( music playing ) I’m Billy Wingrove,
he’s Jeremy Lynch
and we are The F2. And we’re gonna be scouring
the globe in search of tekkers. You guys are probably thinking,
“What’s tekkers?” Well…
that’s tekkers. This is also tekkers. I must inform you
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– Neymar. – Are we side A or B?
– Jezz, you know this. Don’t make me spell it
out for you, mate. Knew it was A. ( music playing ) Billy: This is… ( music playing ) On this season
of “Finding Football” we’ll… create our own game show
with Steve Aoki… jump into the ring
alongside Becky G to battle luchadores… rock out
in the French underground with rapper Lil John, run, kick and trick for our
lives in a Brazilian favela… – Let’s get out of here.
– It’s not safe, it’s not safe. …produce tekkers in Thailand
with EDM stars Krewella on the world’s first
floating pitch… get slippery in
an Icelandic ice cave and do bicycle kicks
with members of Sigur Rós, and head to Hollywood
where we’ll star in a Western-style
shoot ’em up with Blink 182 drummer
Travis Barker, and also much much more,
but first we’re heading to Argentina to horse around
with the locals and mash up tekkers,
trap, and tango with rapper A$AP Ferg. All in the name
of “Finding Football.” ( music playing ) We’re in Buenos Aires
to explore the origin of Argentina’s clever football. We’ll see how gambeta, the deceptive style
of footwork made famous
by Diego Maradona, is also a big part of
Argentina’s national sport. And we’ll team up with hip-hop
superstar A$AP Ferg to create the world’s
first ever trap, tango, and tekkers mash-up. ( music playing ) Jezz, Argentina has produced some of the most world’s
skillful players. Look, Messi,
Maradona, Agüero. I know, Bill,
but the thing is I do take a little bit
of issue with Diego. He did kinda rob us
of a potential World Cup
by cheating. Diego Maradona’s
“Hand of God” goal is the most infamous moment
in World Cup history. Apparently, in Argentina
you can get away with
that kind of thing, – ’cause they embrace it.
I know.
– They love him for it. And this is Diego’s home
and we’ve gotta explore it. To truly understand Argentina you have to learn
about “viveza criolla,” a way of life here
that favors deception
and deceit to get ahead. Nowhere epitomizes
this philosophy more than the neighborhood
of La Boca, where Maradona
first became a legend. The heart of Argentinean
football is viveza criolla. It’s a way
of looking at life that churns out some
of the best strikers and footballers
in the world. A hustle out here,
isn’t it? If you could hustle
and get one up, well played, basically. And if you look
at the Argentinean players, they love that
one-on-one situation, rocking a shoulder,
beating the man. Argentinean stars
put that graft in and they got
the luxurious element. Mate, they hustle
out here. It’s just so real. ( music playing ) Oh, lot of skill. – Jezz: Yeah, they’re decent.
– Man: Hola! We’re meeting up with local
freestyler Charly Iacono to learn more
about viveza criolla and how it affects the way
Argentineans play football. But first, we decided
to showcase our tekkers. – Hey! How are you?
– Hey! – Working out.
– Good to see you. – Can we join in? Perfect.
– Yeah, of course. ( music playing ) ( people clapping and cheering ) ( sighs ) That was fun, man. – That was fun.
– Talk to us about the style of play
of Argentinean football. The style is– it’s like this,
it’s like in the streets. Even in
a professional stadium, it’s like playing
in the streets. And you express yourself
as well, right? – With your style of play.
– Mm-hmm. Like tango, it’s like
dancing all the time. Yes, when we play here
we try normally to have little touches with the ball
to go around the opponent, and when you see your opponent
is going to put the foot you do a little touch again
and go away and that is called
gambeta here. – Gambeta.
– Like close control. Yes, very close control. ( music playing ) Is there any way
you can suggest locally
where we can just – grab a bite to eat?
– There is a very good place here in front of this street. – Billy: Empanada.
– Charly: Empanada, yes. Charly: You should try empanada. – Got my eye on that, Jezz.
– Oh! – Going straight
for the desserts, Bill.
– Yeah! – Man: Yes?
– I’ll have a lemon pie. – I might just–
– Push the boat out, Jezz. – When in Argentina– what?
– That one right back– I’ll take one of those,
please. – Get it.
– You get it. – Empanada?
– Empanada. – Empanada.
– Empanada. Uno empanada
por favor. – Bien.
– Señorita. Got the lingo now,
picking it up. Oh yeah, this is good. Charly, what does viveza criolla
actually mean? Yes, viveza criolla is
like gambeta when you play football
like cheating the game, cheat in life.
