Cricket Crashes | State Farm® Commercial

Cricket Crashes | State Farm® Commercial

[THEME SOUND] A cricket crash. What happened? First cricket season
away from home. That’s tough. [SOMBER MUSIC PLAYING] Every day, I see huge crowds
high-fiving every dunk, every home run, but the one time
I see the fans I want to see. [CRASHING] I get stopped. I understand. Let’s file a claim so you can
get back to watching the game. The game. So let’s open the State
Farm app and get started. Go with the one that’s
here to help life go right. State Farm.

Comments (32)

  1. Wow he’s gorgeous

  2. What an imagination

  3. That was an epic high five. It doesn't get much better than that. Those guys should be featured on State Farm commercials.

  4. I’m actually in this commercial. I’m the guy giving the high-five for the home run.

  5. This is just cringy

  6. Does anyone know the guys name? The main guy????? Please please reply

  7. Painful, the creative director should be fired

  8. Fukin gay ass commercial with a gay ass dude.

  9. Stop playing that shit on willow tv every 5 min.

  10. Sifarshi log liye hai

  11. The guy just fucked up his career. I am sure he will regret it.

  12. First cricket season away from home. Crowd cheering for every home run and dunk? Dunks in CRICKET? Who wrote this stupid ad?

  13. Why would ANY insurance company cover a guy who almost never looks straight ahead when he's driving? And what's he going to say in the "claim"? That he was watching a TV screen by the side of the road while driving? "First cricket season away from home!" Oh, the poor dear! Then go home! Idiotic ad on multiple levels. Doubly irritating because it comes up over and over again during the CWC19 broadcast…

  14. I wanna SLAP this guy everytime this ad comes on!!. #mutelife

  15. The reason I’m never getting insurance from State Farm is this shitty commercial.

  16. I hate this add keep watching ..its fat lady please remove this add

  17. Such a shit advert. Wtf is "Soooo"

  18. What fucked english is this?? But the one time I see the fan i wanna see….crap

  19. If u really luv cricket and feeling nostalgic then why don’t to buy your ticket back to india and enjoy with your family. Very bad advert. Apni country mein rehany mein proud feel karo.

  20. Iss chutiye ki gaand phodo! I hate this fucking ad

  21. And I the woman. Can’t stand the twang layered on the Gujju accent. Gaaaaame and started…….Gujju Ben just farted!

  22. What a loads of baloney in this ad, both actors look stupid with the script.

  23. It has been so difficult to understand this ad. Creative team clearly don't have any knowledge about cricket, what is home run and dunk? Was it necessary to mix baseball with cricket? Two completely different sports and have no connection with south asians. Every time during CWC19 breaks you see this ad, and honestly makes you feel angry.

  24. What a dumb piece of shit..Every second of this ad is cringe worthy!!

  25. I fucking hate this ad and never want to sign up for State Alarm.

  26. And one time I wanna see the fans I wanna see, I get shooshamshocslush…what the fuck.

  27. There is no fucking dunk or home run in cricket, shit the rubbish.

  28. I love this commercial

  29. What a cringeworthy and crappy ad. On of the worst commercials ever made… my kind of crowd… yuck! The 'creative' writer should be fired immediately

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