos grossos foda-se

  64. que tas a dizer chinoca ?



    RONALDO <3 madeira

  66. formam jogadores que saiem a preço de saldo e depois titulos nem ve-los hahahaha a academia do sporting até pode ser Grande mas o clube é muito pequenino


  68. messi is a shit…. fuck you haters of cr7

  69. who dafuq his messi??

  70. maybe at everything …

    CR7 ! <3

  72. grande CRISTIANO 🙂

  73. O melhor video do CR7 que já vi .Fenomenal.



  76. CR7 <3

  77. Messi is the best of FIFA.. (F**k Blatter)
    RONALDO is the best of the WORLD!

  78. Bom vídeo, excelente mensagem !

    Vais deixar saudades quando te retirares, és o melhor do mundo

    Grande Ronaldo


  79. i definitely believe

  80. Cristiano ronaldo is cocky

  81. This isn't a miracle. There aren't any miracles in the world. Its his hard-work, a real love for football which made this guy stand out in front of the 11 opposition players and say, "Your hate makes me unstoppable and people's love makes me strong. We don't want to tell our dreams, we want to show them. I'm Christiano Ronaldo. And maybe you hate me because I'm too good."

  82. This was not miracle because in world there not miracle. It is cr7 hardwork. this made him best over many players.

  83. when everything goes against you,Surprise Them.

  84. the best of all time

  85. Manchester city verde messi 2 bolas rosas canos rampas porrugals verde preto avai 11 vini ueslei

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