If you have to run a scam,
you just do it to survive. It’s about that. It’s the same
in the culture. You need to do
whatever it takes to succeed, to survive,
to better yourself
or your family. For example,
you have Maradona. He was born
in a very poor place, and Carlos Tevez also. So when they were playing,
it was always like that, like they were with too much
viveza criolla. If you can cut a corner and get there faster, then full credit to you. That’s why Diego Maradona,
it was embraced when he cheated in the World
Cup and got away with it, because that is the epitome
of that saying. If you look at so many
Argentinean football players
over the years, Riquelme, Maradona, Messi, they’re known for their
footwork, that gambeta. And that stems
from that viveza criolla of doing what you need
to do to outwit your defender, right? ( speaking Spanish ) ( music playing ) Jezz:
You can’t make a
pilgrimage to La Boca, the land of Maradona, without visiting the stadium
of his favorite team, Boca Juniors. Jezz, the last time
we was walking down this street, it was Boca Juniors
versus River Plate and the atmosphere
was electric! Mate, you’re not wrong.
It was very different – to the way it is now.
– It’s a little calm now, – but on derby day–
– Yeah. My gosh! Gambeta’s fancy footwork
isn’t just for football. It’s also a part
of tango dance, so naturally when we saw these
tango steps on the sidewalk, we decided to give it a go. ( Jeremy singing ) Oh, you went for a bow and I thought we were just
gonna make our own one up. Mate, if you follow in
my footprints, we can go far. Learning new things. – Hey.
– New paces, new things. New places, new things. To understand football here you have to understand
the meaning of Maradona. There is no similar figure
in English or American football or sport. To the Argentineans,
Maradona is Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, and Albert
Einstein rolled into one. Jezz: Mate, Diego Maradona is
everywhere you look over here. He’s on the murals,
he’s on the walls. Charly even said
people get tattoos of him. I know, you can’t
get away from the guy. He’s a god
in this country. You know what, Jezz?
I was just thinking about the players that are
legends in Argentina. They’ve all got
like one name. Messi, Maradona, – Jezz: Batistuta, Riquelme.
– Billy: Veron. Exactly.
These guys are legends.
Do you reckon we could… – Billy: Lynch.
– Jezz: Wingrove. – Yeah, it’s got
a ring to it, Jezz.
– Yes, mate! You putting us and Messi
in the same bracket? – And Maradona.
– I ain’t arguing with it. – And Maradona.
I can see it now.
– I’ll take it. Messi, Lynch,
Veron, Wingrove. Let’s do what Messi does.
Ready? Oh! Stop it! ( chuckles )
Do it, Lionel! ( music playing ) Billy: Walter is getting
a portrait of Maradona
tattooed on his leg. It’s a common request
in this part of the world. ( speaking Spanish ) Billy:
Look at that! I can’t believe
how many people in Argentina get tattoos of Diego Maradona
on their body. That show of respect
is just crazy. For us, Maradona
is like a god. You’re throwing that word
at us like– you’re getting a tattoo,
fellow. Where’s your tattoo of Diego?
That’s what– – Ah!
– He stumped me! So have you ever seen Diego
Maradona play in a live match? Yeah, yeah. In 2001, when he retired
from football, and I remember each
moment of the day. I remember my dad crying because it was really
emotional for us. So where did the famous quote
“Hand of God” come from? From Diego, obviously. – It come from him himself.
– Hell, yeah. He does it,
he wins the World Cup, then he’s, “Yeah, yeah,
that’s a hand of God.” After the match,
a journalist asked Diego if the goal was with his head
or with his hand. The answer was,
it was the hand of God. Thank you so much – for your time.
– Thank you. – Pleasure to meet you.
– The same. We’ve seen viveza criolla
in the city but it’s also
a big part of life in the Argentine countryside
known locally as Las Pampas. Here, Argentina’s legendary
horsemen, the gauchos, once reigned supreme. These rough and tumble riders
roam the plains taming wild horses,
living off the land and answering to no authority. In the 17th century, the gauchos created
the game of pato. The modern world version
has similarities to polo and basketball,
but like football, it also incorporates
gambeta-style footwork. ( music playing ) We’re here to find out about
pato from the horse’s mouth. Legendary player Bautista has been called
the Messi of pato. ( speaking Spanish ) Jezz, I’m not too sure
about this. I’m gonna be honest. We’re going to see
a sport called pato where they ride a horse, pick up a ball
and throw it into a net. Now, that sounds okay,
but it’s the origin of it. – They used to use–
– ( sighs ) – Jezz: Ducks. Yeah.
– ( Billy laughs )
They used to use ducks. Savage, mate. It did get outlawed
and they stopped the sport but then someone got
the idea of the a ball – with things wrapped around it.
– Makes more sense, doesn’t it? Yeah, it makes more sense. – I cannot believe it.
– The fact that about the same
amount of people play polo in Argentina
as play football. – That boggles my mind.
– Yeah. And if the same amount
of people played pato
as they do polo, how many ducks
would you need to find? Can’t wait to see
the quick feet and the skill of the horse
and the riders. – Some gambeta right there,
– Yeah, mate. – Hello, Bautista.
– Hey. Hello. – How are you, my friend?
– Hi. So we hear that you are
the Messi of pato. – ( speaking Spanish )
– High five. – Billy: Yes!
– Dominique: Not much. – Is it dangerous?
– Si. So can children
play this sport? Dominique:
But they were born
riding a horse. Talk to us about gambeta,
because the Argentineans play with this philosophy
of gambeta in football. ( speaking Spanish ) – Ay esta?
– Yeah. – Es para esto.
– ( laughter ) Sorry, sorry, sorry. Okay, I know your gambeta. ( indistinct chatter ) – Like Messi. Shoulder drop.
– Yeah, like Messi. Think about how you’re riding the horse, you have to catch it
with one hand. Billy: Okay. – Yeah.
– Yes! ( speaking Spanish ) – You have to keep it.
– I love you. Yeah. Yeah. I love you. – ( laughter )
– You know what I mean? – You want this?
– No. – I love you.
– ( laughter ) ( music playing ) Billy: In pato there are
two four-man teams. Each match consists of six
eight-minute periods. Here we go.
It’s started. They’re starting
to go fast now. Wow! Billy:
I get scared, you know? ( speaking Spanish ) – ( players speak Spanish )
– Oh, look. There they go. – Who’s gonna–
who’s gonna have it?
– He’s gonna win it. ( speaking Spanish ) Bueno, bueno. ( music playing ) Ah, good catch. ( speaking Spanish ) Hey! Do you reckon
they use the same sort of – lingo as us?
– Right. – Spray it, swag.
– Twos, Jacks, tekkers. – No, I don’t think they do.
– No. Well played. ( music playing ) – Billy: Wow, that’s dangerous,
innit? Look.
– Mate, it’s dangerous. You ain’t getting
me out there. When they go fast,
I don’t like it. – Jezz: Nice!
– ( Billy cheering ) That is why Bautista is
the best mate. Billy: This is a deadly sport. If you come off
the horse and another horse
tramples over you, it’s game over,
your life’s gone. And us being so close
to the pitch, I felt like I was in danger from the start to the finish. Jezz:
The horses are big beasts. And they don’t just do that
like the bend-down- pick-up-the-pato thing
with no horses around, they’re doing that with other
horses coming steaming in. – Billy: Oh, what a finish!
– Jezz: What a finish. ( screams )
I’m scared! – I don’t like this.
– I don’t like it either. – I don’t like this.
– ( screams ) ( both laugh ) When the horses run over for a high five,
instantly I thought, “Are they in control
of this horse?” Because one second
if they stampede us it’s game over as well. So, I’m already on edge, then the sneaky Messi
of the pato sport sneaks round the back of me,
and grabs my shoulder. I dunno what I thought it was, but being on edge,
I literally– I just basically–
you saw what I’d done. Neither of us are
getting up on a horse, but we’re excited to try
some shots in the pato goals. ( music playing ) While we don’t see pato
in our future, it was certainly fun
to witness it in the flesh and also use their goal
to score some of our own. Jezz: Mate, even the horses in
Argentina have got quick feet. Billy:
I know, it’s incredible, mate.
You know what? There’s one thing
we’ve missed of the Argentinean
culture. I think I know
where you’re going with this. – It involves quick feet
and a dance floor.
– Yes. And music.
It’s the tango. – It’s the tango.
– We have got the perfect guest to go explore
the tango dance and come up
with something creative and spectacular. It takes two to tango, Jezz. And that ain’t me
and you together, mate. Jezz: Whether you’re talking
about football, pato or tango, down here it’s all about
the footwork and the hustle. Billy: Our guest today,
Harlem rapper, A$AP Ferg, is no stranger
to the hustle and grind. He’s here to talk
about music and football, and to help us create
the world’s first ever trap/tango/tekkers mash-up. – What’s up, y’all?
– What’s up? So, Ferg,
what does it take to become a rapper
in New York City? Oh, man, it takes a lot of guts,
a lotta confidence, a lot of believing
in yourself, and a little bit of taking
that leap of faith. Talk to us about trap. If someone didn’t know
what trap was, how would you
describe it to them? You know, it’s like a–
it’s a down music. Like you listen to the blues over a drink or something
like that for like– Trap happens when you’ve
had too many drinks. That’s a good answer. Always strive and prosper. – A$AP.
– A$AP. – That’s the man.
– That’s what it’s about. I’ve got a lot
of your songs in my playlist. And we happen to be
here in Argentina which is known
for its tango. Oh, so y’all gonna
make me tango, huh? – Yeah, yeah.
– I’m just saying,
I’m just saying. I’m thinking we should
collaborate together to create something
pretty spectacular. A$AP:
I’m not tangoing with y’all. – We gotta have some ladies.
– Yeah, yeah. – Jezz: I’ll second.
– Billy: Done. A$AP: All right, cool. ( music playing ) Jezz: This, this has gotta
be a fusion. – Like the word?
That has
– I like that word. – never been done before.
– That was really diverse. A$AP: Tangoing, football,
and trap music? – I’m thinking “Plain Jane.”
– You cool with that? – Yeah?
– Yeah. We could look to that. – Done.
– Let’s do it. ( music playing ) ( music playing ) Yo. ♪ Ride with the mob
Alhamdulallah ♪ ♪ Check in with me,
and do ya job ♪ ♪ Ferg is the name
Ben Baller did the chain ♪ ♪ Tourneau for the watch
Presi plain Jane ♪ ♪ Yamborghini chain,
rest in peace to my superior ♪ ♪ Hermes link could a feed
a village in Liberia ♪ ♪ TMZ taking pictures
causin’ mass hysteria ♪ ♪ Momma see me on BET
and started tearin’ up ♪ ♪ I’mma start killin’ ♪ ♪ How you get that tribe ♪ ♪ I attended Harlem picnics
where you risked your life ♪ ♪ Uncle used to skim work
sellin’ Nicks at night ♪ ♪ I was only eight years old
watchin’ Nick at Nite ♪ ♪ Uncle psycho was
in that bathroom buggin’ ♪ ♪ Knife to his guts
hope that he don’t cut ’em ♪ ♪ Suicidal doors brought to me
with no advisory ♪ ♪ He was pitchin’ dummy
selling fiends mad ivory ♪ ♪ Grandma had the arthritis
in her hands, bad! ♪ ♪ She was poppin’ pills
like rappers in society ♪ ♪ I… yo…
for the irony ♪ ♪ I’ll send Meechy at yo…
if yo… keep eyein’ me ♪ ♪ Ride with the mob
Alhamdulallah ♪ ♪ Check in with me,
and do ya job ♪ ♪ Ferg is the name
Ben Baller did the chain ♪ ♪ Tourneau for the watch
Presi plain Jane ♪ ♪ Ride with the mob
Alhamdulallah ♪ ♪ Check in with me,
and do ya job ♪ ♪ Ferg is the name
Ben Baller did the chain ♪ ♪ Tourneau for the watch
Presi plain Jane ♪ ♪ Find me mobbin’ with my cook
or somethin’ ♪ ♪ Yeah, mobbin’ with my cook
or somethin’ ♪ ♪ Hey, mobbin’ with my cook
or somethin’ ♪ ♪ Yeah, mobbin’ with my cook
or somethin’ ♪ ♪ I go crazy in my yeezy,
Kirk Neezy on the beat ♪ ♪ I told ’em that we finna
blow up in the street ♪ ♪ Rappers talk subliminal
but they don’t talk to me ♪ ♪ Put ’em in a “Jersey Shore”
like Pauly D. ♪ ♪ Ride with the mob
Alhamdulallah ♪ ♪ Check in with me,
and do ya job ♪ ♪ Ferg is the name
Ben Baller did the chain ♪ ♪ Tourneau for the watch
Presi plain Jane ♪ ♪ Find me mobbin’ with my cook
or somethin’ ♪ ♪ Yeah, mobbin’ with my cook
or somethin’ ♪ ♪ Hey, mobbin’ with my cook
or somethin’ ♪ ♪ Yeah, mobbin’ with my cook
or somethin’. ♪ ( cheering ) So that’s the end of our Buenos Aires episode.
We’ve learned the footballing culture
here in Argentina – and also learned a bit
of tango.
– We did learn a bit of tango. I think we need a little bit
more practice, admittedly. – However–
– Well, we do, I don’t know
about Ferg. – True.
– He absolutely smashed it. He’s a low-key pro, mate.
He’s a low-key pro. Jezz:
We’ve had a blast in Argentina. Paying a visit to La Boca, witnessing pato,
and adding tekkers to tango whilst on the quest
to understand what makes Argentinean football
so much fun to watch. It’s the footwork of gambeta
and attitude of viveza criolla that helped produce such
strong attack in football. Until next time,
love, peace, and tango. Did you see
what I just did there? ( all laugh ) Next time on
“Finding Football”… ( music playing ) Jezz, do you know what type
of shrine this is? – It’s a Shinto, isn’t it?
– Exactly, mate. It’s called a…
Shinto. ( music playing ) Oh, that’s good. Welcome to Japan! Hey! ( all laugh ) ( speaking Japanese ) He’s got this cool outfit on
and then he’s got
his baseball cap.

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